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    • Anonymous

      07 May 2019 11:04  

      available for low rank help with guests or farming. I ManOfLeisure1 on Xbox One. Add Me to your friends list and or send me a message. I am currently level 8 or 9.

      • Anonymous

        12 Jul 2018 11:53  

        I am sick of the Character Customization vouchers, these need to be changed so a user can pay a flat subscription fee to be able to edit a character as much as they want to for 30 days or 1 month freely.

        • Anonymous

          02 Jul 2018 01:47  

          Anyone else have a elemental issue with their weapons? Every time I change weapons the elemental damage goes down. Is there no way of fixing this?

          • Anonymous

            Chatroom [MHW Wiki]23 Mar 2018 06:46  

            Weapon tree is viewable once you get some of the coins from arena that are needed to craft the bow ([Azure] Rathalos/Barroth).

            • Anonymous

              22 Mar 2018 23:51  

              So I just got to High Rank in MHW and I decided I want to make a build around the great huntsman bow which I know takes arena materials to build, but how do you unlock the tree to even have it optional to craft? I know the curved bow is the bow you upgrade into the great huntsman bow, but I cant find anything on how or when you unlock the "workshop tree" that has both of these bows.

              • Anonymous

                08 Feb 2018 19:04  

                I'm very new to the game, I've never played any of the previous MH games.
                I am very curious about resistances and monster attacks.
                Am i trying to build up my resistance numbers on the positive side or on the negative side to receive less damage from a monsters elemental attack?
                I realize that when a monster has more stars next to their name in the hunters guide that means I want to bring that type of weapon with me, so damage output doesn't seem to be an issue, but i'm being instant killed by some monsters with a single attack. Such as the T-Rex doing his fire attacks.

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