The Huntsman

Race: Human
Gender: Male
English Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer
Japanese Voice Actor: Akimitsu Takase

The Huntsman is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 





  • Sometimes gives advices relative to the next assignments.



Typically seen where the Commander is in Astera, on the deck of the ship where meetings are held, but off to the side.


A member of the 1st Fleet. The only member of the 1st Fleet who loves using old equipment. He is the most skilled at fighting in the group. The reason why he sticks to using old equipment is that he says it's "too late for things he doesn't understand". 

Role in Main Story


  • He appears to be using a Wyvern Blade made from Rathian materials. Looking similar to the "Leaf", "Verde" or "Holly" model from earlier titles.
  • Seems to be a recurring character from some previous games in the franchise.
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