The Game Screen information of Monster Hunter World.


The Game Screen


1. Objective Marker

Your next objective is displayed here.


2. Dialogue/Chat/Info

The contents of in-game character dialogue are displayed here. Online multiplayer chat is also displayed here.

Besides dialogue and chat, other important facility or gameplay information may also be displayed here.


3. Login Bonus

This will display whenever a login bonus is available. Press △ to claim your login bonus. The login bonus can be claimed once per day, and includes an item and a lucky voucher.

To claim your login bonus, you must connect your PlayStation®4 console to the internet, and sign in to PlayStation™Network.


4. Minimap

This shows the area around you and the direction you're facing. Facilities, objective markers, and other important icons will also show up on this minimap.


5. Controls

This displays the current controls available to you.

    • Anonymous

      23 Aug 2018 10:31  

      what are the numbers on the monster you open the map? Sometimes there's a negative number (in red), sometimes a positive number (in green). Do they represent the height of the monster on the map?

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