The Slinger is an indispensable tool for a hunter, allowing you to arm yourself with stones and nuts that can be gathered from each locale.
From diversion tactics to creating shortcuts, the Slinger has a variety of uses, and allows you to hunt in new and interesting ways

Slinger is a Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). The slinger resembles a slingshot and can fling projectiles like stones.

Standard gear for hunters of the Research Commission. They resemble small crossbows attached to the left arm, and can shoot stones, knives, ropes, capture nets, and more.



The slinger is used by hunters to create noise near creatures or to grapple onto large trees to quickly swing across chasms and access higher or lower levels.

The Slinger is activated with the [L2] button, and fired with the [R2] Button.

The sword & shield is the only weapon that can use the slinger with your weapon drawn.

 The slinger can be used to hook onto latch beetles. They are black and yellow beetles that sit on branches and they flicker as they open and close their wings. You can use latch beetles to swing across drops, zip up cliffs and mount monsters. To use the latch beetle, Hold [L2], aim the reticle at the latch beetle and press [Circle]. You must be close enough to do so and you know this when your reticle is orange and you see a command prompt to press [Circle].

Ammunition can be put into two categories, "Item" and "Field". Item ammunition includes flash pods, dung pods, screamer pods and the net.  Ammunition from this class is loaded from your item pouch. They can be equipped  and unequipped. Field ammunition includes all the other ammunition. They can only be found in the field. If you have field ammunition loaded and pick up another field ammo it will load it and drop the previous one. However, if you have field ammo equipped and load an item ammo, you will still have the field ammo once you unequip the item ammo.


Ammo Description Slinger Capacity Source

A simple stone that does little damage. There are better options out there, but can be used to trigger traps, if anything else. Also useful to awaken hunters who are stunned. Its main benefit is capacity.


Stone piles

Red pit    15/?  Red pit plant
Dung pod  Ammo that does little damage but causes monsters to flee. Its effectiveness is improved with the skill Dungmaster. 10 Item pouch, crafted from Dung and Rolled up Dung.
Flash pod  Ammo that emits a blinding light that disables monsters for a short time, then leaves them blindly attacking in any direction. Super useful on flying monsters. But note, not all monsters are effected, and if abused, some monsters will become immune. 3 Item pouch, crafted from flashbug.
Screamer pod  Slinger ammo used exclusively for the Diablos monsters. As they are digging around underground, fire at the floor to bring them up, stunning them for a moment. Very useful for fighting these monsters.  3  Dropped by the Noios at Wildspire Waste. The wyverns in the sky in the sand dune area.
Thorn pod  Slinger ammo that sticks to monsters, dealing a small amount of damage. Attack these pods to inflict additional damage to the monster it's stuck to.  2/?  Usually dropped by monsters with sharp horns. 
Torch pod  Slinger ammo that has the element of fire. Can be useful when used against enemies weak to fire. Also, can attract certain monsters to the fire it creates when shot at a surface. The fire also burns up effluvium found in Rotten Vale. Additionally, can melt the hardened armor of Lavasioth.  5/?  Typically found on the ground in some areas.
 Scatter nut  Slinger ammo that does a fine job at briefly stunning a monster. I find its best use is stopping a fleeing monster, usually provoking it to engage in combat.  5/?  Usually found on vines hanging above the players reach. Use ranged weapons or other slinger ammo to get it down.
Piercing pod  Slinger ammo that deals decent damage, especially when used correctly. It pierces the monster, dealing damage for each tic its inside of what you are shooting at. This means to get the most out of your piercing pods, use them like you would use a dragon piercing shot with a bow, hit them at an angle that would get the most hits.  3/?  Dropped from various monsters.
Puddle pod  Slinger ammo that does water damage and is good for breaking mud off monsters (Barroth). 7/? Watermoss.
Dragon pod     Dropped from elder dragons.
Bomb pod  Slinger ammo that deals decent damage, briefly staggering the monster.   Dropped from Anjanath, Rathian and Rathalos

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