The Huntsman

Race: Human
Gender: Male
English Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer
Japanese Voice Actor: Akimitsu Takase

The Huntsman is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 



  • Sometimes gives advice relative to the next assignments.



Typically seen where the Commander is in Astera, on the deck of the ship where meetings are held, but off to the side.


He is proficient in all types of close-range weapons and is master of the long sword in particular. He commended his expeditions in the New World forty years ago, and he is still in active service as a hunter, even now taking missions. He is also the one who trained the Commander's grandson, the Field Team Leader, in swordsmanship. He doesn't say much, but he carries out his missions and expeditions in an upright manner, and many hunters are inspired by and admiring of his way of life.

He is normally found sitting in one corner of headquarters, but he frequently disappears. During the Zorah Magdaros capture operation, he accepts a request from the Commander and heads off to investigate Nergigante. One can surmise the depth of his abilities from the fact he does not rely on handlers or Scoutflies and is able to function on experience and instinct.


A member of the 1st Fleet. The only member of the 1st Fleet who loves using old equipment. He is the most skilled at fighting in the group. The reason why he sticks to using old equipment is that he says it's "too late for things he doesn't understand". 

Role in Main Story

The Huntsman was a member of the First Fleet, which was the first to come to the New World, and he is the sole old hunter who even now uses blademaster gear. As for his reason for clinging to his antiquated equipment, he says, "The new ways confound me".


  • Ever since he was young, he was focused on being a hunter, and so he trained himself and honed his skills. His weapons and armor use Rathian material, and he has a deep attachment to his early days when using them.
  • He can't get accustomed to new gear, saying. "The new ways confound me" and he doesn't even use Scoutflies. However, at times he has been witnessed staring intently at the Scoutflies in Ecological Research.
  • He appears to be using a Wyvern Blade made from Rathian materials. Looking similar to the "Leaf", "Verde" or "Holly" model from earlier titles.
  • One side of his helm has a large scar gouged into it. This was made by an Elder Dragon called Teosra, which he confronted on several occasions in the Old World. At the time, he had two rivals whom he competed against day after day, honing his skills. One was a fierce warrior type, the other more playful. He often reminisces about that time.
  • In times of crisis, he displays refined fighting maneuvers, but, perhaps because of his age, he also sometimes falls asleep in a sitting position. When lying down in bed, it seems his old hunter nature shows through. 
  • Seems to be a recurring character from some previous games in the franchise.
  • The Huntsman is wearing Guildwork Master Rank male armor.

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    • Anonymous

      When you noticed Matt Mercer voices both student and mentor, them being the field team leader and huntsman

      • Anonymous

        there is literally nothing written in personality in the info. So mysterious like maybe even more than the seeker

        • Anonymous

          No one is going to point out that the Huntsman and the Field Team Leader (who refers to the Huntsman as his master during the battle with Zora Magdaros) are both voiced by the same guy?

          • Anonymous

            Whenever i talk to him i would always get the feeling that he is the hunter you play as (or at least a hunter) from the mh series and whenever i feel that it always reminded me of my accomplishment, despair (especially when someone one shots you), my sudden love/addiction for the gunlance (Don't judge me, you trust the power of a rope tied to a stick rather than a gunpowder combustion) and hunting out w/ my friends, ah the times.

            • Anonymous

              Pretty badass character, as the temporal Mantle was made from studying his movements in battle. Would love to see more of him in the game.

              • Anonymous

                Someone should note on this page (I dont know how) that after his tussle with Velkhana, he permanently has the rent in his helmet.

                • Anonymous

                  Many claim him to be the same person as the hunter in MHFU intro.
                  but then, this theory could be wrong since hunstman & the intro dude only wore the same helmet while the rest of their equipment were visually DIFFERENT.

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