Stamina in Monster Hunter World Iceborne is a player resource which is spent by performing various tasks such as dashing, attacking, dodging, or climbing.

Hunter Stamina is represented visually by a yellow bar situated at the top of the screen, below the green Health bar. As stamina is depleted, the yellow part will shrink to the left, revealing a black background.

The default player UI highlighting the stamina bar.

If a hunter does not have enough stamina to perform an action that requires it, they cannot perform it. Once a hunter has expended all their stamina, they will become exhausted and has to stop and gasp for air until their stamina has replenished. Stamina will replenish over time while the hunter is not engaging in activities that consume stamina, in addition some consumable items can recover lost stamina, such as Energy Drink. Some items or skills may even increase the hunter's stamina beyond their Stamina Maximum.

Stamina Maximum is the current maximum of stamina the hunter can hold, this maximum can be raised to the Stamina Capacity. The hunter's Stamina Maximum will naturally decreases by 25 every 15 minutes out in the field, but this effect can be altered by various means. After a hunter faints or finishes their hunt, their Stamina Maximum will reset to 100 and must be raised again before/during the next hunt. 

Stamina Capacity, or Cap, is a value representing how much stamina a hunter can hold as a maximum. If the hunter consumes an item that raises Stamina Maximum, the hunter's Stamina Maximum will not increase beyond this limit. There are some ways of increasing Stamina Cap, for example equipping items granting certain skills.

Skills interacting with Hunter Stamina

Skill Name Levels Effect
Adrenaline 1 Temporarily reduces stamina depletion when health is at 40% or lower
Cliffhanger 1 Decrease stamina consumption when evading while clinging to walls or ivy.
Constitution 5 Reduces Stamina depletion when performing stamina-draining moves such as evading, etc.
Guard 5 Reduces knockbacks and stamina depletion when guarding.
Hunger Resistance 3 Reduces maximum stamina depletion over time.
Marathon Runner 3 Slows down stamina depletion for actions which continuously drain stamina (such as dashing).
Maximum Might 3 Increases affinity when stamina is full for several seconds. After activation, if stamina is used, the effects will continue for a few seconds.
Mushroomancer 3 Allows the hunter to consume certain mushrooms which may carry stamina-affecting status effects.
Resuscitate 1 Improves evasion and reduces stamina depletion when afflicted with abnormal status effects.
Stamina Cap Up 1 Increases stamina cap
Stamina Surge 3 Speeds up stamina recovery.

 Items that affect Hunter Stamina

Item Name Type Effect
Ancient Potion Consumable Raises Stamina Maximum by 50
Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget Has a chance of affecting the hunting party with Stamina Use Reduced.
Dash Juice Consumable Dulls one's sense of exhaustion. Gives the Stamina Use Reduced status effect which reduces stamina depletion for a time.
Devil's Blight Mushroom With the Mushroomancer skill, allows consuming it to gain Stamina Use Reduced status effect for four minutes.
Energy Drink Consumable Restores 25 stamina.
Exciteshroom Mushroom With the Mushroomancer skill, allows consuming it for a random chance to gain Stamina Use Reduced status effect for four minutes.
Rare Steak Consumable Raises Stamina Maximum by 50, and restores stamina.
Ration Consumable Raises Stamina Maximum by 25, and restores stamina.
Well-done Steak Consumable Raises Stamina Maximum by 50, decreases Stamina Maximum depletion rate over time, and restores stamina.

Environment Affecting Hunter Stamina

Name Type Effect
Wiggly Litchi Beetle When interacted with, imbues the hunter with Stamina Use Reduced

Hunter Stamina affecting Status effects

Effect Name Icon Effect
Stamina Use Reduced StaminaUseReduced Stamina depletion for dodging, dashing, and Weapon moves is reduced by up to 50%
Iceblight iceblight-status-effect-mhw 5 times faster continuous Stamina depletion, and 2 times faster fixed Stamina depletion.
Waterblight waterblight-status-effect-mhw The hunter recovers Stamina at one third the normal rate.


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      Should include info that max stamina by default can only be 150 and stamina cannot stack higher unless buffed by Hunting horn, or by having an armor set skill that increases the max to 200

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