Meowscular Chef

Race Felyne
Gender Male
English Voice Actress: ?
Japanese Voice Actress ?

Meowscular Chef is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


The Grammeowster Chef (Japanese: セリエナの料理長) is a Felyne chef that lives in Seliana. True to his name, the Meowscular Chef is bigger and more muscular than other Felynes. He wears an apron and the First Fleet's flag as a bandanna. He still carries his broken blade, which he uses to slice meat.

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When he was a Palico, he accompanied the Admiral and fought monsters. One day, they faced a fierce foe and his weapon broke. Perhaps it had deteriorated after a long life of hunting or perhaps it was physically declining. Either way, he decided to retire as a Palico after that incident.

After he became cook, he poured his heart into supporting personnel through food. Recently, he has been making requests and developing new items. He exhibits a particular fixation on meat dishes. After acquiring an enormous steel hot plate, he prepares meats with his spectacular sword work/

Role in Main Story

A Felyne with a large build who runs the Weapons and Wildcats Canteen. When Commission personnel have empty stomachs, he provides them with hearty and heaping meals. Hw was originally a Palico of the First Fleet, but when he stepped down from that he took up cooking, which is how he ended up where he is now. He has an obsessive personality, but since his talents for cuisine have flowered, his reputation in Astera couldn't be better.



  • "I only took up cookin' after my weapon got busted. But I figured I can be a sort of partner to all hunters. And it's the best way to teach the importance of meal prep". Even when the Meowscular Chef decided to take up a new path of life as a cook, he was overflowing with concern for the Admiral, for whom he had served as a longtime partner.
  • Lynians are typically small and about a meter tall, but the Meowscular Chef has an exceptionally large and brawny build. If anyone were going to be the Admiral's Palico, it would be him. He has an untamed aura just like the Admiral.
  • The Fiver Bro takes up assignments from him to gather whatever ingredients the chef asks for, and the chef describes him as "a man who can get it done" and "a man obsessed with gains".
  • According to those who know about the Meowscular Chef's Palico days, he loved equipment made in the Old World. However, because of his large physique, ready-made articles didn't suit him. What he wore wasn't ordinary Palico-sized equipment, but probably special ordered items one or two sizes larger.
  • The Meowscular Chef is in charge of giant steaks and the final touches on all the dishes. Basically, the food is prepared and he divvies up the work among a great number of Felynes.
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