Charge Blade

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A powerful weapon that morphs between a sword / shield combo and an axe. Accumulate energy with the nimble sword, and then switch to axe mode to unleash a thunderous, energy-filled attack.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Cut Damage
Upgrades ??

Charge Blade (チャージアックス chyaaji akkusu, "charge axe") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

Sword mode boasts mobility and high guard capabilities, while axe mode boasts more powerful attacks. Store up energy while in sword mode, and then use it to deal high damage in axe mode.


Charge Blade Weapon Tree

For full details, please see Charge Blade Weapon Tree



Charge Blade Traits & Abilities

  • A complex weapon with a sword & shield form and an axe form that both use a phial system.
  • Sword & shield form strikes a balance between mobility, defense, and attack.
  • Axe form trades out defense for powerful attacks, good reach, and the phial's bonus.
  • Sword & shield form builds up charge that can be stored into phials and unleashed in axe form.


Charge Blade Guide

The most complicated melee weapon in the game, the Charge Blade has two forms and a phial system. Sword & Shield form is the default form and has a nice blend of mobility, defense, and attack. Its combos revolve around alternating between swift and charge strikes with the sword with the occasional shield jab. The main goal of sword & shield form is to build up charge by hitting the monster, and then storing the charge into the phials. The phials are then used in axe form. Axe form has impressive reach and a bit of mobility, but its true power comes from the phials. Some axe attacks use phials, and cause explosions when they impact. The Charge blade only has 5 phials, so these explosive attacks are limited. A third option is also available, where instead of unleashing the phials in the axe, they are used to energize the shield. An energized shield causes phial damage when you block and jab with it, and certain sword attacks will also have the phial's explosive bonus. If a hunter can build up more phials before the shield's energy wears off, they can unleash all phials and the shield's energy in a massive explosion while in axe form. 


Sword: Condensed Element Slash

By chaining a Charge into a Condensed Element Slash while Element Boost is active, your attacks in Sword Mode will also temporarily benefit from phial effects.


Guard Reaction Combos

When blocking an attack, the guard reaction can be chained into a Sword: Morph Slash, an Axe: Amped Element Discharge, or various other attacks.


Phial Effects

Attacks with a charge blade are harder to deflect when its phial effects are active, which is useful when targeting tough body parts.



Charge Blade Advantages

  • Sword & Shield form is versatile; has excellent guarding and extremely rewarding counters
  • Axe form is capable of massive damage
  • Phial effects can be accessed in both forms and provide anything from extra damage to stunning power 


Charge Blade Disadvantages

  • Complex moveset takes time to learn
  • Flustered hunters can mess up their combos in a pinch
  • Long windups on axe mode (Super-) Amped Elemental Discharge can be punished by nearly all monsters' attacks.


Charge Blade Controls

Each move has its own hidden Combo Move multiplier (CM), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

Note: These figures are estimations reached through community testing.

Sword Form

  •  or Y: Standard Attack (Can be chained up to three times, third attack blocks at the end of the animation). CM:
    • Rising Slash: 12
    • Return Stroke: 15
    • Roundslash: 28
  •  or B (Hold): Charged Double Slash (Must be timed, can start combos, abnormally high charge build up). CM:
    • Charged Single Slash: 13
    • Charged Double Slash: 28 + 19
  • +   or Y+ B: Forward Slash (Can start combos and start slides into jumping attacks)
    • CM: 20
  • Midcombo, +  or Y + B: Shield Thrust (Deals phial damage if shield is charged)
    • CM: 13 + 9
  • Midcombo, L +  or L + B: Sliding Slash 
    • CM: 25
  • +  or R + Y: Sword Morph Slash (Start up animation can block attacks, changes to axe mode)
    • CM: 45
  • +  or R + B: Charge Phials (Requires charge, yellow charge fills 3 phials while red fills all 5)
  •  or R: Guard (Deals phial damage if shield is charged, costs sharpness)
  • During Charge Phials,   or Y(Hold): Condensed Element Slash (Must be timed, imbues the sword with the phial's damage for a short time)
    • CM: 75

Axe Form

  •  or Y: Standard Attack (First attack changes if hunter is moving or stationary, can be chained up to 3 times, can be chained with Element Discharges). CM:
    • Rising Slash: 36
    • Overhead Slash: 37
    • Slam Attack: 45
  •  or B: Element Discharge (Expends one phial if available, causes explosions if phial is spent, can be chained up to 3 times, can be chained with Stardard Attacks). CM:
    • Element Discharge I: 21 + 4 Explosion damage
    • Element Discharge II: 11 + 68 + 4*2 Explosion damage
  • Wait during Element Discharge II until your character backs up then press to perform Smash
  • +  or Y + B: Amped Element Discharge (Large wind up, expends all phials for a massive explosion, has a special Super version if shield is charged, ends in sword & shield mode, can also be done after Shield thrust)
    • CM: 102 + 10*3 Explosion damage
  • During the start of Amped Element Discharge, Back on L + : Cancels Amped Element Discharge into tier 3 Element Discharge
  • During the start of Amped Element Discharge,  or R: Elemental Roundslash (Stores phials in shield making it charged, ends in sword and shield mode)
  •  or R: Axe Morph Slash (Changes to sword & shield mode, end of animation can block attacks)


Charge Blades are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Charge Blades. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Charge Blade Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.


Charge Blades Gallery MHW


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Charge Blades
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    • Anonymous

      30 Jun 2019 19:46  

      Lol i see too many people strugling to use this weapon and try to use this weapon for every monster, sure this weapon is great once you master it, "but" its not the greatest weapon for all monster, like when you fight azure rathalos that keep flying or odogaron that moves around to fast if i use the CB sure i can finish it but if use IG on the A.rathalos and DB on odogaron it will be much quicker, so dont force yourself to only use one weapon try using many other, it will be fun. Oh and if you realy want to learn how to use this weapon i suggest try learning the basic first you can watch areks guide or someone else tutorial aboit it and then try hunting baroth using the CB after that hunt diablos, thats is the two easiest monster for me when i use CB, and after you r@pe those two monster go fight the spiky boi Nergigante once you can kill the spiky boi with CB without fainting then youll most likely have mastered the CB, and for tips learn GUARD POINT it will save your live especially from the dive bomb from the spiky boi

      • Anonymous

        28 Feb 2019 21:05  

        Just recently started using this weapon in the field, after days of training with it. It's so very satisfying when you can pull off your super-amped elemental discharge so cleanly. Very easy to get tripped up though, like when youre chasing down monsters running all over the place while either trying to build up your phials, or getting constantly punished by a raging/rushing/flying monster, missing your amped up attacks in axe mode. When you finally get those smacks in, watch those huge numbers add up, you'll feel like a barbarian!

        • Anonymous

          21 Dec 2018 03:48  

          Ok so I’ve been seeing this charge blade that has the shape of the Cheome Guardian but has the horns of the Diablos Tyrannis and also has a little bit of gold on it. Does anybody know what or which charge blade this is and how I can get it?

          • Anonymous

            19 Dec 2018 19:45  

            Recently started the game and went directly for this weapon, and can say it's a lot easier that you'd think. the hardest part is nor choking and wasting phials

            • Anonymous

              19 Sep 2018 02:33  

              Not to be “that guy” but the Japanese katakana translation should read “chyaaji akkusu” rather than “cyaaju”

              • Anonymous

                16 Sep 2018 18:44  

                I believe it's strongest move is called the... LIMIT BREAKING ULTRA BURST OVERDRIVE ASCENDED ELEMENTAL COCKBLAST

                • Anonymous

                  13 Aug 2018 23:43  

                  How to gain phials: Sword Form charged circle gives a lot, normal auto attacks give a bit. Press R2 and circle to enter Charge Phials stance. This gives you phials. How to cash in phials and charge your shield: Press R2 during Amped Element Discharge. Your hunter will pull his weapon back and do a weapon transformation. During this, press R2 to load up your phials into your shield. In sword form, the fastest way to charge your shield is Charge Phials > Shield Thrust > Amped Element DIscharge > Cancel with R2 into sword form. Technical Input: R2+Circle > Triangle+Circle > Triangle+Circle > R2 In Axe form, just press Triangle+Circle while standing still. Once your shield is charged, you can inbue your sword by doing Charge Phials > Condensed Element Slash Technical Input: R2+Circle > Hold triangle and release on second transform animation (the sword goes into the axe)

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Aug 2018 01:21  

                    I fought kushala daora a couple of times (without success) with different weapons I've used (p.s., I was HR14) and none did the job. Then I went on a guide and it said it was for more advanced, experienced players and I was like "... the time has come."

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Apr 2018 19:04  

                      If you have trouble with positioning the impact of your SAED
                      (assuming you're already had the shield charged)
                      lock on your hunt,
                      PS4: Triangle -> analogue stick + Circle (slide slash)
                      the trick is to make use of the slide slash animation to create small space from your mark before commiting into SAED.
                      This way you won't have to worry about being too close from the mark & missing a lot of damage.

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Mar 2018 17:40  

                        Amped elemental discharge does not consume all the phials immediately. It consumes only one phial like a regular discharge. It becomes Super Amped element discharge (all phials released) when phials have been loaded into the shield. The number of phials loaded into the shield depends on how many were remaining. More phials means the enhanced shield effects last longer. Also when mounting the monster, the finishing move is either Amped or Super Amped depending on the state of your shield.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Mar 2018 16:51  

                          Note, the Capacity Boost skill (high metal coil) increases your phials by 1! it's not upgradeable, though.

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Feb 2018 23:55  

                            cool Charge Blade , damage 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 x 900?! 0.o attack boost 7 Capacity Boost 1

                            • Anonymous

                              30 Jan 2018 07:10  

                              hey, u should also add that to use the super elemental discharge (the one that uses all phial) you need to charge your shield by pressing triangle and O at the same time but afterwards click r2 to charge the phial into the shield, then you recharge the phial and press triangle and O at the same time and this time it will do the super elemental discharge instead of the regular one.

                              • Anonymous

                                28 Jan 2018 05:04  


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