Serious Handler

Race Human
Gender Girl
English Voice Actress: ?
Japanese Voice Actress ?

Serious Handler is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


An A-Lister and handler in the Fifth Fleet. She's the Excitable A-Lister's strait-laced partner and model Commission member. Though she can be unflinchingly responsible and duty-oriented, she's well-known for striking a good balance with her more flexible and rough-around-the-edges partner. She's very quick to offer help to friends in need, and is quietly grateful to have made so many close friends since joining the Commission.

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She wants to be free without having to live in a prescribed way. She left home in defiance from her parents and relatives, Her elder sister was the only one who approved of her joining the Commission. However, after actually being in Astera, she has come to understand just how much those around her were trying to protect her, and she plans to return to her family when their mission is complete.

Whenever the Serious Handler finds something new, she wants to look at it, interact with it, and see what it does. She searches for data gathered by the compilers of the Fourth Fleet, and she also shows an interest in the Handler's personal project to catalog every last edible and potable in the New World. When she visited the Rotten Vale, the unique ecosystem there moved her heart, and she was surprised and excited by the many flora, fauna, and monsters she saw there for the first time.


Role in Main Story

A Handler who has come to the New World as one of the A-Listers of the Fifth Fleet and serves as the partner of the Excitable A-Lister. She has read various academic texts and has a wide breadth of knowledge in many areas. She has a strong spirit, and those around her acknowledge her intelligence and quick comprehension.



  • The Serious Handler is entranced with the traditional fairy tale "The Tale of the Five". She especially loves that certain elements of the story are left ambiguous.
  • Soon after arriving in Astera, the Serious Handler displays her excellent abilities as a handler by providing information on the surrounding fields and the small-scale monsters that inhabit them.
  • When she reads the Handler's New World Edibles Compilation Project, a fountain of enthusiasm for the material wells up in her. As fellow handlers, it seems they have much in common.
  • The Serious Handler says that when she saw Zorah Magdaros appear with the dawn, it was like a scene from a fairy tale. When it comes to the operation to capture him, she reports on the situation at the site, and endeavours to find his magmacores.
  • With a mantle that emphasizes ease of movement and a coat that she sometimes removes, the Serious Handler's outfit is standard handler gear but also chic. The scarf around her neck makes that fashionable impression stand out. The insect cage for Scoutflies, which handlers carry around, is a compact type, and her expedition data is attached to her belt.
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