Inflicts Poison Status on the target, slowly draining their health


status_effect-noxious_poison_mhwi_iconNoxious Poison

Cured By

Consuming an Antidote, Herbal Medicine or Herbal Powder

Poison is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Poison will slowly drain a target's Health.


Poison Effect

On Monsters

  • Triggering the effect requires buildup inflicted by:
  • Buildup damage is modified by a Monster's resistance to Poison
  • Duration and damage depends on Monster resistance to Poison. Damage is doubled when affecting Monsters in High Rank Quests, and quadrupled in Master Rank Quests.
    • 10 damage if weak to Poison (⭐⭐⭐) for 130 total over 25 seconds
    • 8 damage if neutral against Poison (⭐⭐)  for 80 total over 18 seconds
    • 5 damage if strong against Poison (⭐) for 40 total over 15 seconds
    • 0 damage if completely resistant to Poison (resistance-x)
  • Effect is identifiable by purple saliva hanging from a Monster's mouth.
  • Each successive trigger of Poison requires more buildup than the last, but deals the same amount of damage each time.
  • Poison buildup only occurs when the Monster is not under the effects of Poison. Remember to conserve Poison Ammo and Coatings.


On the Player and Allies

  • Inflicts damage over time and leaves recoverable Health. A more severe version appears in Master Rank and deals damage faster.
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: mhw-poison-status-effect on the HUD
  • Can be cured with AntidoteHerbal Medicine or Herbal Powder


Monsters and Poison

The following Monsters cause Poison:

The following Monsters are weak to Poison:

 The following Monsters are resistant to Poison:

The following Monsters are immune to Poison:

Poison Skills

The following Skills and Equipment modify Poison on Monsters and the Player

Equipment that Wields Poison

The following Equipment can cause Poison buildup:






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