Race Human
Gender Male
English Voice Actor Jamieson Price
Japanese Voice Actor Yusen Isamu
Location Astera - Tradeyard South

Commander is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


Quests & Services

The Commander tasks the Hunter with the following Assignments as part of the Story:

In addition to Assignments, the Commander also gives the following Optional Quests to introduce the Hunter to High Rank Monsters:



The Commander was part of the First Fleet, arriving at the head of the Research Commission in their quest to explore the New World.

When the First Fleet commenced their activities, the Admiral led them and the Commander was his aide. Since the Admiral often left Astera to explore, leadership of the Commission fell to the Commander. He is a superior hunter, an intellectual who utilizes detailed observations and consideration. He's popular due to acting with prudence and valuing courage and harmony with nature.

The Commander discovered the Scoutflies, their pale green light, and their tendency to swarm in response to the smell given off by people and things. He then researched how they could be made useful in monster investigations. As a result, they are now indispensable standard equipment in New World investigations.



Role in Main Story

The Commander is the second-highest ranked person in Astera, taking care of The Research Commission's Operations at the hub while the Admiral investigates the New World. He leads the Commission with levelheaded directions backed by abundant experience and sometimes daring stratagems. The Commission members have full faith in him.


  • The Field Team Leader is the Commander's grandson.
  • The Commander retired from hunting after an injury sustained during an investigation. After gathering the opinions of those around him and carefully deliberating, he took on the leadership role.
  • At the root of his driving force is a strong inquiring mind and a passionate attachment to the "guidance of the Sapphire Star" told of in a fairy tale.
  • He was of the same era as the Handler's grandfather and he says that her grandfather was like her- "full of energy and one heck of an appetite". He is a sarcastic person but means this sincerely.
  • When he joined the Commission, he was a young skilled hunter. Even now, he has the toughness that belies his age, and he is well regarded by those around him.
  • He was separated from his daughter by her return to the Old World, but he is proud of his grandson, the Field Team Leader, who decided to stay behind him. The Commander is also mentally prepared to die in this land.
  • The long-loved gear he wears is truly well worn, and the passage of time can be felt all over it. The banner of the First Fleet hangs from the right side, and the left leg of the uniform is reinforced for walking support as well.

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    • Anonymous

      You know, for all the gravity and austerity given to the Commander's character, the instant he decided to capture an Elder Dragon the size of a mountain (knowing full well that Elder Dragons are DEFINED by the fact they can't be captured, much less one the SIZE OF A GODDAMN MOUNTAIN), you had to realize he was an idiot. Those flawed decision-making skills kind of explain how he managed lead no less than four generations of fleets towards ZERO progress in the New World (and lose one of those fleets in the Coral Highlands to boot). It also probably explains why most of the competent people around him (the Scout, the Tracker, the Admiral) all left him to do their own thing and actually accomplish stuff. If not for your (and basically only your) arrival, these people would probably still be confounded by the looming threat of a Great Jagras. The only thing the Commander gets credit for is his ability to build Astera, and that probably explains his hard-on for scaffolding and wooden barriers in the Zorah Magdaros battles, a hard-on physically represented by his Dargonartor... which he seems to keep misplacing.

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