True Dragonvein Awakening

anjanath will skill mhw

Adds True Dragonvein Awakening when 5 pieces of Safi'jiiva α+ Set or Safi'jiiva β+ Set are equipped. 

 True Dragonvein Awakening is a special Armor Set Bonus Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


True Dragonvein Awakening Effect

True Dragonvein Awakening is unlocked by equipping 5 pieces from the Safi'jiiva Alpha + (α) and Safi'jiiva Beta + (β).

  • anjanath will skill mhw 5 PiecesTrue Dragonvein Awakening: Enhances attacks even more with weapon drawn. Take damage when attacking, but can be recovered by continually attacking.

    Set Bonus grants the following effects:

    40% Affinity, 150 Element & 120 Status.

    Raises the elemental cap to 2.35x of the base element for bowguns and 2.55x for other weapons.

    Raises the status cap to 2x the base status. 

    The heal is 20% to 50% higher than the self dmg (depends on weapon).
    Healing can be increased with recovery up skill.
    While heal kicks in you don't take self dmg on hits.


Equipment that grants True Dragonvein Awakening

You can unlock True Dragonvein Awakening by equipping the following items.



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    • Anonymous

      The wiki says "The heal is 20% to 50% higher than the self dmg (depends on weapon).", but this is extremely inaccurate. As of 2024 everything heals between 145% and 155% of the self damage.

      The self damage is 42 for longsword (7dmg per hit), switch axe (7dmg per hit), hbg (6 dmg per hit), hammer (6dmg per hit), and 40 for everything else. The heal without any decorations varies between 60 and 62 between weapons, with on average 20 more HP healed than self-damaged. There are no weapons where the heal is only 120% of the damage self-dealt.

      Also not noted, but "manual" sheathe such as the longsword's Special Sheathe move, DOES count as a hard reset to the regen, and you will need to redo all the 6 hits before having the heal.

      And also not noted, but if you sheathe WHILE the heals kicks in, it completely stops the healing you would have received, and it's totally wasted! This is a bit hard to do on some heavy weapons such as the Switch Axe, but with quick ones such as the Dual blades, or even ones when you need to sheathe often like the greatsword, be very careful that the healing is completely done before you sheathe.

      • Anonymous

        For anyone who misunderstands this the same way I did before I got the armor myself:

        The ability is NOT "first [X] attacks drain health, but after enough successful hits the weapon gains Heal-On-Hit until sheathed". Instead, EVERY attack drains health, but every [X] hits gives you a single large heal (over the course of ~2 seconds) that can trigger again after another [X] hits.

        Additionally, attacks don't drain health while the heal is happening, but they don't count towards the next heal either. This means that you can't "buffer" hits in advance to get the next heal without spending as much health, which makes it much harder to rely on this as a source of healing. Not to say you can't restore your whole health bar by wailing on a downed monster, but depending on how many attacks you whiff and how many small hits you tank during the exchange you're more likely to just break even.

        As far as the clutch claw, while performing a flinch shot will obviously reset the count since it forces you into a sheathed state, latching on and performing tenderizing attacks are fine, and are treated the same as any other attack. Not only does this make them a safe choice since they are sure to hit (assuming you aren't thrown off, of course) but it means that something like the hammer's lv 3 standing charge attack -> spinning clutch attack -> tenderize is very spammable, since it will trigger a heal nearly every time.

        Finally, one thing i haven't seen mentioned anywhere else is that the ability seems to disable all natural healing while the weapon is drawn. This means that even though the health lost is converted to red health (which makes resentment charms very effective) you can't slot in a bunch of recovery speed gems to offset the damage. That said, something like a greatsword that spends most of its time sheathed could probably do just that and ignore the self-heal aspect of this ability completely.

        • Anonymous

          From testing with 100 health, both versions of this skill are same with each other regarding health drainage and healing activation. Regen activates after losing 40 health to these skills, without sheathing weapons. Self-damage per hit, from highest to lowest, are GS, HH 8/hit LS, SA 7/hit Hammer,HBG 6/hit Lance, GL, CB, Bow 5/hit SnS, IG, LBG 4/hit DB 2/hit These make rapidfire LBG, LS and axe SA drain health very fast.

          • I swear this skill is completely bugged. I've got full sets of Safi Beta armour on both my characters, but the skill only shows up on my first character. It is completely bugged out on my second and doesn't work at all. The text doesn't show up for the skill or anything.

            • Anonymous

              Hope they adjust the set so it regens health without needing to keep you weapon out the whole time. Aside from lance, bowguns, and possibly bow every weapon sheaths when the monster moves unless you just want to do no damage in multiplayer. Even if they change it so every 10 hits instead of 6 it heals you to make up for it that would be a lot better then you must walk very very slowly towards the monster if you want this benefit or work in a mandatory jumping jewels

              • Anonymous

                It would be nice to know what the actual benefits are for the set bonus. Regurgitating the same the tooltip text is not incredibly helpful. As far as I can see, it adds 40% affinity, 150 Element/120 Status for the 5-pieces. At the expense of health. Which can be regained by continuously attacking without Sheathing the weapon.

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