In Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne expansion there are 60 Treasure Locations. This page shows where to find all of these collectibles. 

Ten treasures can be found in each region. In order to start hunting treasures you will have to reach Unity Level 6 with the grimalkyne faction in the region you want to search for treasures (Bugtrappers for Ancient Forest, Plunderers for Rotten Vale, Gajalaka for Elder’s Recess, Protectors for Wildspire Waste, Troupers for Coral Highlands, Boaboa for Hoarfrost Reach).

Getting all treasures unlocks the following trophies and achievements:

  • Fledgling Collector – Find your first treasure.
  • Veteran Collector – Find all treasure within a single locale.
  • Ultimate Collector – Find all treasure.

Treasure Locations

Forest Region
Wildspire Region
Coral Region
Rotten Region
Elder's Recess Region
Hoarfrost Reach Region


Ancient Forest Treasures

  • Treasure #1 Northern part of Area 5.
  • Treasure #2 Can be found in Area 6 in the spot where some monsters tend to go for a nap.
  • Treasure #3 Hidden in area 4 at the vine-trap tree
  • Treasure #4 A multi-part treasure. First head to area 6 and use the roots with a blue mushroom on it to reach the higher section of the area. There you will find the next hint near some wall paintings.

    The second hint will lead you to area 7 into the spiral-like cave. Find the area with flash bugs and there will be the treasure.

  • Treasure #5 The first part of this treasure is located in area 2 on a root. This area is where you can usually find the Great Jagras.
    The second hint will lead you to area 9, the place with Paratoads on the uphill-battle place. There on the edge of the higher cliffs, the treasure can be found.
  • Treasure #6 First part is hidden in the hollow tree in area 8. The area where you can usually find Yian Garuga.

    The treasure itself is hidden in the tunnels of area 10 between some bones.
  • Treasure #7 First part is hidden in a mushroom pile very close to the area 11 camp. You can mark the mushroom on your map for the bugs to lead you there.

    Not far from the first hint you can find the real treasure being the bee-hive also in area 11. Just as before use your map to mark it for the bugs leading you.
  • Treasure #8 First hint is hidden in a pile of dung at the bottom of area 13.

    For the second hint use a bomb to blow up the dam at the top of area 16 (the place where monsters like Rathalos or Kushala go for a nap). Once the dam is gone check the back of the area you just unlocked.

    The treasure itself is hidden in a cave behind the waterfall in area 11. The cave itself is located basically just under the number 11 on your map.

  • Treasure #9 From the top of area 16 take the slope down and halfway down the slope will be your first hint.

    The second hint will be a bit south of the place where you found the treasure number 8. You will have to drop to the area in the picture from the ledge above it.

    And the treasure itself will be located to the west of camp 1. 
  • Treasure #10 For the first hint mark the only huge vigorwasp on the map and have the bugs lead you there.

    The second one is at the mushrooms in the tunnel between area 11 and 12.

    The treasure itself, the final one for Ancient Forest, can be found on the top of the boulder in area 12.


Wildspire Waste Treasures

  • Treasure #1 From the pawswap simply head down to the area with sand curtains where Diablos takes his nap.
  • Treasure #2 The second treasure of this region can be found in a hollow tree in area 6.
  • Treasure #3 Can be found in area 10, on the small ledge just before going down to Jyuratodus’ lair.
  • Treasure #4 You can either solve the riddle or just head to the southmost cactus which you can find at the border of areas 1 and 4.
  • Treasure #5 Southeast bones in area 9, Barroths lair.
  • Treasure #6 Can be found in the north-east corner of area 8 next to some stones. 
  • Treasure #7 At the very top of Wildspire Waste. In area 5 head through the tunnels and up the vines.
  • Treasure #8 The first hint leads you to area 12. There drop from a ledge down to the side with paintings on the wall.

    The second hint is not far away. You only have to climb the ledge back up and drop from it on the other side. There you will find the final hint leading up to the real treasure.

    The treasure itself is in area 7.
  • Treasure #9 In area 1 from the small pond head east and drop down the first small waterfall for the first hint.

    The second hint will lead you to the very west of area 2. Look for a broken tree. 

    The final part of this treasures is very close. You can see 2 paths between areas 2 and 3. Take the one on the right and check the bee-hive for the treasure.
  • Treasure #10 Head the stone pile basically in the middle of area 6 up on the higher ledge.

    The treasure itself can be found in the tunnel of area 11 leading into area 12.


Rotten Vale Treasures

  • Treasure #1 can be found in the very north or area 13. Head through the bone-gates to reach it.
  • Treasure #2 From camp 1 drop down and head right up the slope to the area where the stalagmites can drop down from the ceiling. There you can find the treasure in the southwest corner.
  • Treasure #3 From camp 11 take the vines to climb up and follow the path. Right after the drop down you will find the treasure.
  • Treasure #4 First hint will take you to the single tree in area 3.
    From this tree take the small tunnel south of it and drop into the pit with the cave paintings on a black wall. There will be the treasure.
  • Treasure #5 In area 3, the same area as the single tree. Instead of going towards the tree take the slope down and on the corner you will find the second hint.
    The treasure itself can be found next to the east wall of area 8.
  • Treasure #6 Check the yellow grass in the north of area 9 to find the second hint for this treasure.
    And the treasure itself will be in the acidic blue water in area 12 next to a rock.
  • Treasure #7 Follow the hint to the south of area 2 where you can find the second hint.
    The treasure can then be found in the east corner of are 4 at a red crystal.
  • Treasure #8 The border of areas 12 and 14 hides the second hint.
    It will take you to the bushes in area 10 next to some huge rib-bones.
    And the treasure itself can be found in the very east of area 9 at the edge of the cliff there.
  • Treasure #9 From area 8 head south into the lair of Great Girros and there in the corner you can find the next hint.
    The second hint will take you to camp 1, where the final hint can be found.
    Once again the treasure will be in the acidic blue water in area 12. Just above number 12 on your map.
  • Treasure #10 In the north of the rib-bones of area 10.
    Head into area 16 and check the bones in the southwest corner there. It is the place where Vaal Hazak takes his naps.
    The final Rotten Vale treasure location can be found at the red wall in area 6.


Coral Highland Treasures

  • Treasure #1 Hidden in a shellhouse in the south of area 2. 
  • Treasure #2 From camp 12 head down to area 8, the place where many hunts take place like Kirin, Namielle or basically any other monster that runs through here.
  • Treasure #3 In the east side of area 12, on the top area of Coral Highlands. 
  • Treasure #4 Head to the very top of Coral Highlands (area 15). The southwest corner of the plateau has the hint.
    The treasure is hidden in area 14.
  • Treasure #5 The first hint will lead you to the round platform after some swings in area 9.
    And the treasure itself will be hidden south of it. You can see the treasure spot from the cave in which you fight some of the monsters like Paolumu.
  • Treasure #6 Head to the low part of area 6 and there check the plant on the red platform for your next hint.
    From there head to the very bottom of the same area where you can find the treasure in a dung pile.
  • Treasure #7 The first hint will lead you to the east side of area 9 next to the blue crystal on a sightseeing platform. You can reach this area through the small tunnel near treasure number 5 location.
    Head to area 7 for the treasure itself. There drop into the water-filled pit to find it.
  • Treasure #8 East side of the lower portion of area 9.
    The second hint will take you to the trees in area 1.
    And the treasure itself can be found in area 5. There use the small tunnel in the north which leads to the small hidden area.
  • Treasure #9 First hint will take you to area 8, the small tunnel which leads to the rope-shortcut.
    Second hint
    The treasure itself is near the waterfall in area 6.
  • Treasure #10 For the final treasure location in Coral Highlands, simply head down the ladder in camp 1.


Elder’s Recess Treasures

  • Treasure #1 From camp 1 head south
  • Treasure #2  Hidden in the southeast corner of area 5.
  • Treasure #3 This treasure can be found in area 6. 
  • Treasure #4 First part can be found just next to camp 8.
    The treasure itself will be in area 3.
  • Treasure #5 Southwest corner of area 10 is the easiest way to describe it.
    Take the path north and then check the south edge or area 11 for the treasure spot.
  • Treasure #6 The first hint will take you to the east side of area 4.
    The treasure itself can be found at the crossroads in area 2.
  • Treasure #7 Check the red crystals in area 3 for the next hint.
    The very top of this region, area 4 on the platform in the middle where Kushala Daora naps.
  • Treasure #8 First hint will lead you to the north edge or area 9.
    And the west wall of area 14 will have the treasure itself.
  • Treasure #9 The first hint will basically take you to the border or area 11 and 7.
    From there head south to the southwest corner or area 11 for the next hint.
    The treasure itself can be found at the south edge of area 7.
  • Treasure #10 From the Gajalaka lair take the path north and once you enter area 15 you can find the next hint at the bonepile there.
    Next hint will be hidden in the southwest corner of area 12.
    And the final Elder’s Recess Treasure Location, can be found in the Gajalaka lair itself in area 16.


Hoarfrost Reach Treasures

  • Treasure #1 Hidden in the east side or area 3.
  • Treasure #2  can be found in the west of area 10.
  • Treasure #3 located in the north of area 6
  • Treasure #4 take the drop-exit of camp 7 
  • Treasure #5 can be found in the east of area 10
  • Treasure #6 can be found in the northeast corner of area 7.
  • Treasure #7 can be found in the northwest of area 13.
  • Treasure #8 at the border of areas 5 and 2.
  • Treasure #9 can be found in area 9 at the small tunnel entrance in the wall there.
  • Treasure #10 can be found at the very top of this region near the elder dragon husk. If you don't know how to get there, the start of the path is in the northmost part of area 13 using the wedge beetles.


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      Not the most precise guide but a godsend nonetheless. Found every one easily, but then again I'm 350+ hours in and know the maps already. May want to touch up for those not so observant players...

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        While it's nice that someone went through the effort of uploading images and some text for each treasure's location, just pasting all those images on this page makes it a pain in the ass to navigate.

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