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A weapon coupled with a highly defensive shield. Lance users can block while moving and also counter-attack. You can also charge forward with this weapon and perform a Jumping Attack.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Cut Damage

Lance (ランス ransu, "lance") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

The lance is better at guarding than any other weapon. In addition to its long reach, its thrust attacks can be executed with little exposure to enemy attacks. Great for defense-oriented combat.


Lance Weapon Tree

For full details, including rare 9 and above weapons added with Iceborne please see Lance Weapon Tree

You can also see Master Rank Iceborne Lances.



Lance Traits & Abilities

  • Strongest blocking ability in the game, matched only by its cousin, the Gunlance
  • Excellent range and high attack power
  • Charge attack that hits multiple times
  • Very useful "back steps" to avoid enemy damage.


Lance Guide




An unstoppable juggernaut, the Lance is a mighty weapon capable of going toe to claw with all but the strongest of monsters. Where other weapons would falter or dodge, the Lance blocks and retaliates. The Lance's shield is capable of blocking all but the strongest of attacks, and from the safety of the blocking stance, it can do a variety of attacks. When not blocking, the Lance only gets stronger with the ability to charge forward and skewer the monster, hitting it repeatedly. The Lance's basic attacks are accurate and long reaching, allowing it hit hard to hit targets with ease. Mastery of the Lance requires standing firm where other hunters would run, and striking with impunity.


Power Guard

Power Guard greatly diminishes pushback during a guard reaction. It also enables you to perform a quicker counterattack which you can chain further into an attack in any direction.


Dash Stepping and Guard Dashing

By combining Dash Steps with Guard Dashes, you should be able to stick close enough to a monster to maintain your offensive.


Dash Attacks

 During a dash attack, you can also perform other actions like sidesteps, 180-degree turns, jumps, and guards.


Lance Advantages

  • All moves either are blocks or can transition into moves that block, allowing for constant aggression with little fear for the user's own safety
  • Very long range and high reach
  • Best Guarding ability out of all weapons
  • Precise attacks minimizes risk of bouncing on several notable monsters
  • Surprisingly mobile due to guard dash and dash attack
  • Counter claw, when successful guarantees a claw weapon attack or flinch shot


Lance Disadvantages

  • Low attack power
  • Slow movement speed with weapon drawn, reliant on guard dash and dash attack to reposition
  • Can only hop to evade, which has inferior distance covered and i-frame compared with rolling
  • High attack speed leads to fast sharpness deterioration
  • Requires precise strikes on monster weak zones to achieve optimal damage
  • The Guard ability is almost mandatory, as without it blocking causes chip damage and drains a lot of stamina.


Lance Controls

Each move has its own Motion Value (MV), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

  • triangle ps4 controls small: Mid Thrust (Can be chained up to three times and with High Thrust). MVs:
    • Mid Thrust I: 20
    • Mid Thrust II: 20
    • Mid Thrust III: 27
  • circle ps4 controls small: High Thrust (Can be chained up to three times and with Mid Thrust). MVs:
    • High Thrust I: 22
    • High Thrust II: 22
    • High Thrust III: 27
  • triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Wide Sweep. MV: 20
  • r2 ps4 controls small: Guard
  • r2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small: Guard Thrust. MV: 20
  • r2 ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Counter-thrust (Blocks and then returns with a powerful thrust). MVs:
    • Cancel Thrust: 22
    • charged Counter-thrust: 40
  • r2 ps4 controls small + x ps4 controls small during Counter-thrust: Power Guard (drains stamina rapidly, improves guard immensely; gains Guard Up properties after a while).
    • triangle ps4 controls small during Power Guard: Leaping Thrust
    • circle ps4 controls small during Power Guard: Counter-thrust (charged)
    • triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small during Power Guard: Dash Attack
  • r2 ps4 controls smallleft stick ps4 controls + triangle ps4 controls small: Guard Dash. MVs:
    • (triangle ps4 controls small after Guard Dash) Shield Attack: 14 (blunt damage)
    • (circle ps4 controls small after Guard Dash) Leaping Thrust: 8 * number of hits
  • r2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small/ r2 ps4 controls small down a slope: Dash Attack (Gets faster and more damaging over time). MV: 11 * number of hits
  • Midair r2 ps4 controls small: Dash Attack. MV: 25 (only for the aerial hit)
  • x ps4 controls small during Dash Attack: Stop (cancels Dash Attack)
  • triangle ps4 controls small during Dash Attack: Finishing Thrust. MVs:
    • Finishing Thrust: 50
    • Finishing Twin Thrust: 25 + 50 (requires at least one level of charge)
  • forward ps4 controls small + x ps4 controls small during Dash Attack/triangle ps4 controls small down a slope: Advancing Jump
    • triangle ps4 controls small / x ps4 controls small during Advancing Jump: Advancing Jump Thrust. MV: 30
  • back ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small during Dash Attack: Reverse Attack. MV: 50
  • side left stick ps4 controls + x ps4 controls small during Dash Attack: Dash Step (does not stop Dash Attack)
  • back ps4 controls small + x ps4 controls small during Dash Attack: Dash Turn (does not stop Dash Attack)
  • triangle ps4 controls small off a ledge: Jumping Thrust. MV: 30
  • l2 ps4 controls small (Hold): Guard Shot
  • l2 ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Counter Claw. Being attacked in this state causes the hunter to grapple onto the monster, provide hyper armor (Rocksteady Mantle effect) temporarily, thus guaranteeing a weapon attack or flinch shot. Note that this move does not make the hunter invulnerable, they can still take damage but will not be knocked off the monster. MVs: 8 + 16 (2nd hit is blunt)
  • l2 ps4 controls small + r2 ps4 controls small: Slinger Burst
  • l2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small: Leaping Thrust
  • l2 ps4 controls small + triangle ps4 controls small + circle ps4 controls small: Dash Attack
  • l2 ps4 controls small + r3 ps4 controls: switch between Guard Shot and Aim Slinger


Lances are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Lances. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Lance Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.

Iceborne Lances are Master Rank Lances in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content.

Iceborne Lances


Name Attack Affinity Element Rare
Chrome Drill I gem_level_1gem_level_1
506 0% ( Paralysis 300) 9
Chrome Drill II gem_level_1gem_level_1
552 0% ( Paralysis 330) 10
Chrome Drill III gem_level_1gem_level_1
598 0% ( Paralysis 360) 11
Incessant Raven gem_level_3
598 20% poisonPoison 210 10
Legiana Halberd III -
483 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 420 10
Hoarcry Halberd gem_level_1
529 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 540 10
Nyx Halberd I gem_level_2
506 0% Sleep Sleep 360 9
Nyx Halberd II gem_level_2
552 0% Sleep Sleep 450 10
Minqar al-Nasr I -
483 25% (Sleep Sleep 390) 9
Minqar al-Nasr II -
598 25% Sleep Sleep 420 10
Tusk Lance -
506 25% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 330 10
Tusk Lance + -
552 25% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 360 10
Sabertooth -
575 30% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 420 11
Gama Drill I gem_level_3gem_level_2
460 0% waterblight Blast 240 9
Gama Drill II gem_level_3gem_level_2
552 0% waterblight Blast 270 10
Hidden Hastur I -
483 15% (poisonPoison 390) 10
Hidden Hastur II gem_level_1
529 20% (poisonPoison 570) 10
Lightning Bolt I gem_level_2
483 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 270 9
Lightning Bolt II gem_level_2
529 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 300 10
Thunderpierce I gem_level_2
552 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 360 10
Thunderpierce II gem_level_2gem_level_1
575 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 420 11
Datura Stalk I gem_level_2gem_level_1
460 0% poisonPoison 600 9
Datura Stalk II gem_level_2gem_level_1
552 0% poisonPoison 660 10
Laguna Pike I gem_level_2gem_level_1
506 0% waterWater 510 9
Laguna Pike II gem_level_2gem_level_1
552 0% waterWater 540 10
Blue Prominence + gem_level_1
506 20% fireFire 330 10
Soul Prominence gem_level_1
552 20% fireFire 360 10
Grand Halberd I gem_level_3
529 0% (poisonPoison 270) 9
Grand Halberd II gem_level_3
575 0% (poisonPoison 300) 10
Grand Halberd III gem_level_3
644 0% (poisonPoison 330) 11
Iceborer decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
598 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 330 11
Knightly Ectis decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
621 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 360 12
Love's Tragedy gem_level_2gem_level_2
552 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 360 11
Love's End gem_level_2gem_level_2
575 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 480 12
Abyss Aggressor I gem_level_3
460 0% (waterblight Blast 300) 9
Abyss Aggressor II gem_level_3
529 0% (waterblight Blast 360) 10
Svarog Blazer gem_level_1
506 0% fireFire 300 10
Svarog Blazer + gem_level_1
552 0% fireFire 390 10
Glavenus Granat gem_level_1
598 0% fireFire 480 11
Barroth Halberd I gem_level_2gem_level_1
552 -20% ( Paralysis 420) 9
Barroth Halberd II gem_level_2gem_level_2
621 -20% ( Paralysis 450) 10
Dios Halberd I -
552 0% waterblight Blast 420 10
Dios Halberd II gem_level_1
575 0% waterblight Blast 480 10
Odogaron's Misery I -
506 30% (fireFire 300) 10
Odogaron's Misery II -
529 35% fireFire 330 10
Death Garon Lance gem_level_1
529 25% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 300 10
Water Spike IV gem_level_2
529 0% waterWater 330 9
Hydros Ullr -
621 10% waterWater 390 11
Tiger Stinger -
575 -20% (waterblight Blast 270) 10
Tiger Stinger + -
621 -20% (waterblight Blast 300) 10
Tigrex Lance -
644 -20% (waterblight Blast 330) 11
Sulfurteinn Keton decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
621 0% ( Paralysis 300) 10
The Solvent Spindle decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
667 0% ( Paralysis 330) 11
Dragonseal Aldspear I gem_level_1gem_level_1
483 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 540 10
Dragonseal Aldspear II gem_level_1gem_level_1
552 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 630 11
Unblinking Gatekeeper gem_level_1gem_level_1
644 0% (mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 510) 12
Blasting Siegespear gem_level_1gem_level_1
575 -10% waterblight Blast 270 11
Bazel Rocket Rooksearer gem_level_1gem_level_1
598 -10% waterblight Blast 330 12
Naar Thunderlance -
529 10% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 600 11
Daora's Regulus gem_level_2
598 10% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 270 11
Fate's Spindle -
644 -30% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 360 12
Demon Lance gem_level_2 
667 -15% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 90 11
Great Demon Lance gem_level_2 
713 -15% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 120 12
Ruinous Perdition gem_level_1
667 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 180 12
Silver Prominence gem_level_2
621 20% fireFire 390 12
Accursed Stinger
644 -30%  Sleep Sleep 300 11
667 -30% Sleep Sleep 330 12
Lost Babeldecoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
598 0% fireFire 360  11
Soulfire Spike "Blaze"gem_level_1gem_level_2
575 20% waterblight Blast 270 12
Soulfire Spike "Ruin"gem_level_2gem_level_2
 621 0% waterblight Blast 210 12
Soulfire Spike "Styx" gem_level_3gem_level_3
575 10% waterblight Blast 330 12
Infernal Warlance gem_level_2
575 0% Dragon 270 11
Infernal Warlance + gem_level_2
621 0% Dragon 330 12
Incessant Wolf gem_level_3
621 25% poisonPoison 240 11
Sweeping Gale Lance
598 0% Sleep Sleep 270 11
Xeno Zauta + decoration_level_4_mhw_wikidecoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
644 15% Dragon 210 12
Safi's Hellsnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  fireFire 120 12 
Safi's Aquasnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  waterWater 120 12  
Safi's Boltsnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 180 12  
Safi's Frostsnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 120 12  
Safi's Draksnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  mhw-dragon-damage Dragon  120 12  
Safi's Bindsnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%   Paralysis 120 12  
Safi's Dreamsnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  Sleep Sleep 120 12  
Safi's Shattersnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  waterblight Blast 120 12  
Safi's Venomsnout decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
635 5%  poisonPoison 120 12  
Guild Palace Tower gem_level_3
575 10%  waterWater 450 10
Royal Grace Pike gem_level_3
621 15%  waterWater 540 12
Demonlord Rajang
667 15% mhw-thunder-damage_s360 12
Lightbreak Lancedecoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
690 0% waterblight Blast 270 12
Alatreon Lance gem_level_2
575 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 510 11
Alatreon Gleam gem_level_2gem_level_2
644 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 660 12
Saber Fang
635 15% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 540 11





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    • Anonymous

      Fun fact: The lance charge is actually faster than raider ride. If you have the proper stamina, and there's no climbable walls in your way, feel free to dash past the other hunters and assert your dominance.

      • Anonymous

        Lance: from my experience the lance is pretty strong against most monsters; dealing consistent damage and in most cases better at cutting tail than other weapons. I would say Lance struggles with higher tier monsters that deal heavy damage i.e. Rajang and AT Namielle where, although it may be possible to guard, you are required to sheathe your weapon and run like everyone else. Things that are great: cutting tail before longsword or greatsword claw counter (98% immunity from getting knocked even while monster enraged) guard dashing / evade offensive guard is made for this weapon Things that are bad: monsters dealing high damage that can't be blocked (even with Guard 5) monsters that pin (Jho, Rajang, Zino) monsters with aoe damage/pools (Sav Deviljho, Luna, KT, Kushala, G.Rath) Additional Comments: Lance is pretty solid although I would like to see a little bit of a bump in either damage or innate guarding. It seems fairly linear compared to other weapons that just straight out get buffs with new monsters i.e. Dual Blades, Bow, Charge Blade, etc.

        • After 700h I come to the conclusion the game wasn't made with Lances/Gunlances in mind. You are slow as a turtle, poke is the worst attack against fast moving targets and the need to block is forcing you to make compromises constantly in damage output in order to survive the impact of the next beast. Lances lack in the offense, shelling of the Gunlances cut through your sharpness like a hot knife through butter. And you are constantly forced to reload on top of the sharpening. Time in which you can't deal damage! And if your target has wings and a ton of hp, or just can't stand still, Rathalos and Xeno for example...well good luck then. It's not just a matter of skill. These things are fundamental.

          • Anonymous

            Objectively the best weapon for Solo Play for players who don't have the monster attack patterns memorized. Just block everything, stay in the monster's face, and poke it to death. No need to spend time learning the monster when you can just tank everything it throws at you. An incredible weapon.

            • Anonymous

              PSA: The Evade Extender skill also applies to the all hop animations of the Lance, including the guard dash move. Since the Lunastra Alpha helm already has 2 levels of that, just slap in a jumping jewel and viola, maxed out Evade Extender. Combine this with lv5 Guard and you got a rook build straight out of a chessboard.

              • On the old Monster Hunter games there was a cheat called Locking, you could keep hitting Rathalos in the head and he would stay in kind of stun mode, Hope they bring back Fatalis used to be the best Dragon Lance on the game, looked really cool also.

                • Anonymous

                  You guys are a total failure at MH, you should
                  1) Drop the game
                  2) Play some other games of the brand

                  Every player who's a little bit more experienced than those who only played MHW would know that the most effective way to lance is Evade Lancing and THAT WEAPONS HAVE NO SPECIFIC ROLES.

                  • Anonymous

                    In the list of "Lance Controls" it does not include the 3 attacks available after a power guard. One specific one is the circle input that is unique to that move.

                    • Anonymous

                      Wide Sweep seems to do more tripping damage to the legs than other attacks. It seems really easy to trip monsters with it in single player.

                      • Anonymous

                        Guarding and then pressing Tri+Cir allows you to initiate a dash; holding up on L3 and then pressing X allows you to jump up, at which time you can use a jump attack. Is it possible to mount monsters this way without the use of a ledge or a slope?

                        • Anonymous

                          "Slow and Heavy" Are you kidding me? The only thing even remotely bad about Lance's mobility and speed, is maybe turning, and how stamina-intensive it is.

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