The Slinger is a fixed Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It resembles a slingshot and can fling projectiles like stones.

The Slinger is part of the standard gear for Hunters of the Research Commission. They resemble small crossbows attached to the left arm, and can shoot stones, knives, ropes, and Capture Nets. In addition, the Slinger is used by Hunters to grapple across gaps and access higher or lower levels.

With Iceborne Expansion, slinger can now be used while the main weapon is drawn, regardless of weapon type. New features have also been added for the Slinger such as the Clutch Claw.


The Slinger is a multipurpose support tool that serves all kinds of uses out on a hunt. You can load Stones and Pods found out in the field into it to fire as projectiles, and even use it as a grappling hook in certain situations.


Using the Slinger

With a Weapon sheathed, the Slinger is activated with l2-ps4-controls-small / controls-xbox-lt / C, and ammunition is fired with r2-ps4-controls-small / controls-xbox-rt / key-mouse_l. The sword & shield is the only Weapon that can use the Slinger while it is drawn.

The Slinger can be used to hook onto Wedge Beetles. These are glowing black and yellow beetles that sit on branches and other high places. You can use Wedge Beetles to swing across drops, zip up cliffs and mount monsters. To hook onto a nearby Wedge Beetle, hold l2-ps4-controls-small / controls-xbox-lt / V, aim the reticle at the Wedge Beetle and press circle-ps4-controls / controls-xbox-b / key-mouse_l.

In addition, the Slinger's slinger-ammo-capturenet Capture Net can be used to catch Endemic Life creatures and keep them as pets. The Capture Net is a tool that is locked into the Item Bar, from which is must be loaded before it can be used.

Beyond these, the Slinger has many more uses, such as distracting and damaging Monsters, triggering Hazards, mobility and assisting teammates.




Using the Slinger to distract a Monster



Using the Slinger to capture Endemic Life



The Slinger is able to fire many different things as ammunition, each with its own effect. Only a few ammunition Items can be brought to the field by a Hunter: Flash Pods, Dung Pods, Screamer Pods, and the Capture Net. Beyond these, ammunition for the Slinger must be scavenged from the Environment and Monsters, or found in the Supply Box on some Quests. Some Slinger ammunition is specific to certain Locales and Monsters. Picking up one type of ammunition from the field will discard the one currently held.

Many types of ammunition can stagger Monsters or cause small amounts of Stun buildup when striking a Monster's head.

The following is a list of all Slinger ammunition. Capacity for Slinger ammunition can be increased with the Slinger Capacity Skill; modified values are shown in green below, where applicable.


slinger-ammo-stone Stone

"Though they don't deal much damage, you can use them to hit faraway plants and barrel bombs."

Stones can also be used to awaken Hunters who are stunned, knock down Vespoids and Hornetaurs without destroying the body, and cause minor Stun Damage when striking the head of Monsters.
Source: Stone Piles found in all Locales.
Capacity: 20-35

slinger-ammo-brightmoss Brightmoss

"Brightmoss can be equipped as Slinger ammo and fired at walls or other objects to illuminate the area. You can also shoot it at the heads of flying wyverns to make them fall out of the air."

Brightmoss can also be used to mark the location of Monsters that move underwater, such as the Jyuratodus.
Source: Brightmoss Clumps often found in caves of the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Elder's Recess. Found commonly in the Coral Highlands.
Capacity: 5-8

slinger-ammo-redpit Redpit

"Though they don't deal much damage, you can use them to hit faraway plants and barrel bombs."

Redpits deal more damage than Stones but have a lower capacity.
Source: Redpit plants found commonly in the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Coral Highlands.
Capacity: 15-25


slinger-ammo-scatternut Scatternut

 "When they hit something, they break apart, emitting a loud noise and small shockwaves that can stun Monsters."

Scatternut can be used to stagger or Stun a Monster, useful against fleeing Monsters to provoke them to reengage. Repeated use causes immunity to the stagger effect for a short time.
Source: Hanging on vines, branches, or coral in the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Coral Highlands. Also found in piles in the Rotten Vale.
Capacity: 5-6

slinger-ammo-torchpod Torch Pod

"Slinger Torch ammo bursts into flame when it lands, repelling some Monsters, and potentially attracting Monsters that are drawn to fire."

Torch Pods can also be used to damage Monsters with Fire Damage, heat up the Lavasioth's armor, or burn away Effluvium in the Rotten Vale.
Source: Torch Pod piles often found in underground areas of the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, and the lava areas of the Elder's Recess. Also found in many areas of the Rotten Vale and a few places in the Coral Highlands.
Capacity: 5-8

slinger-ammo-bombpod Bomb Pod

"Slinger Bombs explode on impact and deal heavy damage."

Bomb Pods can be used to deal moderate Damage and Stun Monsters. They can also stagger Monsters to interrupt attacks.
Source: Dropped by various Monsters and Bomb Beetles found in the Elder's Recess
Capacity: 3-4


slinger-ammo-piercingpod Piercing Pod

Piercing Pods can be picked up and used as Slinger ammo. They can pierce their targets to inflict damage.

Piercing Pods behave much like Bowgun Pierce Ammo, and can be used to deal moderate to heavy damage. They can also stagger Monsters to interrupt attacks.
Source: Dropped by various Large Monsters and Iron Helmcrabs found in the Wildspire Waste
Capacity: 3-4

slinger-ammo-thornpod Slinger Thorn

"Slinger Thorn Ammo sticks to the target and explodes when hit with an attack."

Thorn Pods can be used to stagger Monsters both when the Pod lands and when it is later struck by an attack. They also cause Stun buildup when attacked to the head.
Source: Dropped by various Monsters and Soldier Helmcrabs found in the Rotten Vale
Capacity: 2-3

slinger-ammo-dragonpod Dragon Pod

Dragon Pods can be used as Slinger ammo. They deal Dragon Element Damage.

In addition to dealing Dragon Damage, Dragon Pods also apply Elderseal to Elder Dragons, causing their Dragon auras to dissipate.
Source: Dropped by Elder Dragons, along with Golden Helmcrabs and Shiny Gold Helmcrabs found in El Dorado
Capacity: 7-8


slinger-ammo-screamerpod Screamer Pod

The sound emitted by Screamer Pods causes Monsters that burrow underground to surface and remain incapacitated for a short time. This includes the Jyuratodus, Lavasioth, Diablos, and Black Diablos. Large Monsters will become immune to the effect after several times.
Source: Crafted from Screamer Sacs harvested from Noios in the Wildspire Waste
Capacity: 10

slinger-ammo-flashpod Flash Pod

Flashbugs can be collected and used as Slinger Ammo. They emit a blinding flash of light upon contact.

The light emitted by Flash Pods causes Monsters to attack blindly for a short time, and knocks flying Monsters out of the air. Large Monsters will become immune to the effect after several times, and some are unaffected entirely. The effect of Flash Pods can be increased with the Blindsider Skill.
Source: Crafted from Flashbugs found in all Locales.
Capacity: 10

slinger-ammo-dungpod Dung Pod

Dung Pods produce a stench so vile that is causes Large Monsters to flee the area.

Dung Pods can be used to avoid or escape combat with Large Monsters. The chance of a successful effect can be increased with the Dungmaster Skill.
Source: Crafted from Dung and Rolled-up Dung made by Dung Beetles.
Capacity: 10


slinger-ammo-puddlepod Puddle Pod

Watermoss can be picked up and used as Slinger ammo called Puddle Pods. Try using it to trigger faraway plants and barrel bombs, or to clean mud off a target.

In addition to dealing Water Damage, Puddle Pods also break mud coatings off of Monsters.
Source: Watermoss Clumps found in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, as well as few places in the Coral Highlands 
Capacity: 7-10

slinger-ammo-crystalburst Crystalburst

Like Scatternuts, Crystalburst can be used to stagger Monsters and interrupt attacks. It can even Stun them if it strikes the head.
Source: Underground areas of the Elder's Recess.
Capacity: 5-6

slinger-ammo-throwingknife Throwing Knives slinger-ammo-paralysisknife slinger-ammo-poisonknife slinger-ammo-sleepknife

The Slinger can be used to launch small knives at Monsters, causing Paralysis, Poison, or Sleep  effects or serving as long-range Tranq tools. See Status Effects for more information.

Throwing Knives, Paralysis Knives, Poison Knives, and Sleep Knives are all found as pickups left behind by fleeing Gajalaka. Additionally, Knives of all kinds are found in the Supply Box on a handful of Quests. Each kind of Knife can be crafted by combining a normal Throwing Knife with a Parashroom, Toadstool, Sleep Herb, or Tranq Bomb.

Note that all Throwing Knives count as Supply Items, and will therefore be removed from a Hunter's Item Pouch upon returning from the field.

Capacity: 10 for normal Knives and 5 for Status Knives


Clutch Claw

 The clutch claw allows hunters to use the slinger to attach themselves to the side of a monster sort of like the Switch Axe’s special move. Once attached, you can do certain things:

  • Redirecting monsters: You can force monsters to go a certain way or direction as they try to shake you off. This opens up additional strategic options like, say, guiding a Diablos toward a special wall to get its horns stuck or any large monster toward a trap to hold it in place.
  • Flinch shot: Lets you unload all your slinger ammo in one go while you’re attached to a monster’s head to make it flinch or topple.

Weapons like the Dual Blades can also add the clutch claw into a combo allowing them to use it more easily.


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    • Anonymous

      17 Dec 2019 21:45  

      The Question i have is... do you need the Iceborne Expansion to be able to use the Slinger whenever you want even while the Weapon is drawn? And how exactly does it work for the Bow? Since the Button to aim with the Slinger is the same as you use while the Bow is drawn to aim with the Bow. As well as the button for Charge-Shots being the same as is used to shoot the Slinger

      • Anonymous

        17 Aug 2018 05:49  

        While fighting the Jyuratodus, I fires the pods it dropped (I think it was the thorn pod) at it's face, and then triggered them by hiting them with my weapon. Dealt enough blunt damage to stun the monster and leave it helpless on the ground :)

        • Anonymous

          16 May 2018 09:56  

          It should mentioned, that torch Pods can be used to creat a Miasma-free Zone when shot on the ground in a Miasma area

          • Anonymous

            19 Feb 2018 10:40  

            Mine not working by activating L2 and shot R2.
            Doesn't do anything by pressing the said buttons.
            Help Please.

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