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Seliana is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 


A new base built as the headquarters for investigations in the Hoarfrost Reach. It's complete with a variety of useful facilities and features to rival those of Astera, all of which are powered by the land's plentiful geothermal energy.

Seliana is the new base location introduced in the Iceborne Expansion. In World Map it is located on the West side of the world, on a separate island.


Seliana NPCs

Main NPCs:

  • Handler, the player helper, handing out Quests and meals
  • Field Team Leader, who has stepped into the Commander's boots in keeping the new Seliana base safe
  • Grammeowster Chef, head of the Canteen, will often send the player after new ingredients
  • Second Fleet Master, leader of the Smithy team taking care of anything related to the player equipment
  • The Seeker, a mysterious hooded man who helps the player during some quests
  • The Tracker, an experienced researcher who helps the player during some quests
  • Admiral, the only person with more power than the Commander, often leaving the camp for long investigations
  • Serious Handler
  • Excitable A-Lister, who will shower the Hunter with praise and bad puns whenever possible

Other NPCs:

  • Provisions Manager, who runs the Resource Center in Seliana
  • Seliana Stockpiler running Provisions Stockpile, where Hunters can buy various Items
  • Seliana Sailor, who runs the Botanical Research and the Argosy in Seliana
  • Elder Melder, melding Items, rare Monster materials, and Decorations for the player
  • Steamworks operator Tech Chief and his helper Palicos, whose machine churns out consumable items, armos spheres and other useful items while keeping the Seliana base warm
  • Armory, where base Weapons and Armors are sold. Offers optional Quests for Specialized Tools
  • Housekeeper, a felyne you can consult on Tailraider Safaris and Training Room
  • Members of Ecological Research, including:
  • Poogie, a small cute pig that the player can befriend
  • Curious Fiver
  • Overzealous Fifth
  • Fussy Fourth
  • Motivated Fourth
  • Ambitious Fourth
  • Reliable Fiver
  • Busybody Felyne
  • Helpful Felyne


Seliana also features its own hunter's room, which can now be fully customised. It's possible to switch a room's theme, furniture, wallpaper and decor. New furniture can be gained by completing quests and deliveries, and each furniture type features a selection of colours and patterns to choose from. Endemic Life pets can be placed in several locations. You can also set your room to Public, so other players in the same Online Session can visit your room.

Seliana Gathering Hub hosts a wide variety of services, and is a much more seamless part of the base than Astera Gathering hub.


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Seliana Location Map






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    • Anonymous

      On my post story characters on both PS4 and PC the music is permanently this more serious music like something is about to attack Seliana and it gives me anxiety, can I know what's causing this? I don't like playing with the music off so if there is a way to change it please tell me.

      • Anonymous

        Seliana in Japanese is セリエナ. Some people maight feel doesn't care, but I felt uneasy so let me leave this comment here.

        • Anonymous

          I feel like the guy who wrote the top and the bottom are 2 different people, because everything at the top is wrong. Seliana is not in Astera, and it is not an online hub. It is essentially a replacement for Astera, with practically everything Astera had. It also has its own new gathering hub that has everything the bottom info was talking about. It does not have lifts and doesn’t have a fourth floor.

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