Rotten Vale is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Different areas of the game have a different look and feel, map and special unique monsters that spawn within them.

Rotten Vale is a poisonous and hazardous area of The New World. Bones and corpses pile up, generating toxic fumes that are extremely harmful to Hunters and render even docile Monsters aggressive, and an entire ecosystem revolving around decomposition. Venture into the depths of the Rotten Vale in your journey to unravel the mysteries of the Elder Crossing.

Rotten Vale Quests

There are several quests that take you to this destination:


Rotten Vale Monsters

The Monsters that inhabit the Rotten Vale are:


Rotten Vale Hazards & Materials

You will find the following Items & Materials for harvesting in this area:

You will find the following Hazards:

  • Effluvium (sectors 6, 7, 8, 9) - slowly depletes Health
  • Acid water (sectors 12, 14, 16) - quickly depletes Health
  • Poisoncup (sector 6)
  • Vine Trap (sector 3)
  • Sporepuff (sector 8)
  • Wiggly Litchi (sector 10)
  • Vitalily (sector 12)
  • Paratoad (sector 10)
  • Flashfly (sector 6)


Rotten Vale Screenshots & Videos

Screenshots and images of this area, as well as location videos go here.






Rotten Vale Location Map



Rotten Veil Trivia

  • The upper levels of the Veil are made out of a Dalamadur's skeleton, and a Dalamadur's skull is visible from the entrance of the area 1 basecamp, looming above area 4.
  • An intact Rathian and partially intact Diablos can be found in area 6. They cannot be carved and are merely part of the environment.
  • Occasionally, faint unidentified monster growls can be heard in area 16, despite there being no monsters around. 


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    • Anonymous

      16 May 2020 08:06  

      I've seen this twice now, so I know I'm not imagining it: While on High Rank expeditions in the Rotten Vale, when Odogaron was heading for his secret shortcut to his den, he was suddenly accompanied by a small, black dragon creature with wings folded, crawling on four short legs. It's hard to see detail, but it looks like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. The second time I saw it, I was using a bow, and I was able to shoot it a few times, but my arrows passed through it without damaging it. After it goes through the passage with Odogaron, it can't be found again. Has anyone else seen this? What is it? It looks nothing like any other monster I've encountered. This is prior to XenoJiva.

      • Anonymous

        22 Aug 2018 00:55  

        Go down to Area 14, and you'll find what I think is a smaller Dalamadur skull/mouth connected to the ceiling.

        • Anonymous

          13 Aug 2018 03:52  

          Saw a tail bone that looked very much like a Ceadeus tail here. Dunno how the big beardo would get here, but he is an elder dragon, so maybe?

          • Anonymous

            04 Apr 2018 17:47  

            Has anyone else noticed the blue glowing slime/bone balls behind the vines in area 12?
            They reminded me of Nakarkos' glowing.

            • Anonymous

              27 Feb 2018 17:26  

              in the rotten vale the is the dead god the giant snake from the other mh games and how you can see on the map it his head of the side and you can see his ribs in the poison waters and other huge monsters from other mh games.

              • Anonymous

                14 Feb 2018 14:07  

                need help. I can no longer buy or upgrade my weapon ever since i went to rotting vale. Shop is gone, or maybe i cant find it? need some help! my weapon gettting weak. Or is this supposed to happen?

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