Rocksteady Mantle +

Rocksteady Mantle

Eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks.

Effect Duration 90
Recharge Time 360
Slots gem_level_1gem_level_1

Rocksteady Mantle + in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is a type of Specialized Tool added with the paid  mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne Expansion. Rocksteady Mantle + prevents you from flinching when attacked and reduces the damage you take.



How to Get Rocksteady Mantle +



Rocksteady Mantle + Notes

  • adds two level one slots





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    • It's nice to use for the free earplugs as a glaive user (nothing worse than getting Roared midair, haha). I can build my toon for more of a meta build and equip this for an early tenderize utilizing the Shaver deco. Definitely more useful to my class than Temporal, which forces a dodge animation.

      • Anonymous

        Do the gems still work after the Rocksteady Mantle+ has finished, but still wearing?
        I.e. have 2 attack gems on rocksteady, put on, 90 seconds pass/rocksteady effects finish, I DON'T take off the finished mantle.. Do i still get the boost from 2 attack gems?

        • Anonymous

          How to get the Piercing Black Quest Unlocked after upgrading the Ghillie Mantle, Vitality Mantle, Iceproof Mantle and Thunderproof Mantle.

          • Anonymous

            Any reason why I completed the quest but did not get the upgraded mantle? I did an sos. I don’t have the quest but am well above the suggested rank

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