Quests in Monster Hunter World are assignments that players pick up in order to obtain rewards. Quests give simple background detail to Monster Hunts and come with completion and failure specifications, as well as performance objectives that grant special Materials rewards. Using a Lucky Voucher will grant more rewards on quest completion.

Monster Hunter World Quests

Monster Hunter World subdivides quests into the following categories:


Story quests that progress you through the main narrative of Monster Hunter: World

A full list can be found on this page.

Optional Quests

Non-essential quests that assist NPCs around Astera.

A full list can be found on this page.


Special quests that can be completed only a limited number of times

A full list can be found on this page.


Players can also complete Bounties and participate in Event Quests that change seasonally.

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      Is there any difference if I put the shock trap first and then I throw the tranq bombs or I should do it the other way around like tranq bombs and then shock traps?

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