Shock Trap

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3 1 160 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki N/A

The Shock Trap is a consumable Pouch Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It allows a Hunter to incapacitate a Large Monster for a short time, setting it up for Capture or an opportunity to go on the offensive.


A trap that immobilizes a target. Use it to capture monsters.

Using a Shock Trap from the Item Bar while in the field will deploy it on the ground at the Hunter's feet, priming a small area around it. When a Large Monster enters this area, it will immediately be immobilized for 7.5 seconds similarly to the Paralysis Status Effect. If a Monster is weak (⭐⭐⭐) against Paralysis it will be trapped for ten seconds.

While caught in a Trap, a Monster can be captured if it is an a Weakened state - denoted by this minimap-icon-monster-status-weak symbol on the minimap when the Scoutfly Level for that Monster is at level 3. Using two Tranq Bombs, Tranq Knives, or Tranq Ammo rounds is enough to capture any Monster, before or after it is caught in a Trap. After being affected by two Tranquilizers, a Monster can be captured for the next 45 seconds, and every successive tranquilizer extends the duration by 100 seconds, with no upper limit. Tranquilizers can also be safely applied to sleeping monsters without waking them.

Capturing a Monster will complete either a Hunt or a Capture objective for it and result in a few more Quest rewards to compensate for the inability to gather Materials from its body.

Once placed on the ground, a Trap can be removed by approaching it and interacting with it; this will destroy the Item. If a Trap is not triggered or remove for five minutes after being deployed, it will disappear. Note that only one Trap can be placed at a time.

See Botanical Research for information on cultivating large amounts of crafting materials.
See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.


How to Acquire Shock Trap

This Item can only be obtained through Crafting. Additionally, an EZ version of the Shock Trap, four EZ Tranq Bombs, and an extra Trap Tool are included in the Supply Box on Quests with a Capture objective.

Crafting Shock Trap
Category Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result
Traps / Offense Trap Tool Thunderbug Shock Trap



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    • Anonymous

      I guess it´s a bug in the game, or the devs just ignored it
      But watch out, if you capture a monster with a shocktrap, you can´t put down another shocktrap afterwards
      So you have a cooldown of several minutes before you can put down another which makes capturing 2 monsters at the same time impossible, if you just have shocktraps in your inventory

      • Anonymous

        If I deploy the shock trap in a target who went to sleep by itself, does it already count the same way as the tranquilizers or do I have to use them even though it is already asleep?

        • Anonymous

          I swear its just me, but shock traps are useless in multiplayer. Every time I try using a shock trap with even just one other player, the monster breaks out of it before I can throw my first tranq. Pitfalls work fine, but are a pain in the ass to make because you can't auto craft them and Ivy can't be grown in the botanical research center.

          Just now for example, I was out to capture a low level Barroth with my second low level character and someone joins my quest. Now, rather than helping me complete the quest like a normal person, he goes off and picks a fight with the local Diablos. I figured this was fine, I was almost done anyway, but then he dies twice in record time and now I'm feeling pressured. Once I finally get my Barroth weak enough, I run ahead of him and drop my shock trap. He runs into to it alright, but then proceeds to tank 4 tranqs and breaks out anyway. So I let him sleep, craft another trap and more tranqs and try again, but this time the trap fails before I can even get it to trigger. Annoyed and very confused, I craft another and try again and it breaks the same way in the blink of an eye. At this point, I don't have any more trap tools, so now desperate, I fast travel to camp and restock, then hoof it all the way back to the sleeping barroth. I lay down my new trap and was relieved to see it work. I wake the barroth and stand on the opposite side of the trap to lure it. He runs right into it, but then tanks more tranqs and breaks out again. At this point I'm furious. I'm forced to run away and try to let the barroth fall asleep again. Low and behold, my uninvited guest had some sense and withdrew from the quest. Now that my party crasher has left the buiIding and it was back to just me in the quest, I then dropped my fifth and final trap and the barroth is capped instantly before I can throw my first tranq.

          Is anyone else having this problem? This issue plagued me through my first play through. Again, pitfall traps always seemed to work regardless, but theres something persistent about shock traps and multiplayer that is making me go insane. I was hoping the wiki would have had something about it, but apparently theres nothing.

          • Anonymous

            Put a trap under nergigante. Doesn't work. Attack him. Walks multiple times on the trap. Doesn't trigger it at all. So traps are useless? Dissapointing traps in this game.

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