Elemental Damage or Elements in Monster Hunter World (MHW) refers to the secondary damage done by Weapons and monsters - checking against specific resistances on both players and AI enemies.

Element Damage in MHW

Each monster has weaknesses that will cause it to take more damage. For example a fire monster will take more damage from weapons that deal water damage but less damage from weapons that deal fire attacks. Monsters can also deal elemental damage to the hunter. Armor with high resistances to certain elements will cause you to take less damage and reduce the chances of getting elemental blights. 

  • Elemental weakness is not always a given. Just because a mosnter uses fire does not mean it is weak to water. Furthermore, monsters that don't use elemental attacks still have elemental resistances and weaknesses. Sometimes, the only way to know for sure is to kill a monster at look at the stats on the armor you make from it.
  • Some monsters will have multiple resistances or have multiple elemental attacks. Some weapons might have mixed elemental damage as well.


Types of Elemental Damage



Fire Element - The Fire element is usually strong against Ice but weak to Water. Taking fire damage can cause Fireblight, which lowers the red part of the health bar before reducing the green health bar. This can be removed by rolling repeatedly. Rolling through water will remove it instantly. 


Water Element - The Water element is usually strong against Fire but weak to Thunder. Taking water damage can cause Waterblight, which lowers how much stamina you recover.


Thunder Element - The Thunder element is usually strong against Water and Dragon, but weak to Ice. Taking thunder damage can cause Thunderblight, which causes you to become stunned more easily.




Dragon Element - The Dragon element is quite a bit different from other elements. Its the only element in the game that is usually weak to itself.  Frequently, it is also weak to Thunder and Ice. Taking Dragon damage can cause Dragonblight which can lower weapon affinity, competely remove a weapon's elemental damage, and even lower the special attack ratings on poison, paralysis, sleep, and slime/blast.


Ice Element - The ice element is usually strong against Thunder and Dragon, but weak to Fire. Taking Ice damage can cause Iceblight which will cause the hunters stamina bar to deplete quicker than normal.



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