Status Effects are special buffs or ailments in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Both hunters and monsters can receive buffs and ailments from skills, the environment and attacks. Players should take note of Elemental Damage, and understand that Abnormal Statuses are somewhat different. Abnormal Statuses (Poison, Stun, Blast, Paralysis, Sleep) have a buildup until they kick in and affect the target, whereas Elemental Damage adds immediate damage to the target, occasionally building up to a "Blight"

All Status Effects in MHW

Character Status Effects

These are effects that appear on your character. You can identify them by these symbols shown on your UI.



Hunting Horn Status Effects in MHW

Movement Speed Up

No Quakes

No Paralysis

No Faint

No Heat

No Cold & Snow Res

Element Attack Up

Heavenly Protection

Health Inc [Lo] - [Hi]

Wind Reduce
Wind Cancel

Muck Res

Scoutfly Power up [+1]

Envir. Damage Negated

Hear Protect [Lo] - [Hi]

Fire Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Fire Res Increased

Water Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Water Res Increased

Thunder Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Thunder Res Increased

Ice Res Up [Lo] -[Hi]
Ice Res Increased

Dragon Res Up [Lo] - [Hi]
Dragon Res Increased

Tool Use Drain Reduced

Deflected Attack Prevention [Lo] - [Hi]
Deflected Attack Prevention Increased


Negating Blights and Abnormal Statuses

Blights and Abnormal Statuses will impart negative effects such as health loss. Remove them as quickly as possible using the appropriate items or actions.

Blights and Abnormal Statuses are indicated by marks next to your character's name.


Elemental Blights in MHW

Blights are contracted mostly from monster attacks. You can speed up your recovery from elemental blights by continuously performing dodges. Blights can be prevented by having 20 resistance in the corresponding element.



This blight gradually depletes your health without leaving recoverable damage.
You can remove it by rolling up to three times on the ground, roll immediately by dodging on a wet surface or by using a Nulberry.



This blight slows down your stamina recovery.
You can remove it immediately by using a Nulberry.



This blight makes it easier for monster attacks to stun you.
You can remove it by rolling up to seven times on the ground, or you can remove it immediately by using a Nulberry.



This blight increases your stamina consumption.

You can remove it immediately by using a nulberry.



This blight negates your weapon's elemental and abnormal status properties.

You can remove it immediately by using a nulberry.




Abnormal Status in MHW


Poison gradually depletes your health.

It will wear off after a certain amount of time, but it can also be cured with antidotes or similar items.


The stun status incapacitates you for a short time.

You can recover by being attacked or by waiting a short time for the status to expire. You can speed up recovery by continuously moving left stick.


Paralysis makes you unable to move for a short time.

Paralysis will wear off by being knocked airborne by an enemy or after waiting a short time for the status to expire. You can speed up recovery by continuously moving Left Stick.


Sleep causes you to become drowsy, quickly succumbing to sleep right where you stand.

You can fight off sleep by quickly using an energy drink before you fall asleep. Otherwise, after you fall asleep you will recover after being attacked or waiting a short time for the effect to wear off.


Blastblight will cause a damaging explosion after a certain amount of time has passed, or upon sustaining a heavy impact.

You can recover by performing repeated dodges.


Bleeding causes you to lose health whenever you move.

You can recover from bleeding by crouching in place for a short amount of time, or by eating a meat item, such as a well-done steak. After recovering from bleeding, your natural recovery will be enhanced for a short amount of time.

Effluvial Buildup

Effluvial buildup lowers your maximum health.

You can recover by leaving an area with effluvium and waiting a short time for the effect to wear off, or by using a nulberry.






    • Anonymous

      15 Sep 2018 10:12  

      I know that Elemental Attack/Ailment values cap out at a certain point, but does the buildup rate mentioned in ailments have a cap too?

      • Anonymous

        30 Aug 2018 12:52  

        Was hoping for some info on using Blast weapons. I've read that the invisible blast meter requires more and more to fill after each trigger but by how much? Is it exponential or linear?

        • Anonymous

          20 Aug 2018 08:46  

          Just from reading forum posts: Blights cannot affect monsters, poison, stun, paralysis, blastblight, and sleep can. Bleeding and effuvial buildup cannot. They basically do the same thing to the monster they would to the player after they trigger. To trigger a status on a monster you need to damage it's individual healthbar for that status. Ex. Hitting a monster with a sword that has 100 poison dmg will deal 100 dmg to that monsters independent health for that status. If the monster has 700 points against poison, you would have to hit it seven times. After procing a status on a monster it's health for that particular status effect goes up. So for the previous example, after procing poison, it's poison health will recover and the max value will increase to something like 1200 points. If a monster does not recieve damage toward a particular status effect for some time it's health toward that effect will recover to whatever it's current max health value for that status is. TLDR; statuses work on monsters, blights do not.

          • Anonymous

            14 Mar 2018 17:36  

            If you use a bow with the blast status effect, plus blast coating, does the effect stack up quicker or something?

            • Anonymous

              01 Feb 2018 03:18  

              "You can speed up recovery by continuously moving Left Stick." In regards to paralysis and stun, should it be a sharp side-to-side motion, or should it be a more circular motion?

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