Optional Quests in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Players do not need to complete these quests to progress the story and access the game, but will benefit from special rewards for doing these additional objectives.  Optional quests unlock through various activities.

Please see Master Rank Optional Quests for Iceborne Expansion quest details.

Please see Event Quests for special optional weekly quests by Capcom. Please see Special Assignments for free Monster DLC quests.

Doing these objectives unlock optional quests:

  • Finding a monster, low/high/master rank all count as separate.
  • Capturing monsters, low/high/master rank all count as separate.
  • Talking to Villagers with a (!) in Astera, Research Base, or Seliana.
  • Completing previous Optional quests.
  • Randomly available Rare encounters that last for 2 quests and disappear.
  • Fully researching monsters (all tabs in the monster manual).
  • Hunting a certain number of different tempered monsters (quests/investigations with more than one tempered targets only register the first listed).
  • Your current progress level for Assigned Quests.

"Special Arena:" Quests are unlocked by Capturing the monster first. Once completed, they appear randomly on your Quest Board. Keep in mind that if you capture a Low Rank Barroth, it will only unlock the Low rank Special Arena.

(!) => Those are Villagers' Requests

Rare encounters : Zorah Magdaros, Xeno'Jiiva, and Shara Ishvalda optionals
- Be sure to check your quest board as these only last for 2 quests total. You'll hear music in Astera/Seliana change and a notification sometimes.


Optional in MHW



Eight Stars Quests ⭐8

Nine Stars Quests ⭐9


Master Rank Optional Quests in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). Master Rank Optional Quests are only available to players who own the Iceborne Expansion. These quests are not needed in order to progress the story and level up Master Rank, but they provide materials and unlock special tools, canteen foods and others.

Please see Event Quests for special optional weekly quests by Capcom. Please see Special Assignments for free Monster DLC quests.

  • Finding Master Rank monsters counts as it's own discovery
  • Capturing Master Rank monsters gives more rewards than slaying them. If a quest does not explicitly state "slay", then you should always aim to capture the targeted monster(s)
  • Talking to villagers with a (!) in Seliana or the Research Station may unlock new quests
  • Completing already owned Optional quests may unlock, or help in unlocking new content, including new quests
  • Fully researching monsters (all 4 tabs in the monster manual) may be required to unlock certain quests, especially for Mantle Upgrades. See Ecological Research for more information
  • Your current progress level for Master Rank Assignments  may limite which optional quests you have access to. The same applies to Special Assignments
  • All "Purr-fect" quests reward In-Room Decorations

"Special Arena:" Quests are unlocked by Capturing the monster. Once completed, they re-appear randomly on your Quest Board. Uncompleted MR Arena Quests will always be made available for you to complete (once the monster has been captured). Checking your hunter's notes may help in researching why some arena quests do not appear, since the notes display how many times you have captured any monster (a "-" means that the monster cannot be captured). However, do bear in mind that the research notes display how many times the monster has been captured in total (throughout low, high and master ranks), and you do need to capture any monster at least once in each rank (if it is available; do not try to capture a Barioth in low rank quests) to unlock the corresponding arena quest. Some monsters do not have special arena quests associated with them, such as the Rajang or the Frostfang Barioth.

(!) => Those are Villagers' Requests or special delivery bounties.


Master Rank Optional in MHW: Iceborne

Three Star Quests master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide3


Six Star Quests master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guidemaster-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide 6


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    • Anonymous

      14 May 2021 10:21  

      cap all the monster and even the blue ones in 6star but still blue....tf... I cap it like the 7 time already

      • Anonymous

        17 Mar 2021 01:32  

        I'm having issues getting Today's Special: Hunter Flambé to appear. I can't even get the pre-quest to appear. I've beaten LR/HR and have already started iceborne

        • Anonymous

          18 Sep 2020 18:59  

          I've been trying to complete the six star optionals and I'm only missing a few special arenas. How would I get those optionals that I'm missing??

          • Anonymous

            13 May 2020 05:15  

            I have finish all 4 stars special arena quest in HR 73 and MR 18, when im searching how to finish the special arena quest I think I found bug, when we already finish the special arena quest (not all of them, take example just 3 out of 4) the quest like showing in optional quest (and marked as completed) and not showing at all. What I find the trigger is the last captured monster that if same monster and (stars level ?) the optional special arena quest is showing up no matter is completed or not and will be disappeared again if you captured another monster. the bug still concurred even you red-completed the 4 stars optional quest. in addition to unlock 4 stars special arena monsters you should capture HR 5 upper in low rank monster , hopefully it helps anyone to find the hint to make red-completed optional quest (maybe it works too in other special arena quest on other stars with this method)

            • Anonymous

              18 Nov 2019 21:51  

              You miss at least one of the special arena quests. You need to capture each monster in MR to get these. You probably only captured some of the old mosters only in low and high rank, but never in MR. Keep track of what special arenas show up on your board to narrow it down which one you still need

              • Anonymous

                05 Oct 2019 13:55  

                Hi My mr3 quests are Blue...i have caught all monsters what are in the list above include uragaan( Rathalos,Uragaan,Tigrex,Diabolos,Barioth,Nargacuga,Legiana, Glavenus,Odogarn,Brachyldos)... and that many Times ...have anyone a idea whats missing? Maybe Zorah?i didnt do it in master rank... Plz Help me

                • Anonymous

                  07 Sep 2019 12:39  

                  Was wondering if anyone could help me figure out if I have a bugged optional list? I looked here and multiple other places, but everywhere shows only three 1 star optionals which I have already completed (yet it still marks the 1 star selection as blue complete). I am a little ways in to the game (HR 61) and don't want to restart due to a bug blocking my eventual full completion. Any advice?

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Aug 2019 13:20  

                    If you want to see what quests you are missing, just search for an SOS on the level of quest you are doing and look for one without a completed sign

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Apr 2019 02:57  

                      Bois If u have blue completed, you should capture the Monsters you dont remember having captured. I captured all the Monsters and only on the 2nd time i got red completion

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Jan 2019 17:00  

                        Okay so I did everything. Every Arena Quest, Research Base, Everything.... 6Star still just shows blue completed sign..... I´m depressed af ... any recommendations? Please I need help ...

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Jan 2019 06:22  

                          I have everything completed and only had to do special arenas for ones that I actually did capture, monsters that I slayed when doing the optional quests did not require me to complete special arenas, make sure to complete the string of quests from the research base, it includes a couple deliveries before getting the last two rank 7 quests

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Jan 2019 00:32  

                            For clarification, to fully complete or get the red "completed" tag on your optional quests, you must unlock and complete all the special arenas. To unlock the special arenas, you must capture every monster that has a special arena. The info from the wiki is correct. If you're having the problem of still not being able to complete the 6* or 7* optionals, be sure to check with the research base as they have a few optional quests as well. Many players like myself tend to forget about that useless piece of airship. Cheers to the sexy third fleet master though. Happy hunting.

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Dec 2018 21:29  

                              every single quest complete, optional, and assigned, rank 100 quest complete, rainbow complete, silver oh great, I need to kill behemoth, well I can solo the repel one alone, just takes 45 minutes, now I need to actually kill it in 35 minutes, yea im fine with a silver rank

                              • Anonymous

                                16 Dec 2018 16:30  

                                Orange on everything from 1-6 & 8. I completed DevilJho and all the special Arena at 7* (captured all of them in 7*atleast 3 times) and it’s still blue. Frustrating cause I can’t progress my build!

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