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  • Though its existence was known of for a long time, the New World remained unexplored because of how far away it was, and because of the dangerous weather surrounding it. Advances in seafaring technology, however, have allowed the Commission to land five fleets on the New World.

  • The Commission is made up of elite members of the Guild. Included in their number are hunters, scholars, and engineers, all of whom were required to pass rigorous tests before they could join.

  • The First Fleet was sent to the New World 40 years ago by the Research Commission, and comprised of highly skilled individuals. Though many have returned home, some such as The Commander remain. 
  • The Second Fleet comprised of technical staff, with the main areas of interest construction, equipment development and weapons. The master of the smithy was from this group.
  • The Third Fleet aimed to further research in the New World and contained many scholars. The head of this group is a genius scholar often called strange and eccentric.
  • The Fourth Fleet is a survey team intending to expand the research in the New World. They handle logistics, surveys and farming.
  • The Fifth Fleet is the largest ever and comprises mainly of hunters (including the player). 


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