sleep mhw status effect


Sleep renders the hunter or monster inactive and susceptible to increased damage, but only for the first hit, as it will then wake them up.

Sleep is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Sleep renders the hunter or monster immobile for several seconds. 

Sleep Effect

On Monsters

  • Triggering the effect requires buildup inflicted by:
  • Buildup damage is modified by a Monsters resistance to Sleep.
  • When Sleep is triggered, the Monster will topple over and remain asleep for about 40 seconds. Once the Monster is fully asleep, damage from any single source will be doubled and wake the Monster up, ending the effect.
  • Each successive trigger of Sleep requires more buildup than the last, but the effect duration remains the same.


On the Player and Allies

  • Causes the Hunter to stumble for a few seconds - only allowing for movement input - before falling asleep and being completely incapacitated for several seconds. Damage taken is increased. Hits that cause knockback while triggering Sleep will result in the Hunter succumbing to the effect immediately.
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: sleep mhw status effect wiki on the HUD
  • Can be cured with Energy Drink, being hit by an ally or a Monster, or when the effect expires.

Monsters and Sleep

The following Monsters cause Sleep:

The following Monsters are weak to Sleep:

 The following Monsters are resistant to Sleep:

The following Monsters are immune to Sleep:

Sleep Skills

The following Skills modify Sleep on Monsters and the Player:

Equipment that Wields Sleep

The following Equipment wields Sleep Damage


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