Skinny Dipping

Subject Boaboa
Location Hoarfrost Reach
Rewards 2000 pts
Boaboa Ticket x1
Sublime First Wyverian Print x1

Skinny Dipping in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne is an Observation Log. Observation Logs are given by the Lynian Researcher located in Seliana which requires a Hunter to capture different photos for him.


Hoarfrost Reach is cold enough as it is, but it gets even chillier at night when it snows. I wonder how the Boaboa deal with this kind of temperature? I beg your pardon? Hot Springs!? Without their pelts!? I-I find that hard to believe! ... And yet, I'm intrigued!


Skinny Dipping Information

  • Conditions:
    • 1 subject - Front
    • Enjoying a hot bath
    • Captured as large as possible

  • Sighting Info:
    • Locale: Area 2 / Area 17
    • Weather: Blizzard
    • Time: Night


Skinny Dipping Notes

  • Rarely during a blizzard at nighttime, a Boaboa icon with a surveyor icon may appear in Area 2 or 17. Head there to find a Boaboa lounging in the hotsprings. Capture it bathing, as pictured above, for gold.
  • The Boaboa is very sensitive, and will hide immediately if you get too close. Even wearing Ghillie Mantle will not help, so approach with caution. You can fast travel back to camp to make the Boaboa reappear if you scared it away.
  • To access Area 17 before having pawswap fast travel, hook on to one of the cortos in Area 2. They glitch frequently. One way to hook them is to shoot the clutch claw at one and then immediately attempting to hook right after.



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