Zombified Status

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Your natural ability to regenerate health appears to weaken when your weapon is draawn.  Hmm.. peculiar
-Lively Scholar

Zombified is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW).



  • The zombified status eliminates damage reactions and allows you to regenerate health automatically, but it also has the following drawbacks:

    - You cannot perform dodge rolls and certain other actions.
    - You cannot use most items. You can still use herbs, whetstones, specialized tools, and special scopes.
    - You cannot restore health from items or other standard methods.

    There are additional advantages to the zombified status as well. Because the status gives you an unusual amount of adaptation to effluvium-heavy environments, you'll have greater automatic health regeneration in areas with effluvium, and you'll also be immune to acid damage!

  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: zombified icon small
  • Formula details go here

 How to cure Zombified Status

How to get Zombified

The following items grant Zombified Status:

  • During the quest RE: Return of the Bioweapon
  • With the gesture "Raccoon City: Zombify", you can become "zombified", but without the status effect

Zombified Status Notes

  • While zombified, the player will take on the appearance and amble around like a zombie, even raising their arms striaght in front of them while running.
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    • Anonymous

      as an sns player, if this applies on me, i just roll with it honestly. it's actually very useful for much of the fight, and liberal clutch claw usage to close distances on the blackveil more than makes up for lowered speed.

      • Anonymous

        Its gold with a fast weapon that let's you jog, like long sword. Not so good w a slow weapon that needs sheath and run, like great sword. Mobility is too low. Sheathed movement is very very slow. On the bright side, you auto heal very fast when sheathed. You don't flinch, so you can beat down Val Hazaak very well.

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