The Smithy

Race Human
Gender Male
English Voice Actor: ?
Japanese Voice Actor: ?
Location Astera - Workshop

The Smithy in Monster Hunter World (MHW) refers to a Location and NPC that manages the Forge in Astera. Talking to this NPC allows players to interact with a detailed menu for Weapons and Armor upgrading.

The Smithy is found in Astera's Workshop along with the Armory, where Hunters can buy starting Equipment and take on Quests for Specialized Tools.


A workshop designed to answer all equipment-related needs, the Smithy may be the most vital of facilities for any hunter.
At the Smithy, hunters can not only forge new weapons and armor, but make upgrades and even revert certain upgrades.
Armor obtained here also provides crucial bonus Skills which come in two types, "Equipment Skills" and "Set Bonus Skills."
Each skill has different requirements for activation.



At the Smithy, Hunters can use Materials to create new Weapons and Armor. In addition, the Smithy allows Hunters to set Decorations into Equipment, configure Kinsects and Bowgun Modifications, and apply Augmentations and Upgrades to their equipment.

For detailed Weapon trees and Armor sets, see Weapons and Armor.
For information on configuring a complete and efficient Hunter's arsenal, see Loadouts.


Viewing a Weapon forging tree at the Smithy

Viewing Armor Skills info at the Smithy





    • Anonymous

      Smithy [MHW Wiki]09 Mar 2018 03:29  

      Blademaster and Gunner armors used to be separate; You had to craft different armor to use bowguns/bows. Gunner armors had about half the defense stat. It made those weapons a bit inaccessible to use and learn. In Monster Hunter World, they removed that 'barrier.'

      • Anonymous

        08 Mar 2018 23:51  

        What is the Smithy talking about when he says "...everyone balked at removing the barrier between Blademaster and Gunner, but..."? What barrier?

        • Anonymous

          23 Feb 2018 03:54  

          At the smithy and then ugrade equipment then the tree tab, what are the weapons with a grey frame around them? There are alot of them and i dont know what it means.

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