Ready, Aim, Fire!

Subject Boaboa
Location Hoarfrost Reach
Rewards 800 pts
Boaboa Ticket x1
Deluxe First Wyverian Print x1

Ready, Aim, Fire! in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne is an Observation Log. Observation Logs are given by the Lynian Researcher located in Seliana which requires a Hunter to capture different photos for him.


Boaboa are creatures that hunt by attacking with spears in groups. They hurl their little spears towards their target in perfect unison... There must be some kind of hierarchy to the group for this to be possible! I would love to see what their leader looks like!


Ready, Aim, Fire! Information

  • Conditions:
    • 1 subject - Front
    • Captured as large as possible
    • Ordering a Boaboa Harpoon attack

  • Sighting Info:
    • Locale: Area 6 / Area 11 / Area 14
    • Weather: none
    • Time: none


Ready, Aim, Fire! Notes

  • Look for a trap icon near area 6, 11 or 14. It must explicitly be one of the Boaboa's faction in Hoarfrost Reach.
  • Capture the leader atop the rocks ordering the harpoon attack and not the attack itself, as pictured above, for gold.
  • You also have to get Boaboa Unity to 3 or higher.


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