Specialized Tools in Monster Hunter World (MHW) activate powerful effects for a limited amount of time, and up to two can be equipped at a time.  Equip them from the item box, and use them on quests by selecting them from the item bar.

Specialized Tools of Monster Hunter World (MHW)

Mantles in Monster Hunter World are "Cloaks" players can wear on their backs that provide temporary buffs to their character. They provide effects such as camouflage or aggression, to remain unseen or to lure Monsters to chase after you into a trap. Below is a list of all known Mantles and their benefits.


Specialized Tools in MHW

Name & Image


Effect Duration

Recharge Time

How to Get

Challenger Mantle
Challenger Mantle
Prompts monsters to target you more often and makes them easier to lure. The effect expires if you are attacked. 180 300 Complete the quest The Red and Blue Crew
Ghillie Mantle
Ghillie Mantle
Conceals you from enemy view temporarily. The effect expires if you perform an attack or take damage. 120 300

One of the early quests offers this as a reward.

Glider Mantle
Glider Mantle
Increases jump airtime and grants the power to ride strong winds. Also makes it easier to mount monsters. 180 210 Given after completing the first quest in the Coral Highlands.
Rocksteady Mantle
Rocksteady Mantle
Elminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks. 90 360 Unlocks after 3 different Tempered Elder Kill. From quest 9★ A Summons from Below
Waterproof Mantle
Waterproof Mantle
Reduces water damage, nullifies waterblight, reduces mobility restrictions in muck and negates them entirely for deep water. 180 210

Complete "Armory R&D: Waterproofing" delivery.

3x Jyuratodus Scale+
1x Jyuratodus Fin+

Vitality Mantle

 Absorbs a fixed percentage of damage received from ">Monsters, its effects dimished if the damage taken exceeds its limits. (Adds additional Health Bar)

 120 360  Complete the quest Tickled Pink

 Fireproof Mantle

 Reduces fire damage, prevents fireblight and fire environmental damage and nullifies Teostra's flame aura.  180 210 Complete A Fiery Convergence.

Health Booster

 Places a smoker that gradually restores your health.  60  150 Starter item

Bandit Mantle

Causes monsters to drop rare trade-in items when you attack them.  180 210 Complete 5★Redefining the Power Couple


Iceproof Mantle

Reduces ice damage and nullifies iceblight 180 210

Complete "Armory R&D: Weatherizing" delivery.

3x Paolumu Pelt+
1x Paolumu wing


Cleanser Booster

Places a smoker that removes any abnormal status effects and elemental blights 60 150

 Complete 4★ On Nightmare's Wings


Affinity Booster

Places a smoker that increases affinity. 60 180 Complete 6★ Quest A Tingling Taste to trigger the chain quest. Note : The quest doesn't have bubble mark.
Final quest which gives the item is RRRRRumble in the Waste!

Thunderproof Mantle

Reduces thunder damage and nullifies thunderblight and paralysis 180 210 Complete 5★ Quest Gone in a Flash

Impact Mantle

Adds a stun effect to most attacks or increases the potency of an existing stun effect. 90 360 Unlocks after 5 different threat level 1 tempered hunts. From quest 9★ Showdown: the Muck and the Maul

Apothecary Mantle

Increases the probability of triggering status buildup when attacking with weapons that induce abnormal statuses. 60 210 Complete research of 10 different monsters. From quest 8★ A Portent of Disaster

Evasion Mantle

Increases the invulnerability window while evading and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment. 90  360 Unlocks after 7 different threat level 2 tempered hunts. From quest 9★ New World Sky, New World Flower

Immunity Mantle

Removes and nullifies all abnormal status effects for the duration of the effect. 120 210 Complete research of 15 different monsters. From quest 8★ A Blaze on the Sand

Dragonproof Mantle

Reduces Dragon damage. Nulifies Dragonblight, and powers up your weapon's dragon properties 120 300 Complete the special assignment The Food Chain Dominator


Temporal Mantle

Nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading. 90 300 Complete the special assignment No Remorse, No Surrender

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