Temporal Mantle +


Nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.

Effect Duration 120 (patch 6.02)
Recharge Time 300
Slots gem_level_1 gem_level_1

Temporal Mantle + is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World (MHW).



How to Get Temporal Mantle +



Temporal Mantle + Notes

  • The automatic evasion triggers when you are attacked on the ground.
  • Grounded evasion will interrupt any animation such as a Greatsword's True Charge Slash.
  • The evasion will not trigger against certain damaging effects such as area damage or some monsters bumping into you.
  • While airborne, the evasion will trigger without interrupting attacks or animations, making it very useful for the Insect Glaive.





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    • Anonymous

      I just use the mantle to tenderize the hell out of monsters since they can't knock me off when I have it on.

      • Anonymous

        MR 150? It could be just me, but with nearly 250 hrs in Iceborne Ive only gotten to MR97. I guess there's a crazy amount of grinding ahead of me...

        • Anonymous

          Pretty sure all the dislikes on these comments were the temporal mantle users who didn't know how to dodge, and are just mopey because it got nerfed into the ground.

          • Anonymous

            For what it's worth, it's worth nothing compared to builds that actually have decos. 2 level 1 deco slots on a mantle that makes all damage* dealt to you nullified through a auto-roll plus deco slots sounds busted, then you realize it's locked behind a MR 150 quest that has you go up against 2 tempered Elder Dragons, one being Kirin, you'd think it be a awesome upgrade. Nope, instead it's the base level slot, and for a mantle that has relatively low uptime for what it does, all you could slot in is something like recovery jewels or maybe gobbler as a way to get back health or buff up if you need to. If it had level 2/3 it wouldn't be much better, and a level 4 just wouldn't happen period. In my opinion, considering the mantle being what it is, you can't slot in any defensive skills because WOW defense doesn't matter. It's uptime being decreased after being hit also makes attack based decos a waste, and are better fit on Impact or Evasion. Overall, don't bother with the upgrade unless you are going for completion like I was.

            • Anonymous

              its actully not that good for aerial IG because then the monster just eats your mantle since the evasion animation wont trigger so they can attack you rapidly

              • Anonymous

                2 x 1-slots on a nerfed mantle for hunting a tempered Kirin AND a tempered Namielle within 50 minutes. Seems totally fair and reasonable!

                • Anonymous

                  Sure, 150MR is high, but 2 1-slots for a mantle+ is so negligible anyway. If you care to optimize your decorations/stats that much, you'd already be playing enough to have high MR.

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