Weapons in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are equipment that assists the player during their hunts by helping them deal damage to Monsters. Weapons are divided into fourteen types, each with special requirements and a unique move-set, complete with strengths and weaknesses.

To better understand the combat mechanics of MHW, please see:


Choosing a Weapon in MHW

When choosing a Weapon, it is important to consider its Damage Type and/or Status Effect to take advantage of a Monster's weaknesses.

  • Raw (Physical) Damage from Weapons is dealt as one of three types: Cutting (Sever), Blunt and Ammo, while Elemental Damage has five types: Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, and Dragon.
  • Status Effects do not directly deal damage, but rather build up effects including Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Blast.
  • Monsters' resistance to Raw and Elemental Damage will vary by body part, while resistance to Status Effects vary by Monster.

Additionally, keep in mind that wielding a Blademaster (melee) Weapon will reduce Physical Damage taken, while ranged Weapons will reduce Elemental Damage taken.

Also not all upgrades will be avalible at the start of MHW. you will see an Under Development area of the upgrade Screen, these will update as the story progresses.

  • At the start of the game you will be able to upgrade your weapons to Rarity 3.
  • After arriving in the Rotten Vale and doing some Exploring, you will get a Field Master(Tracker) cut scene.
    After you will be able to upgrade weapons to Rarity 6.


Monster Hunter World Weapon Categories

There are fourteen different weapons at the Hunter's disposal, each with their own unique characteristics and attacks. Many hunters acquire proficiency in multiple types, while others prefer to gain mastery in one.

mhw_greatsword Great Sword

Large, powerful but slow heavy-damagers
Great Sword Weapon Tree



mhw_sword-shield Sword & Shield

Balanced, mobile & beginner friendly
Sword & Shield Weapon Tree



mhw_dual-blades Dual Blades

Light but extremely fast flurry of attacks.
Dual Blades Weapon Tree



mhw_longsword Long Sword

Nimble and with great melee range
Long Sword Weapon Tree



mhw_hammer Hammer

Slow but heavy & stunning attacks
Hammer Weapon Tree



mhw_hunting-horn Hunting Horn

Easy and long range support weapon.
Hunting Horn Weapon Tree



mhw_lance Lance

Strong Defense and Offense
Lance Weapon Tree



mhw_gunlance Gunlance

High offense, limited range.
Gunlance Weapon Tree



mhw_switch-axe Switch Axe

Versatile, fast & elemental damage.
Switch Axe Weapon Tree



mhw_charge-blade Charge Blade

Versatile, powerful and fast
Charge Blade Weapon Tree



mhw_insect-glaive Insect Glaive

Mobile, aerial attacks and buffs
Insect Glaive Weapon Tree



mhw_Bow Bow

Fast, ranged debuff attacks.
Bow Weapon Tree



mhw_light-bowgun Light Bowgun

High mobility, rapid fire ranged weapon
Light Bowgun Weapon Tree



mhw_heavy-bowgun Heavy Bowgun

Slow but powerful ranged attacks.
Heavy Bowgun Weapon Tree




All MHW Weapons List

 For Iceborne Weapons, please see Master Rank Weapons.

Great Sword Gallery MHW


Great Sword Ore Weapons





Great Sword Bone Weapons







Sword & Shield Gallery MHW


Sword and Shield Ore Weapons






Sword and Shield Bone Weapons






Dual Blades Gallery MHW


Dual Blades Ore Weapons




Dual Blades Bone Weapons







Long Sword Gallery MHW


Long Sword Ore Weapons




Long Sword Bone Weapons







Hammers Gallery MHW


Hammer Ore Weapons




Hammer Bone Weapons







Hunting Horns Gallery MHW


Hunting Horn Ore Weapons




Hunting Horn Bone Weapons







Lances Gallery MHW


Lance Ore Weapons




Lance Bone Weapons







Gunlance Gallery MHW


Gunlance Ore Weapons





Gunlance Bone Weapons






Switch Axes Gallery MHW


Switch Axe Ore Weapons




Switch Axe Bone Weapons







Charge Blades Gallery MHW


Charge Blade Ore Weapons




Charge Blade Bone Weapons






Insect Glaives Gallery MHW


Insect Glaive Ore Weapons




Insect Glaive Bone Weapons







Bows Gallery MHW


Bow Ore Weapons




Bow Bone Weapons






Light Bowguns Gallery MHW


Light Bowgun Ore Weapons




Light Bowgun Bone Weapons







Heavy Bowguns Gallery MHW


Heavy Bowgun Ore Weapons




Heavy Bowgun Bone Weapons






    • Anonymous

      19 Sep 2018 15:57  

      Well I was lost on weapon choice at first, so in my view for anyone newer: as much as I hate to say it after 100 hours what I heard when I first started playing MH world seems to be right: Greatswords are pretty solidly the best melee weapon overall. Simply put it's the best at fitting the most damage into the smallest windows of opportunity, which ultimately is most of what combat is about in MH. As lackluster as the GS seems and as tempting as I found fancier weapons like the charge blade, unfortunately as time went on and I encountered faster, stronger monsters/multiple monsters where openings can be fleeting maintaining a charge became more and more of a burden; by the time a charge blade/long sword/insect glaive is set up to deal real damage, a GS is already out there landing 750 damage combos. Add to that special sitiuations where speed is irrelevant vs. raw damage, like jumping attacks/mounted finishers, or most importantly wakeup attacks where, for ex, my leviathan blade generally does just below 1k damage not including barrel bombs, and IME it becomes tougher and tougher to justify using other melee weapons outside niche circumstances. I mean, I guess the real (let's see if that works) choice of pros is bows as used by all those ludicrous speed runners, but they only start becoming really impressive once one has a proper fancy armor/jewel setup to support it.

      • Anonymous

        09 Aug 2018 18:39  

        is there any weapon that can cut both tail and breaking horns? i'm planning to play solo since my internet kinda suck

        • Anonymous

          Weapons [MH:W Wiki]16 Jul 2018 20:48  

          do it my style for each weapon type get 1 elemental type attack, for example dual swords paralyze, Hammer thunder ...etc you will find your self playing all weapons with many different elements + the play style.
          soon pc ver will be released can't wait to start playing

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