Race Felynes
Roles Buffs, Debuffs, DPS, Gathering

Palicoes are a cat-like combat companion in Monster Hunter World. As hunters' reliable comrades out in the field, they specialize in a variety of offensive, defensive, and restorative support abilities. The hunter's Palico joins the Fifth Fleet with pride, as much a bona fide member of the Commission as any other hunter.

You only get one Palico. The one you customize during character creation will be the only companion Palico. Others will be in the Town or Players Housing but do not accompany the Hunter.

Palicoes are reliable comrades while out on the hunt. They'll support you in numerous ways during quests, from attacking monsters to utilizing useful gadgets.

Palicoes in MHW

  • Palicoes can be outfitted with Weapons and Armor that you make for them in Crafting
  • They can be leveled up according to traits and roles you wish for them to serve
  • In combat, they can support you with offensive and defensive maneuvers
  • They can serve as harvesting helpers for gathering Items in the wild
  • They can communicate with local wild cats and convince them to help hunters by setting traps
  • Only one Palico can be brought on a quest, but the Palico can temporarily recruit wild cats and small monsters to help. Sometimes another player's Palico can be encountered in the wild, and they will aid you--quite useful since they can also use Palico Gadgets.
  • Palicoes can be equipped with gadgets that give powerful bonuses on command
  • The max level for your Palico is 50 (Patch 6.02)
  • The max level of Tailraider Unity is 10. (Patch 6.02)

Palico Gadgets

All Palico Gadgets have two stages and your Palico will use their gadgets semi-frequently on their own. After levelling a gadget to lv5, an icon will appear in your quickbar to use the first stage at the player's command e.g to place a flashfly cage. After reaching lv10 with a gadget, a second icon will become available allowing you to use the second stage of the gadget on command. This can be useful to place things like vigorwasp stations or shock traps shortly before a fight. Gadget proficiency level cap has raised from 10 to 15 since patch 6.02.

  • Vigorwasp Spray: The Palico pulls out a vigorwasp and rides it towards the hunter. It then explodes, healing the hunter. When leveled up, the Palico can also deploy a stationary vigorwasp, like one found in the wild.
    • Acquired by: Starter Gadget.
  • Flashfly Cage: The Palico pulls out a cage with a flashfly in it. The hunter can then hit the cage to create a large flash. Very useful for fighting flying wyverns like Rathalos or Legiana. When leveled up, the Palico can deploy an electric shock trap. Beware, overuse of traps and flashes will cause a monster to become resistant.
    • Acquired by: Bugtrapper Clan Quest in Ancient Forest.
  • Shieldspire: The Palico pulls out a shield with a face on it. The Palico then taunts the monster into attacking it while using the shield to stay alive. The next ability of the Shieldspire is a shield bash which can stagger and stun a monster if it hits.
    • Acquired by: Protector Quest in Wildspire Waste.
  • Coral Orchestra: The Palico pulls out a Coral Instrument. The Palico then plays one of several songs that applies a buff (e.g. Attack Up, Defense Up, Bleeding Resistance, Stamina Drain Down).  Upon levelling up the Palico gains access to a second instrument with some improved buffs, such as the ability to negate environmental damage from lava, giving the player the earplug effect, divine protection or stun resistance/negation.
    • Acquired by: Troupper Quest in Coral Highlands.
  • Plunderblade: The Palico pulls out a Plunderblade and snatches items from monsters (e.g. scales, fangs ...). Items snatched this way go directly to the Palico inventory and will be received at the end of the quest or expedition. Upon levelling up, the Palico is able to throw the Plunderblade. If this thrown blade hits a monster, the monster will drop an item, which may be either an appropriate scale or talon, or a slinger ammo e.g Piercing pods.
    • Acquired by:  Plunderer Quest in Rotten Vale.
  • Meowlatov Cocktail: The Palico pulls out a ceramic pot and throws it at monster causing it to explode and deal damage. The upgraded version has your Palico roll around with a small cannon and shield. These attacks can easily stagger large monsters.
    • Acquired by: Gajalaka Quest in Elder's Recess.

Role in the Main Story/Lore

A Felyne partner that joins the Fifth Fleet hunter in their travels, coming to the New World along with their A-List hunting partner. Palicoes provide support with various weapons and tools used in hunting and, being lynians, can also use their own physical abilities to contribute to investigations in the New World.

The Palico met the Hunter, their present partner, in the Old World and carried out several requests for them. Perhaps because of that long association, the Palico wanted to be taken along on the next fleet so the Hunter could see them making good use of Palico Gadgets. That reveals their trust and affection for their partner.

Many types of Lynians live in the New World. Each has their own culture and linguistic systems, so direct interaction is difficult, but Palicoes are highly active as go-betweens. They can understand human languages, they can actualize interactions with Lynians as they investigate evidence of them. Sometimes they exchange information, and sometimes they join in on hunts. These things forge friendly relationships. Finally, they can also learn the languages of small monsters and can control those small monsters by feeding them. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say they are indispensable in the investigation of the New World.


  • Among the Felynes, who are positive and active in their interactions with people, some have abilities that the Guild desires and so are called Palicoes.
  • Palicoes are permitted to work along with hunters. In the Commission, Palicoes are not designated as A-list, but they take part in the Fifth Fleet as accompanying partners.
  • Felynes are omnivorous. Palicoes eat the same foodstuff as humans, but the hunters give them things like meat that has been processed for their consumption. It is said that Felynes that coexists with people have definitely developed more gourmet tastes than when they were wild.
  • A small Lynian that inhabits the Old World and outwardly looks like an animal. Lynians have their own culture and customs, but many of them wish to interact with other species. They are intensely curious, and their ability to learn languages of other cultures is excellent.
  • Palicoes have a strong trust in their hunters, due to having worked together for a long time. They show obedient responses to instruction and have an extremely amiable personality.
  • Perhaps due to their curiosity, Palicoes tend to run about all over the place and work hard when gathering materials on investigations, taking advantage of their physical abilities and environmental adaptability.

Palico Gallery



Iceborne Palico Equipment in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is Palico gear added with the paid mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne Expansion. This DLC-exclusive gear can be changed much the way players can change their own. Palicoes can equip 4 different equipment: Weapons, Helms, Chest Armor and Gadgets. Palico Equipment works much the same way that player Equipment does, and is made from Materials that drop from Monsters.


Iceborne Palico Weapons



Name Rarity mhw-attack mhw-attack-type mhw-element-damage mhw-affinity mhw-elderseal mhw-defense_s
felyne_trekker_peckaxe_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Trekker Peckaxe Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 50 20 Severing None 0% -- --
felyne_bone_hammer_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Bone Hammer Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 55 15 Blunt None 0% -- --
felyne_iron_sword_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Iron Sword Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 45 25 Severing None 0% -- --
felyne_jag_gunhammer_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Jag Gunhammer Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 60 20 Blunt None 0% -- --
felyne_kulu_lute_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Kulu Lute Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 50 20 Blunt None 25% -- --
felyne_pukei_bow_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Pukei Bow Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 45 30 Blunt poisonPoison 100 0% -- --
felyne_barroth_mace_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Barroth Mace Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 60 25 Blunt None -20% -- 15
felyne_jyura_sword_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Jyura Sword Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 45 35 Severing waterWater 160 0% -- --
felyne_beo_board_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Beo Board Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 55 30 Blunt iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 180 0% -- --
felyne_kadachi_fork_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Kadachi Fork Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 40 30 Severing mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 300 15% -- --
kitty-of-the-valley-rod_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideKitty-of-the-Valley Rod Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 45 25 Blunt   Paralysis 90 0% -- --
felyne_grimalkyne_doll_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Grimalkyne Doll Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 80 30 Blunt None 0% -- --
f_boaboa_bonehammer_alpha_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideF Anja Bonehammer Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 70 35 Blunt fireFire 320 -30% -- --
f_rathian_rapier_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideF Rathian Rapier Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 55 40 Severing poisonPoison 120 0% -- --
felyne_lumu_pawpads_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Lumu Pawpads Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 60 40 Blunt None 0% -- --
felyne_baan_ball_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Baan Ball Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 85 20 Blunt Sleep Sleep 100 0% -- 20
f_deathgear_scythe_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideF Deathgear Scythe Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 60 35 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 280 0% -- --
f_boaboa_bonehammer_alpha_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideF Boaboa Bonehammer Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 9 75 30 Blunt None 0% -- 25
felyne_artian_disc_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Artian Disc Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 10 50 50 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 220 0% Average --
felyne_barioth_knife_alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Barioth Knife Alpha+ mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 10 70 35 Severing iceblight-severe-mhw-status-efect_s Ice 200 20% -- --
felyne-specter-scepter-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Specter Scepter Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 80 35 Blunt mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 260 0% Average --
felyne-nami-rod-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Nami Rods Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 40 70 Blunt waterWater 200 15% -- --
felyne-ishvalda-orb-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Ishvalda Orb Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 65 55 Blunt mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 300 0% High 30
felyne-godsblade-zapurr-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Godsblade Zapurr Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 60 45 Severing mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 390 0% -- --
felyne-daoras-wand-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Daora's Wand Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 70 50 Severing iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 220 10% -- --
felyne-kaiser-mace-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Kaiser Mace Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 85 35 Blunt waterblight Blast 50 0% -- --
felyne-zorah-puppet-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Zorah Puppet Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 66 44 Severing waterblight Blast 40 0% -- 45
felyne-mewsurper's-peal-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Mewsurper's Peal Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 11 85 45 Severing mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 250 0% -- --
felyne-garuga-fan-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Garuga Fan Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 11 80 40 Severing poisonPoison 80 15% -- --
f-golden-gadget-alpha-plus-mhw-wiki-guideF Golden Gadget alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 11 110 40 Blunt mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 150 -15% -- --
f-wyvern-blade-green-alpha+mhw-wiki-guideF Wyvern Blade Green Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 75 40 Severing fireFire 200 0% -- 25
wiggler-coral-alpha+mhw-wiki-guideWiggler Coral Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 10 70 30 Blunt waterWater 180 0% -- --
felyne-nergigante-hammer-alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Nergigante Hammer Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 95 35 Blunt mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 70 0% High --
felyne-hazak-sword-alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Hazak Sword Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 70 40 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 240 0% Average --
felyne-vangis-mace-alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Vangis Mace Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 11 80 30 Blunt mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 250 -20% High --
felyne-bazel-mace-alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Bazel Mace Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 11 70 40 Blunt waterblight Blast 50 0% -- --
felyne-samurai-sword-alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Samurai Sword Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 11 80 30 Severing None 10% -- --
felyne-acorn-spade-alpha-mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Acorn Spade Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 10 60 40 Severing None 0% -- --
felyne-xeno-bouquet-alpha+mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Xeno Bouquet Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 60 60 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 220 10% Low --
felyne-safi-spear-alpha+mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Safi Spear Alpha + mhw-iceborne-icon-16px 12 65 65 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 200 20% Average --
Felyne Shishi-mai Lamp Alpha +
9 65 35 Blunt waterblight Blast 40 0% -- 25
Forgefire α+
12  40 60 Blunt fireFire 150 0% -- --
Gold Chocobo Rod Alpha +
12 50 60 Blunt mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 380 0% Average 20
Cursed Staff Alpha +
12 85 40 Blunt -- -15% -- --
Felyne Star Mic Stand Alpha +
10 60 50 Blunt mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 300 0% -- --
Space Machine Alpha +
10 45 65 Severing Sleep Sleep 80 0% -- --
Mega Buster Alpha +
12 65 65 Blunt -- 0% -- --
felyne-maestros-baton-alpha+mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Maestro's Baton Alpha + 11 50 40 Blunt   Paralysis 80 0% -- --
felyne-rural-pickaxe-alpha+mhw-wiki-guideFelyne Rural Pickaxe Alpha + 11 50 50 Severing -- 10% -- --
Felyne Crusher Punch Alpha +
12 80 30 Blunt waterblight Blast 70 0% -- 10
F Grand God's Peer Staff Alpha +
12 100 30 Blunt mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 180 5% -- 20
Felyne Butterfly Wand Alpha +
11 70 40 Blunt   Paralysis 75 0% -- 10
Felyne Rose Basket Alpha +
11 70 45 Blunt mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 130 10% High 10
Felyne Kulve Fan Alpha +
12 70 60 Blunt None 0% -- 30
Felyne Escador Scythe alpha +
12 60 60 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 360 0% Low 30
Felyne Pukei Horn Alpha +
11 50 60 Blunt poisonPoison 110 0% -- -
Felyne Aloha Ukulele Alpha +
10 55 45 Blunt waterWater 280 0% - -
Felyne Frostfang Sabre Alpha +
11 85 40 Severing iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 280 0% - 10
Felyne Fatalis Weapon Alpha +
12 75 75 Severing mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 150 20% High 40
F Azure Era Fan Alpha +
12 65 60 Severing waterWater 210 0% - 20
Felyne Azure Star Baton +
12 60 45 Blunt waterWater 160 20% - -
Felyne Frankie Steel Ball Alpha +
11 70 60 Blunt   Paralysis 60 0% -- 15
Felyne Jack-o'-Lantern Alpha +
11 60 40 Blunt fireFire 280 0% -- --


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    • Anonymous

      what are the different palicos? And I don't mean the Healer, Assist, Fight, Bombardier, and Gathering classes, the palicos you get to select to be your partner

      • Anonymous

        In solo runs with a max level cat and max level mewcano, I sometimes feel like they do most of the damage for me

        • Anonymous

          Yes they’re cute. Yes they’re cool. Yes they’re helpful. Actually, scratch that last part. The further I go into endgame the more I notice my palico coming to heal me and then healing itself in front of me. I love them but sometimes they are really mean to me.

          • Anonymous

            The health pool of these little friends is surprisingly large, if yours faints in a fight, you were probably rining arround the monster while he was taking all the hits.

            • Anonymous

              my palico's set is the full felyne Safi'jiiva armor set, the felyne safi'jiiva spear, and the meowlatov cocktail as the palico item.

              • Anonymous

                The question remains: what and how much does the Ranged attack contribute to a Palico? Does it increase the damage done by the boomerang throw - and if so, does that throw also deal element/status damage, and does a higher Ranged attack also increase ranged attack likelihood as some have claimed?

                • Anonymous

                  Coral Orchestra and Meowlatov are the most useful gadgets. Ideally, have one of each in duo hunts. Orchestra, more reliably at higher levels it seems, tends to outfit you with buffs depending on the monster you're fighting (poison resistance against Pukei Pukei, paralysis resistance against Great Girros, etc), negate environment hazards while in Rotten Vale's lower floors, and commonly Divine Blessing, Earplugs, and Adrenaline. The new Iceborne upgrade gives a gong that also acts as a screamer pod. Meowlatov is pure damage, plain and simple. It can break parts, stun monsters, and even adds an extra bomb when you place your barrels. Middle tier are Plunderblade and Shieldspire. Plunderblade is great when you're farming for materials, and Iceborne upgrades it to allow you to get trade items as well, making it useful for money farming. Shieldspire draws monsters attention away, which is only good for a hit or two, because the Palico can't tank monsters for squat, especially at higher levels. It gives you a moment to breathe, which may save you a carting. Bottom of the barrel, definitely beginner material, is Vigorwasp and Flashfly cage. For Vigorwasp, you have Spray and Delivery. Spray plants a stationary vigorwasp that you can heal from, while Delivery makes the Palico bring a vigorwasp to you. Problem with those is that the stationary nature of the Spray typically plants it in an unfortunate location, usually under a monster's feet (where the Palico has been fighting) or on the other side of an area. And Delivery is too slow to rely on, both in travel time (the Palico brings it to you from wherever the Palico is when it decides to use it) and in its activation (the Palico only uses it when you're at less than half health, if at all), and when you need healing NOW, a potion is going to save you far more than this ever will. It CAN save you a mega potion, if any of it works, but is far, far from reliable. Even less useful, is the Flashfly Cage. The cage is stationary, and if the monster isn't facing it, it is entirely useless. The trap is also inconvenient as the Palico will place them wherever it feels like it, so if you're luring a monster under a trap, it's likely to get caught somewhere else and ruin your plan. The trap is also entirely useless against elder dragons, but your Palico will still waste time placing them. It's also important to note that the more you use both the cage and the trap, the less effective they will be, including your own Flash Pods and traps.

                  • Anonymous

                    kinda useful early to midgame, and late game this f'cker spends most of the hunts napping after a KO or healing themselves

                    • Anonymous

                      Is there a way to check your palicoe's items he picks up before you head to camp so when you're gathering items you know that you have the amount you need

                      • Anonymous

                        Woah, I really want this game now! I saw my younger friend play it and now I'm really interested. Do you think "Lucinda" (for a girl) or "Mosi" (for a boy) would be good Palico names?

                        • Anonymous

                          anyone know a detailed guide of all/any the palico menus? I'm newish to the game and I have no idea about them but I'm guessing it's fairly importaint...

                          • Anonymous

                            I once saw my Palico (who i named after my long dead cat) carry a cannonball and load it with me in a cannon during the Zorah event.
                            And then man up a turrent and shooting the everloving crap out of said dragon afterwards.

                            Give or take, that was so badass that i always give my Palico the best gear i can craft.

                            • Anonymous

                              is there a way so get your palico to accompany you and two of your friends. while me and my friends were playing together, our palicos were not with us. it kind of defeats the purpose of playing with other people since your palico can be extremely useful

                              • Anonymous

                                Is it really you can only have one Palico? I've seen videos with people have 2 or 3 of them while fighting and they are not playing with other players.

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