The Eternal Gold Rush

mhw kulve taroth icon
Quest Type Slaying Quest, Level 6
Monster Kulve Taroth
Location Caverns of El Dorado
Rewards 43200zenny currency mhworld wiki
Time Limit 50 min

The Eternal Gold Rush is a Master Rank Event Quest in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Event quests are repeatable but can only be participated in during the time which they are live.


The mother goddess has reappeared. This time, our objective is to slay her. Get the quest from your handler or the quest board. Stand tall against her fury and return safely!

The Eternal Gold Rush Information

  • Conditions: MR 24 or Higher
  • Failure Conditions: Time expires, Faint 3 times.
  • Rewards: Kulve Taroth + materials used to upgrade Appraisal Kulve Taroth Weapons
  • You can now upgrade appraisal weapons at the Smithy, simply navigate to the Upgrade Equipment menu and select which appraisal weapon you want to upgrade. Master Rank Kulve Taroth materials are required to upgrade appraisal weapons. Use these materials to store upgrade points and raise the weapon's level to make it stronger.
  • Appraisal weapons, once upgraded, can't be augmented by the high rank augment system (streamstones). However, if the weapon's level is maxed out, it can be augmented via the new Master Rank augment system (i.e. by materials from the Guiding Lands).


Quest Rewards



Tips for this Fight

  • While the quest info says that the time limit is 50 minutes, there is a hidden timer for each stage of the fight (about 7-8 minutes per stage).  If not enough damage is dealt to Kulve within this time period, the monster will escape, ending the quest with greatly reduced rewards.
  • Ranged weapons are a lot easier to manage
  • Use Thunder element for Gold plated phase, then Ice element afterward
  • Use Partbreaker skill
  • Bring Wide-Range or group healing items
  • Use your clutch claw to weaken the chest during phase 1
  • Use your slinger clutch attacks to throw her into walls


Master Rank Kulve Taroth's event quest, The Eternal Gold Rush, is different from the siege quest:

1. It can be found under Event Quests - this quest can be found under event quests and not as a special investigation in the Gathering Hub. You cannot take on this quest outside of the set times.

2. Objective: Slay Kulve Taroth - The objective of the quest is to slay Kulve Taroth before it escapes. During this quest, the red icon that appears in the minimap shows if it's enraged or not.

3. No pursuit Levels or Reward Levels - the quest does not contain pursuit levels or reward levels, so progress does not carry over to the next quest. Any progress made on the Kulve Taroth Siege itself will not be affected by this event quest.

4. SOS available - During the quest, you can fire SOS flares.

5. User Materials to Upgrade Appraisal Weapons: Materials obtained are used to upgrade appraisal weapons. While you cannot obtain weapons directly from master rank Kulve Taroth, you use its materials to upgrade any appraisal weapons you already possess.


Quest Availability

The Eternal Gold Rush follows the Kulve Taroth Siege which is now available every other 2 weeks, alternating with the Safi'Jiiva Siege, the switch happens at 00:00 UTC.

31 December 2021 - 13 January 2022
28 January 2022 - 10 February 2022
25 February 2022 - 10 March 2022
25 March 2022 - 7 April 2022
22 April 2022 - 5 May 2022
 20 May 2022 - 2 June 2022
17 June 2022 - 30 June 2022
15 Julu 2022 - 28 July 2022
12 August 2022 - 25 August 2022
9 September 2022 - 22 September 2022
7 October 2022 - 20 October 2022
4 November 2022 - 24 November 2022
2 December 2022 - 15 December 2022
30 December 2022 - 5 January 2023
20 January 2023 - 2 February 2023

The Eternal Gold Rush Notes

Completing this quest will grant the player the Golden Kulve Pendant (by default) and the Golden Kjárr Pendant (only if the player has completed the quest The Fury of El Dorado at least once)

Other Monsters in this quest:


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    • Anonymous

      Literally harder to solo than fatalis. Need to maintain a higher damage per minute and no roaming ballista/dragonator to help boost that and give free topples. it also gives you even less opportunites to do damage because it's constantly turning itself into a giant lingering hitbox, generating a big ass pool of lava that hangs around for like 10 seconds even after the attack ends, or running away across the arena.

      • Anonymous

        This is the worst quest in the entire franchise, lore wise.

        Preserving nature? Bullshit. Astera Hunters are full on ****s.

        • Anonymous

          Do I need network connection to fight her. I don’t have any network connection and I have always wanted to fight her in MR (I haven’t even fought her in HR) and she seems really fun...

          • Anonymous

            This quest perfectly encapsulates the reason why we need filters for people joining quests: Too many morons joining with **** gear dying 3 times on the first phase.

            • Anonymous

              After clearing Iceborne's main game content twice (once on PS4, once on PC), I took a long hiatus from the game. I came back to find a ton of new things to do, in particular Kulve Taroth's infamous slay quest. With the middling gear I had at the time, I was unable to even pass the first DPS check. After countless fails, I felt that solo'ing her infeasible for a person of my limited ability, and decided to only do it via SOS. However, SOS flares were rare, and I couldn't get many folks to join me. I wondered why that was the case; surely people wanted parts to craft her excellent armor, and/or upgrade the mountains of Kjarr weapons they hoarded from her siege. Ultimately, I left Kulve behind and focused on other challenges. I eventually got better gear by solo'ing Alatreon repeatedly, and tried my hand at solo'ing Kulve again. And she fell. Quickly. I realized it wasn't just a matter of having better gear (which certainly helped, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to rely on the meta), but my ability as a player also improved, with smarter item prep, stronger grasp of openings, and lack of hesitation. And the dearth of SOS flares indicated that most other players have also improved, as they're probably opting to solo Kulve as well. Ultimately, I'd still rather do this is a group, if only for the extra drops and higher likelihood of horn breaks, but it sure is nice to have such a clear indicator of progression in both gear and skills.

              • Anonymous

                Is capcom trying to make lategame iceborne absolutely miserable for solo players? Because it feels like they are.

                • Anonymous

                  I'm sorry but may I ask why kulve takes away 90% of all my health with her attacks with vitality level 3 and may I also ask why would they bother with saying 50 minutes when that's obviously not the case here?

                  • Anonymous

                    Does anyone know how to unlock the creation of appraisal weapons at the elder melder? I recently finished the main story and over mr 30

                    • Anonymous

                      They need to remove the tims limit within the time limit, or at least scale that too. Solo Hunters struggle on that one part alone more than anything.

                      • Anonymous

                        1. DON'T USE PARTBREAKER. MR KT is coded to always shed her coat at 70% HP. 2. DON'T USE THUNDER ELEMENT. MR KT has vastly lower thunder hitzone values than HR KT. 3. Ice element is OK for her naked state, though weaker than HR KT. 4. Shot sucks against her except Pierce on chest and Stickies as she has very poor shot hitzone values on most of her body. 5. Focus on her chest to mollify her in zone 2 so she takes double damage from all attacks. 6. There is only one ceiling rock in zone 3. Don't bother trying to lead her to a second. 7. Save your mount for zone 4. 8. You don't have to break her horns to win but it is highly recommended. 9. Pick up her random shinies as even those have a small chance of dropping her jewels.

                        • Anonymous

                          cant build the armor. she escaped once and then i killed her, but the armor doesnt show up at the blacksmith

                          • Anonymous

                            I don't get what changed that its a slay option. the reason she wasn't killed before is she wasn't a threat at all -- it was all research and material gathering. she's like... the one elder dragon that poses no threat to any human group

                            • Anonymous

                              900 def and 35 fire resistance still garentee's a 75% hp loss if she hits you with a single fire breath so far that quest is virtually unbeatable imo. 7 hours in and yet to see a single win against her

                              • Anonymous

                                why doesnt it allow me to start the event mission? it says i havent progressed enough in the story yet, im well over 200 mr and still cant start the damn mission

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