Elder Melder

Race Wyvernian
Gender Female
English Voice Actress: ?
Japanese Voice Actress ?
Location Astera - Tradeyard

Elder Melder is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


An old Wyvernian who knows how to meld items into others. First encountered in the Third Fleet Research Base, she moves to Astera to assist the Hunter with her unique skill.

Quests & Services

The Elder Melder allows some items to be melded into rarer/more useful ones. She adds more items as you advance the main story and beat new foes, unlocking rare materials and elemental based decorations.

Once the Hunter finds a Streamstone (after Land of Convergence), it unlocks the First Wyverian ritual, allowing you to "reroll" unused decorations into random new ones.


Item Melding


Decoration Melding

  • Add decoration list


First Wyverian Ritual

  • Spire Sorcery ritual grants up to three decorations at the cost of a Streamstone Shard, 12-36 Melding Points and 150-450 RP.
  • Coral Concoction ritual grants up to three decorations at the cost of a Streamstone, 24-72 Melding Points and 250-750 RP.
  • Strange Stream ritual grants up to three decorations at the cost of a Gleaming Streamstone, 36-108 Melding Points and 400-1200 RP.

The most expensive rituals have a higher drop rate for high rarity decorations. You can still earn three level 1 decorations while doing the Strange Stream ritual or a level 3 decoration in the Spire Sorcery. You can earn duplicates. Some decorations are worth more than 108 Melding Points (124) and can single-handedly fuel a Strange Stream ritual.



  • Elder Melder is part of the 3rd Fleet.


Admiral  ♦  Botanical Research  ♦  Commander  ♦  Ecological Research  ♦  Endemic Life Researcher  ♦  Field Master  ♦  Field Team Leader  ♦  First Wyverians  ♦  Grimalkyne Tribes  ♦  Lynian Researcher  ♦  Mysterious Hooded Man  ♦  Piscine Researcher  ♦  Poogie  ♦  Resource Center  ♦  Second Fleet Master  ♦  Shy Scholar  ♦  Steamworks  ♦  The Armory  ♦  The Handler  ♦  The Huntsman  ♦  Third Fleet Master


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