Monster tracks, such as footprints and gashes, dot each locale. Your Scoutflies will remember the scent of a monster and guide you to other nearby tracks. And as you gather more tracks, the Scoutflies will give you even more information.

Scoutflies are Hunter Equipment in Monster Hunter World. They are special glowing flies that will guide you towards your hunting targets, eliminating the need for paintball marking.

Standard gear for hunters of the Research Commission. These small insects give off a green glow, and are stored in a small cage. They can pick up particular scents and substances, which comes in handy when the Research Commission goes on expeditions, or is tracking down a monster.



The Scoutflies can identify tracks and markings and level up, improving their ability to find the targeted Monsters in your Quests. They will direct you to Crafting Materials as well as tracks and other clues left behind by your target monster.

Scoutflies require the player to investigate a various number of tracks to guide the party to the correct monster. Hunting the same monster successively will make your scoutflies level up temporarily and allow you to get the monster position faster. They are not available during combat.


Scoutflies are green by default, turning red when sensing danger and blue when near Elder Dragons or Tempered Monsters tracks.

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