Tailraider Signal

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Tailraider Signal is a Palico Gadget in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne


Use to call a grimalkyne.


How to get Tailraider Signal

  1. Unlock all the other palico gagdets from the main game.
  2. Talk to the Lynian Researcher in Seliana, he will then tell you about the Boaboa tribe in Hoarfrost Reach. 
  3. Travel there, and hunt a large monsters in front of Boaboas.
  4. Accept the quest form Boaboa leader for hunting a Tempered Beotodus(go in Hoarfrost Reach area 2, grab on a Cortos, the player will be brought in area 17 with the Boaboas lair in a small cave ahead).



  • This gadget is separate from the other Palico gadgets. It has its own inventory slot. Summons both a Grimalkyne and ridable Monster Tailraider to assist you in singleplayer.






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    • Anonymous

      u cant choose ur palicos gender and how is the armor made for only dudes, who are u even talking to theres no developers here, 95% of palico armor is just costumes and are legit gender neutral bruh it doesnt even matter regardless if they were "made for boys", if u want a "girly" palico armor set then just use lunastras or rose, damn i had an aneurysm reading ur comment, theres already a gadget for attacking, defending, summoning, and stunning, have u even played the game folk

      • Anonymous

        Best part of my game is my cat but I still want more gear for it.

        Maybe a attack/defend/use item gadget.

        Maybe a summon friends gadget (summons cat or gagelaca to help fight or find stuff?).

        Maybe a gadget to get items from my box on request?.

        Maybe a gadget to stun/deafen/scare enemies?.

        Maybe a gadget to do ninja or super moves? (This would be awesome, I want a cat capable of replacing players at times that I can call to do spin attack or things) :).

        Other cool gadgets for my little cat? They would be awesome!

        P.s. more girl cat gear? My cats a girl and most gear is aimed at guy cats so it's uneaven.

        • Anonymous

          extremely useful gadget. It calls a grymalkyne instead of you having to search for one. The cat helps in fights and even picks up materials. Its like getting a second palico for each fight and costs nothing.

          • Anonymous

            Either this is the most OP item in the game or something happened I dont get. And maybe its tailraider level dependent, or guided lands.

            Palico is set as a tank, but I was getting tons of buffs as if palico had the other instrument, but he didnt.
            In guiding lands , was fighting S nara.

            Tail raider was throwing out all sorts of traps AND buffs, the CC was insane.

            Additionally the wolf mount was going nuts on the large too, but what really got me, was when packs of 4/5 wolves ALSO joined in helping my mount. They were basically “clawing” all onto & sticking to the large monster, it had almost all 5/6 dogs chomping the hell out of him AT THE SAME TIME. All while my palico tanked with the big goofy totem and getting buffs from the tail raider,

            I had to stop fighting and just watch this happen til the large ran like hell.

            Im not sure, but I can really only really account it to the tail raider & palico rider. Ive also never seen it happen before so maybe level of the tail raiders depending, either way it was amazing

            • Anonymous

              it appears that i can not use this again after some time in the Guiding Lands. Does it have a cooldown? And yes, both tailraiders have despawned prior to using it again.

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