Status Effects are special buffs or ailments in Monster Hunter World (MHW) which come in the form of Player-and-Ally-only Effects, Elemental Blights, and Abnormal Status Ailments. Both Hunters and Monsters can receive Effects from Skills, the environment and attacks.

For a more complete rundown on combat with Monsters, see Weapon Mechanics, Defense, and Elemental Resistances.


Status Effects that affect only the Player and Allies are granted from Items, the Canteen, Hunting Horns, and the Coral Orchestra Palico gadget.
Elemental Blights are inflicted on the Player and Allies by Elemental Monster attacks.
Abnormal Status Ailments are inflicted on the Player and Allies by certain Monster attacks. Some can also be inflicted on Monsters by Weapons which wield the corresponding status damage.


Status Numbers and Applications in Monster Hunter World

Contrary to what may seem apparent, the numerical value displayed on your Weapon doesn't directly represent the actual amount of status it carries. For instance, if your weapon boasts 100  paralysis iconparalysis, the true value is 1/10th of that, translating to 10 paralysis. Unlike elemental weapons, status weapons don't inflict their effects with every hit. Instead, there's a 1/3 chance to apply the status. This is where the speed of your weapon comes into play; faster weapons have an advantage in applying status effects due to their rapid attack rates.

Individual Status Variations

It's important to note that the specifics of each Status Effect vary across monsters. The damage dealt by Poison and Blast, the duration of Sleep and Paralysis, and the duration of the monster's affliction by poison all differ from creature to creature. Moreover, some Monsters exhibit immunity to specific status effects, emphasizing the need for adaptability in your hunting strategies.

Monster Thresholds and Resistances

Each monster comes equipped with an initial threshold for each status ailment. Breaking this threshold is the key to triggering the corresponding effect. To illustrate, if a monster boasts 100 paralysis iconparalysis resistance, you'd need 10 successful applications of a 10 paralysis iconparalysis weapon to induce paralysis. Once a monster succumbs to a status effect, it becomes more resistant, subsequently requiring additional procs to trigger the same effect. This resistance escalation demands strategic planning for continued success in status application.

Note that each status operates independently, with its own set of resistance levels for every monster. This means that applying one status does not inherently increase the resistance of another. 



Character Status Effects

Beneficial Status Effects that appear on the Player and Allies are granted by Items, the CanteenHunting Horn Melodies, and the Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget

Many of these Effects have counterparts that are granted by Skills, but they are distinct as they require different specific actions to trigger while out in the field. Some also stack on top of Skill effects, with some limitations. A Hunter can tell when one of these Status Effects has been triggered by the icons that appear on the HUD.


item potionItem Effects


AttackUp Attack Up

DefenseUp Defense Up

StaminaUseReduced Stamina Use Reduced

NaturalRecoveryUp Natural Recovery Up

rare 1 hunting horn mhw tree Hunting Horn Melodies


ElementalAttackBoost Elemental Attack Boost

FireResBoostS FireResBoostL Fire Res Boost (S),(L)

WaterResBoostS WaterResBoostL Water Res Boost (S),(L)

ThunderResBoostS ThunderResBoostL Thunder Res Boost (S),(L)

IceResBoostS IceResBoostL Ice Res Boost (S),(L)

DragonResBoostS DragonResBoostL Dragon Res Boost (S),(L)

AbnormalStatusAttackIncreased Abnormal Status Attack Increased

BlightNegated Blight Negated

AllAilmentsNegated Ailments Negated

KnockbacksNegated Knockbacks Negated

EarplugS EarplugL Earplugs (S),(L)

 WindPressureNegated Wind Pressure Negated

WindPressureNullified All Wind Pressure Negated

EvasionEnhanced Evasion Enhanced

Self Improvement

Movement Speed Up

Attack Deflection Protection

Scoutfly Power Up

Tool Use Drain Reduced (S),(L)

palico gadgets icon mhw Coral Orchestra Effects


AttackUp Attack Up

DefenseUp Defense Up

StaminaUseReduced Stamina Use Reduced

AffinityUP Affinity Up

NaturalRecoveryUp Natural Recovery Up

HealthIncrease Health Increased

DivineProtection Divine Protection

EnvironmentalDamageNegated Negate Environmental Damage

StunNegated Negate Stun

ParalysisNegated Negate Paralysis

WindPressureNegated Wind Pressure Negated

EarplugS Earplugs (S)

TremorNegation Tremor Resistance



Elemental Blights

Blights will impart negative effects such as health loss or performance impairment. Remove them as quickly as possible using the appropriate items or actions. Blights are contracted mostly from certain Monster attacks, and can be prevented by having 20 Resistance toward the corresponding element. The effects are indicated by marks next to the Player's name in the HUD. Blights cannot be triggered on Monsters by the Player.

Blastblight (see below) should not be confused with these effects, as it is a Status Ailment and not an Elemental Blight.

See Elemental Resistances and the Blight Resistance Skill for information on resisting Blights.


Fireblight fireblight

Fireblight gradually depletes the Player's health without leaving recoverable damage.

It can be removed by rolling up to three times on the ground or into water, or by using a Nulberry.

Waterblight waterblight

Waterblight slows down the Player's Stamina recovery.

It can be removed immediately by using a Nulberry.

Thunderblight thunderblight

Thunderblight makes it easier for monster attacks to inflict stun.

It can be removed by rolling up to seven times on the ground, or by using a Nulberry.

Though its visual effects are similar to Paralysis, it is triggered and resisted independently.

Iceblight Iceblight

Iceblight increases the Player' Stamina consumption.

It can be removed immediately by using a Nulberry.

Dragonblight DragonBlight

Dragonblight negates the Player's Elemental and Abnormal Status Damage.

It can be removed immediately by using a Nulberry.



Abnormal Status Ailments

Abnormal Status Ailments act similarly to Elemental Blights, although some can be inflicted on Monsters by the Player and Allies through the use of Weapons, Environmental Hazards, and some Items.
The effects are indicated by marks next to the Player's name in the HUD.


When affecting Monsters, Abnormal Status damage from Weapons work by building up to a threshold, whereupon the Ailment will trigger.

Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Blast, and Stun can all be inflicted upon Monsters through Weapon attacks. With the exception of Stun, each of these is wielded by a Weapon in place of Elemental damage. Stun buildup is caused by particular weapon attacks, sources of Blunt Damage when dealt to the head, and Flash Pods.

When a Blademaster Weapon wielding Ailment damage strikes a Monster, it has a 1/3 chance of contributing toward that Monster's threshold for that particular Ailment. Ailment Coatings for Bows and Ammo for Light and Heavy Bowguns have a 100% chance of applying buildup.

Each time an Ailment's threshold is reached, the Ailment triggers and the Monster's threshold value increases. This increase often requires about twice as much buildup before the next trigger. A Monster's resistance to an Ailment will modify the speed at which that Ailment builds up. In the case of Poison, a Monster's resistance also modifies the total damage dealt. Ailment resistances can be found in the ingame Monster Field Guild along with Elemental Resistances.

Additionally, some Ailments can be inflicted on Monsters through the use of Slinger Ammo, Environmental Hazards such as Paratoads, and Items such as Poison Smoke Bomb, Poisoned Meat, Tainted Meat, and Drugged Meat.

See Skills for information on how to boost Ailment performance or resistance.


Poison Poison

Poison gradually depletes the health of the target.

It will wear off on its own, but it can also be cured with Antidote or Herbal Medicine.

This Status can be applied to both the Player and Monsters.

Stun Stun

The stun status incapacitates the target for a short time.

The Player can recover by being attacked or by waiting for the status to expire. Recovery can be speed up by continuously using movement input.

This Status can be applied to both the Player and Monsters.

Paralysis Paralysis

Paralysis makes the Player unable to move for a short time. The effect is longer than that of Stun, and will wear off over time or when the Player is knocked airborne by an attack.

Recovery can be sped up by continuously using movement input.

This Status can be applied to both the Player and Monsters.

Sleep Sleep

Sleep causes the Player to become drowsy, quickly succumbing to sleep right where they stand.

The Player can fight off sleep by quickly using an energy drink. Otherwise, the effect will wear off after a short time or when the Player is attacked.

This Status can be applied to both the Player and Monsters.

Blastblight Blastblight

Blastblight will cause a damaging explosion after a short period, or upon heavy impact. When affecting Monsters, Blastblight causes an instant damaging explosion.

The Player can recover by performing repeated dodges.

This Status can be applied to both the Player and Monsters.

In Brachydios' fight, there's a stronger version of Blastblight called Slimeblight and Blastscourge.

Bleeding Bleeding

Bleeding causes the Player to lose health when performing actions such as dodging or attacking.

The Player can recover by crouching in place for a short time, or by consuming a Sushifish Scale or Astera Jerky.

After recovering from Bleeding, natural recovery will be enhanced for a short time.

Effluvial Buildup EffluvialBuildup

Effluvial Buildup lowers the Player's maximum health.

The Player can recover by leaving an area with effluvium and waiting for the effect to wear off, or by using a Nulberry.

Zombification zombified status icon large

The Zombified status eliminates damage reactions and allows you to regenerate health automatically, but with some caveats.

It can be removed immediately by using a Green Herb or Mixed Herb (G+R)

This Status Ailment is exclusive to the Event Quest RE: Return of the Bioweapon




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      If I have attack boost up, will it increase the buildup of status effects on monsters or can status build up only be increase thru the related skill?

      • Anonymous

        So do I have to use a weapon to apply these or can the status/element skills do it?

        Like is there a point to put ice attack jewels on unless I’m using an ice weapon?

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          would love to make my Own Custom Melody Hunt Horn. since we can custom Augment mod, why not Custom Melody Tune it too? agreed it might be a Powerful Hunting horn. in certain cases.

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            What about other things that are semi effects. Like tremor, roar, kushala wind, namielle water, deviljo/rajang throw?

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              So does this mean that ice and element has no effect on monsters? It clearly seems to do something involving tiring monsters faster yet I never see anything discussing their ailments on monsters.

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                Incase anyone's actually confused, zombification is specifically for one event quest, the Resident Evil Black Veil Vaal quest.

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                  Newcomer to the franchise here, so sorry if this is a stupid question. If I want to apply a Ailment with my bow, does it make a difference which body part I'm aiming at, are certain parts of monsters more 'efficient' to trigger a Ailment?

                  • Anonymous

                    Is there a hard cap on the amount of times a monster can be affected by an ailment? I.E. After 4 blast threshold breaks, it will no longer trigger the flat damage? Or is it just that the doubling of the threshold at some point would be too ridiculous to break before the monster dies?

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                      I know that Elemental Attack/Ailment values cap out at a certain point, but does the buildup rate mentioned in ailments have a cap too?

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                        Was hoping for some info on using Blast weapons. I've read that the invisible blast meter requires more and more to fill after each trigger but by how much? Is it exponential or linear?

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                          Just from reading forum posts: Blights cannot affect monsters, poison, stun, paralysis, blastblight, and sleep can. Bleeding and effuvial buildup cannot. They basically do the same thing to the monster they would to the player after they trigger. To trigger a status on a monster you need to damage it's individual healthbar for that status. Ex. Hitting a monster with a sword that has 100 poison dmg will deal 100 dmg to that monsters independent health for that status. If the monster has 700 points against poison, you would have to hit it seven times. After procing a status on a monster it's health for that particular status effect goes up. So for the previous example, after procing poison, it's poison health will recover and the max value will increase to something like 1200 points. If a monster does not recieve damage toward a particular status effect for some time it's health toward that effect will recover to whatever it's current max health value for that status is. TLDR; statuses work on monsters, blights do not.

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                            If you use a bow with the blast status effect, plus blast coating, does the effect stack up quicker or something?

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                              "You can speed up recovery by continuously moving Left Stick." In regards to paralysis and stun, should it be a sharp side-to-side motion, or should it be a more circular motion?

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