Temporal Mantle


Nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.

Effect Duration 120 (patch 6.02)
Recharge Time 300

Temporal Mantle is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World (MHW).



How to Get Temporal Mantle


Temporal Mantle Notes

  • The automatic evasion triggers when you are attacked on the ground.
  • Each evasion performed by the temporal mantle reduces the effect duration by 20 seconds, granting up to 6 dodges.
  • Before Patch 6.02, the mantle has an effect duration of 90 seconds but didn't had the minus 20 seconds penalty, making the player nearly unkillable for a whole 90 seconds every time the mantle was equipped. The mantle was nerfed because players were relying too much on it.
  • Grounded evasion will interrupt any animation such as a Greatsword's True Charge Slash.
  • The evasion will not trigger against certain damaging effects such as area damage or some monsters bumping into you.
  • While airborne, the evasion will trigger without interrupting attacks or animations, making it very useful for the Insect Glaive.
  • While grappling on a monster with Clutch claw, the evasion will trigger without interrupting attacks or animations, making it great for safe tenderizing or flinch shots.





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