Wyverheart is a Special Ammo type in Monster Hunter World (MHW).

“ Has a charge meter. When active, the user can fire bullets continuously until the meter is empty. Wyvernheart has a wind-up mechanic, causing initial shots to do very little damage, around Normal Lvl 1, and building up additional damage over consecutive shots, up to around Normal Lvl 3, causing sustained fire to rack up massive damage, especially when targeting a weak point. Note that Wyvernheart takes considerably longer to fully recharge than Wyvernsnipe, but can be used before the meter is fully restored.

How to get Wyvernheart

To get Wyvernheart is very easy it comes from the HBG ( Heavy BowGun ) Ore Tree,  Just choose your favorite one and get to mining those Red and Blue Ore Veins!

Heavy Bowgun Ore Tree


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