Probability of being stunned by monster attacks increases

Caused by

thunder-element-monster-hunter-world Thunder Element


thunderblight-monster-hunter-world Severe Thunderblight (not in MHW)

Cured by

Rolling lowers duration
Be stunned by an attack (effect dissipates)
ice-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Nulberry

Thunderblight is a status effect from an Elemental Damage type in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Monsters with Thunder Element will produce lightning attacks that can result in this status.


Thunderblight & Severe Thunderblight Effect

  • Higher probability the player will be stunned by a monster
  • Severe Thunderblight increases chances of stunned status by xx%


How to Cure Thunderblight

  • Consume a Nulberry
  • Roll seven times
  • Be stunned by an attack (effect dissipates)


Monsters with Thunder & Thunderblight Damage


Status Effects
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