Squads (or "Circle") are the Monster Hunter World (MHW) equivalent of clans or guilds. This community system allows players to join a squad and enjoy specific benefit from belonging to said alliance.


What is a Squad in MHW?

Squads are player associations of up to 50 members, that allow players to gather at hubs to coordinate hunts with their friends.

Players can also set specific messages among squads to identify each other. The Squad's icon and name is also displayed on all Squad Member Guild Cards.

Each player can join up to 8 different squads, so you can coordinate with many friends and different groups based on your objectives


How to Create a Squad in MHW

Players can create a Squad from the Squad menu and invite other players to join. You may customize the Squad Name, Icon, Squad Message and others.  All Squad members who are within the Gathering Hub will show an icon before their names for easy recognition.






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