Race Wyverian and Palico Assistants
Location Seliana

The Steamworks is a group of  NPCs in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in the game. It was added with the Iceborne Expansion. At the Steamworks, the player can win items as they progress in the Steamworks minigame.


Quests & Services

Fuel is the resource consumed by the Steamworks and can be collected by the player as they go on their journey. 

Using the Steamworks prompts a minigame in which the player inputs a series of three-button-sequences. There is always a 'correct' sequence, but it is a guessing game to figure out which it is every round. Each round costs 10 fuel, first drawing from Natural Fuel, then from Stored Fuel, with a reward being given at the end of every round. If the sequence is guessed correctly, the Steamworks will yield a higher quality item and build more steam, while an incorrect sequence will yield a lower quality item and builds less steam.

The largest gauge shows the player's current progress building steam, and will carry over between quests. There are 3 levels of steam power, building first through yellow, then orange, and finally red. Upon completely filling the steam gauge to red, the Steamworks goes into 'Overdrive' mode, which will then trigger a short skippable cutscene of the Steamworks NPCs. After the scene is finished, the player will be rewarded a rare/high quality item called an 'Overdrive Bonus'. The 'Overdrive Bonus' item is always marked on the Steamworks' start screen and can be anything from Armor Spheres to Housing/Room items, so you always know what you're working toward.


Fuel Items used by the Steamworks


Complimentary Items

Complimentary Items are items that can be acquired from playing the Steamworks minigame. Complimentary Items can can be separated into 4 tiers, with Tier 1 yielding the lowest quality items and Tier 4 yielding the highest quality items. Each tier has its own unique color to help players identify which items are from which tiers. Each tier and it's corresponding color can be found below:


Silver = Tier 1

Gold = Tier 2

Red = Tier 3

Blue = Tier 4


Players receive different tiers of items based on their ability to meet certain requirements while playing the minigame that differ from tier to tier. The requirements that must be met in order to receive items from a specific tier as well as a list of all the items from each tier can be found below:


Tier 1: Failure


  • Items rewarded after you guess a sequence incorrectly.
  • Lowest quality rewards.


Mega Nutrients (not during festivals)
Mega Potion
Tranq Bomb
Armor Sphere+ 
☀ Dust of Life(during festivals)

Tier 2: Success


  • Items rewarded after you guess a sequence correctly.
  • Does not apply to Jackpot rounds.
  • Second lowest quality rewards.


Steam Ticket
Mega Barrel Bomb
Dust of Life (not during festivals)
Max Potion (not during festivals)
Advanced Armor Sphere (not during festivals)
 Ancient Potion (during festivals) 
Steel Melding Ticket (during festivals)
Hard Armor Sphere (during festivals)

Tier 3: Jackpot


  • Items rewarded after you successfully guess a sequence correctly during a Jackpot round.
  • Second highest quality rewards.


Celestial Wyverian Print
☀ Gourmet Voucher
Heavy Armor Sphere
Hard Armor Sphere (not during festivals)
Silver Egg (not during festivals)
Silver Melding Ticket (during festivals)
☀ Golden Egg (during festivals)
Gold Melding Ticket (during festivals)


Tier 4: Overdrive Bonus


  • Items only rewarded after you successfully fill the Steam Gauge to its maximum capacity and cause it to enter 'Overdrive'.
  • Overdrive Bonuses can be split into 3 subcategories:
    • Normal - Always available
    • Daily - Available once a day
    • Weekly - Available once a week
  • Highest quality rewards.


King Armor Sphere (Normal)
Celestial Wyverian Print (Weekly Daily since Patch 15.10 outside of festivals) 
☀ Gold Melding Ticket (Daily during festivals)


Melding Tickets are special Complimentary Items that are only available at the Steamworks during Festivals such as Grand Appreciation Fest. They come in a total of three different varieties, consisting of steel, silver, and gold. Each variety can be found in a different reward tier, as shown below:

Gold Melding Ticket (Tier 3/Tier 4)
Silver Melding Ticket (Tier 2)
Steel Melding Ticket (Tier 1)

The Gold Melding Ticket can be acquired from both Tier 3 and Tier 4 rewards, however as a Tier 4 reward it is only available once a day as an Overdrive Bonus. 

Melding Tickets can be melded into decorations at the Elder Melder through the Guild Alchemy option, and yield different types of decorations depending on the ticket. Every ticket can only drop decorations of certain rarities. Each ticket and the rarity of the decorations it drops can be found below:


Rarity of Decorations Dropped By Melding Tickets
Steel Melding Ticket Silver Melding Ticket Gold Melding Ticket
Rarity 6 Rarity 5
Rarity 6
Rarity 7
Rarity 8
Rarity 9
Rarity 10
Rarity 11

Rarity 10
Rarity 11


It should be noted that although the Silver Melding Ticket drops up to Rarity 11 decorations, it doesn't seem to drop any 4 slot decorations whatsoever. The above tables are based off of the findings of a player who conducted and recorded numerous trials in order to determine what kind of decorations each ticket drops and the rough drop rate for each type of decoration. 


Adjust Output

After sending Steamworks to overdrive at least once and after unlocking Guiding Lands, the player will have the option to "Adjust Output". This allows the player to use the "x10 Output" feature, consuming 100 fuel cells instead of 10 and multiplying received items by 10. This makes consuming fuel for the Steamworks faster since fuel stocks can build up fast with Guiding Lands mining outcrops or A Farewell to Zinogre.

The overdrive items are not multiplied by 10, so the guaranteed daily Celestial Wyverian Print(or Gold Melding Ticket if a festival is up) are not affected by it.




Tips & Trivia

  • Once the player has reached an Overdrive Bonus for the first time, you can have the game auto-complete sequences for you by holding the right trigger (consoles) or button Space on PC. The sequence it gives will always be from left to right (For example: ✕, ◻, △ on PS4).



  •  ??


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