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Powertalon is an Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This useful equipment can be brought along on hunts to improve a Hunter's performance.



A charm that strengthens attacks. Its effects are amplified by the dragon parts it contains.


The effects of the powertalon are applied not by consuming it, but by carrying it. Carrying the Powertalon in the Item Pouch boosts Raw (physical) Attack Power by 9. Remember that the displayed value for Attack will be modified by the currently equipped Weapon type. The Powertalon can also be carried with the Powercharm for a total of +15 base Attack Power.

See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.


How to Acquire Powertalon

This Item can be crafted from the Powercharm, which is purchased from the Provisions Stockpile in Astera after completing Horned Tyrant Below the Sands.

Crafting with Powertalon
Category Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result
Healing / Support Powercharm Bazelgeuse Talon Powertalon



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    • Anonymous

      Alright, here's the deal about "attack power"...

      Attack power boosters scale differently depending on the weapon you wield. The first time I noticed it was when I was given 28 attack power from level 7 Agitator, and my Heavy Bowgun's Normal 3 shots went from 150 damage per crit to almost 200 when agitated. That 'mere' 28 attack on a 420 attack bowgun was getting multiplied, and giving me a neat 30% attack boost.

      If you're skeptical about how attack power works, get yourself Agitator ("Challenger") decorations and try it out, because having attack that changes based on whether the monster is enraged is a good way to check how much attack power affects your damage when turned on and off.

      • Anonymous

        If anyone else was a bit confused like me at first, you can't craft this from your pouch. You must craft it from the "Crafting List" menu at an item box.

        • Anonymous

          You need to read about Attack Power ( and how is different for different weapons, for example hammer will multiple that "insignificant" +15 attack for 5.2 meaning is really more than 82 extra damage (number no accurate as there are other calculations needed to be in place, but you get the general idea)

          • Anonymous

            Is it even worth 2 item pouch slots for a mere +15 to attack? Late in the game this seems a bit minimal to me.

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