Vor Buster

Heavy Bowgun
Rarity 12
mhw-defense --
mhw-decoration  decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
Attack Power 510
Affinity  -20%
Deviation High
Custom Mods 5
Special Ammo Wyvernsnipe

Vor Buster is a Master Rank Heavy Bowgun Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Vor Buster Information



Vor Buster Crafting and Upgrades

Vor Buster has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the independent path, detailed below.


  Rare Attack Power Sharpness Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense
Vor Cannon 11 434   -40% -- decoration_level_4_mhw_wikidecoration_level_4_mhw_wiki --
Craft with: Fatalis Shard x3, Fatalis Hardhorn x1, Fatalis Pectus x1, Fatalis Evil Eye x1, 56000z
Vor Buster 12 510   -20% -- decoration_level_4_mhw_wikidecoration_level_4_mhw_wiki --
Craft with: Large Elder Dragon Gem x1, Fatalis Pectus x2, Fatalis Hardhorn x2, Fatalis Evil Eye x1, 80000z



Vor Buster Upgrade Tree

Vor Buster is part of an upgrade path for the Heavy Bowgun Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Independent tree.

Heavy Bowgun Independent Tree



Heavy Bowguns
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    • Anonymous

      Like a lot of info in Fex wikis, that last comment is completely ****ing wrong lmao, Vor Buster Spread Ammo does at least 9-10% MORE damage than Loyal Thunder Spread Ammo if running the same build on both, whatever the build is, without even accounting for the fact that it has MORE ammo per magazine.

      Don´t spread missinformation when you don´t know something.

      • Anonymous

        The end-game of end-game guns. Holds high quantities of almost every ammo, and edges out almost any other HBG in terms of raw damage. It's only slightly outdone in Spread Ammo by Zinogre's "Loyal Thunder", but the Vor Buster will be your go-to for almost everything else.

        I do recommend the Nargacuga gun if you want to try Pierce Damage pre-Fatallis; it's maybe a hair behind Fatallis, but available so much easier and earlier.

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