Supply Items

item_first-aid_med item_ez_ration
item_throwing_knife item_ez_pitfall_trap
Rarity Carry Sell Buy
1-3 1-10 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki N/A

Supply Items are consumable Items in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These useful items are occasionally supplied to Hunters during Quests, and can be found in the Campsite Supply Box.


Supply Item Function

Most Supply Items serve as Quest-only substitutes for regular Items, the only difference being that Supply Items cannot be sold and will be returned to the Research Commission when the Hunter returns from the field.

This allows the Research Commission to support Hunters with useful tools without allowing Hunters to take more than they absolutely need or sell surplus Items for their own gain.


The following is a comprehensive list of all Supply Items and their normal counterparts, with the exception of Slinger Knives, which exist only as Supply Items.

All Supply Items
Name Icon Rarity Carry Functions Like:
First-aid Med item_first-aid_med 1 10 Potion
First-aid Med+ item_first-aid_med+ 2 10 Mega Potion
EZ Ration item_ez_ration 1 10 Ration
EZ Max Potion item_ez_max_potion 2 1 Max Potion
EZ Tranq Bomb item_ez_tranq_bomb 3 8 Tranq Bomb
EZ Shock Trap item_ez_shock_trap 3 1 Shock Trap
EZ Pitfall Trap item_ez_pitfall_trap 3 1 Pitfall Trap
EZ Farcaster item_ez_farcaster 3 1 Farcaster
EZ Flash Pod item_ez_flash_pod 2 3 Flash Pod
EZ Screamer Pod item_ez_screamer_pod 2 3 Screamer Pod
Throwing Knife item_throwing_knife 2 10 N/A
Tranq Knife item_tranq_knife 3 8 N/A
Poison Knife item_poison_knife 2 5 N/A
Sleep Knife item_sleep_knife 2 5 N/A
Paralysis Knife item_paralysis_knife 2 5 N/A


Slinger Knives

Slinger Knives are Supply Items that function as special Slinger Ammo with various applications.

Throwing Knives can be combined with Tranq Bombs, Toadstools, Sleep Herbs, or Parashrooms to create other kinds of Knives.

Tranq Knives function identically to Tranq Bombs and Tranq Ammo, with the advantage of being used from range.

Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis Knives can be used to apply Status Ailments to Monsters. These Status Knives cause about as much buildup as a Weapon that wields 800 points of that Status, or about as much as one round of Level 2 Status Bowgun Ammo.


Supply Item Acquisition

All Supply Items are given to Hunters through the Supply Box on Quests. The Research Commission will supply Hunters with First-aid Meds and EZ Rations on all Quests, along with EZ Tranq Bombs and EZ Shock Traps on all Quests with capture objectives.

Some Quests, especially Arena Quests will supply various Knives, or even EZ Max Potions, Pods, and Traps, depending on the difficulty of the objective.

Additionally, First-aid Meds, EZ Rations, and Slinger Knives will sometimes be left behind by defeated Gajalaka.



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