Wind Pressure Nullified


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Wind Pressure Nullified is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Wind Pressure Nullified Effect

  • Effect
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: [img]
  • Formula details go here


How to get Wind Pressure Nullified

The following items grant Wind Pressure Nullified Status:

  • Food 1
  • Food 2
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Weapon 1 (skill)
  • Armor 1 (skill)


Status Effects
Abnormal Status Attack Increased  ♦  Affinity Up  ♦  All Ailments Negated  ♦  Attack Up  ♦  Blastblight  ♦  Blastscourge  ♦  Bleeding  ♦  Blight Negated  ♦  Defense Down  ♦  Defense Up  ♦  Divine Protection  ♦  Dragon Element Resistance Up  ♦  Dragon Res Boost  ♦  Dragonblight  ♦  Effluvial Buildup  ♦  Elemental Attack Boost  ♦  Evasion Enhanced  ♦  Fire Element Resistance Up  ♦  Fire Res Boost  ♦  Fireblight  ♦  Health Increase  ♦  Ice Element Resistance Up  ♦  Ice Res Boost  ♦  Iceblight  ♦  Knockbacks Negated  ♦  Muck Res  ♦  Natural Recovery Up  ♦  Noxious Poison  ♦  Paralysis  ♦  Paralysis Negated  ♦  Poison  ♦  Recovery Up  ♦  Resistant to Heat  ♦  Self-Improvement  ♦  Sleep  ♦  Stamina Use Reduced  ♦  Stun  ♦  Stun Negated  ♦  Thunder Element Resistance Up  ♦  Thunder Res Boost  ♦  Thunderblight  ♦  Tremor Negation  ♦  Water Element Resistance Up  ♦  Water Res Boost  ♦  Waterblight  ♦  Wind Pressure Negated  ♦  Zombified Status


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    • Anonymous

      This is by far the most worthless song a HH player can ever use. Until told otherwise, "All Wind Pressure Negated" is only theoretically only useful, compared to "Wind Pressure Negated", against Kushala Daora, & sounds like it'd just hard counter them on paper, like "All Ailments Negated" does to (Blackveil) Vaal Hazak, but in practice, pretty much any fellow HH Main I talk to, along with everyone in my quests, have never seen a change in the fight between "All Wind Pressure Negated" & "Wind Pressure Negated" I'd need to test it, but I believe that "Wind Pressure Negated" cancels out Kushala's passive wind aura, meaning that "All Wind Pressure Negated" does nothing to the fight. With no other Wind based monster in the game, it just comes out to be useless. On no other monster is it worth the trouble, & on no other monster is it necessary. The fact that people I play with have to jokingly say "It's the debris in the tornado!" in order to have any point, & then see Kushala's clear windblast deal damage without any debris, makes me honestly believe that this song has no use, & is honestly a little annoying to even see on a HH, could've been any other song & the horn could be great. Just... Not this one.

      • Anonymous

        The fact that this page was and then subsequently never finished makes this hilarious. “Description goes here” will forever be immortalized as the best explanation of all time.

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