Charge Blade

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A powerful weapon that morphs between a sword / shield combo and an axe. Accumulate energy with the nimble sword, and then switch to axe mode to unleash a thunderous, energy-filled attack.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Cut Damage
Upgrades ??

Charge Blade (チャージアックス) is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.


Charge Blade Weapon Tree

For full details, please see Charge Blade Weapon Tree



Charge Blade Traits & Abilities

  • A complex weapon with a sword & shield form and a axe form that both use a phial system.
  • Sword & shield form strikes a balance between mobility, defense, and attack.
  • Axe form trades out defense for powerful attacks, good reach, and the phial's bonus.
  • Sword & shield from builds up charge that can be stored into phials and unleashed in axe form.


Charge Blade Guide

The most complicated melee weapon in the game, the Charge Blade has two forms and a phial system. Sword & Shield form is the default form and has a nice blend of mobility, defense, and attack. It's combos revolve around alternating between swift and charge strikes with the sword with the occasional shield jab. The main goal of sword & shield form is to build up charge by hitting the monster, and then storing the charge into the phials. The phials are then used in axe form. Axe form has impressive reach and a bit of mobility, but it's true power comes from the phials. Some axe attacks use phials, and cause explosions when they impact. The Charge blade only has 5 phials, so these explosive attacks are limited. A third option is also available, where instead of unleashing the phials in the axe, they are used to energize the shield. An energized shield causes phial damage when you block and jab with it, and certain sword attacks will also have the phial's explosive bonus. If a hunter can build up more phials before the shield's energy wears off, they can unleash all phials and the shield's energy in a massive explosion while in axe form. 




Charge Blade Advantages

  • Sword & Shield form is versatile
  • Axe form is capable of massive damage
  • Phial can be accessed in both forms and provide anything from extra damage to stunning power


Charge Blade Disadvantages

  • Complex moveset takes time to learn
  • Flustered hunters can mess up their combos in a pinch


Charge Blade Controls

Sword Form

  • Triangle: Standard Attack (Can be chained up to three times, third attack blocks at the end of the animation)
  • Circle (Hold): Charged Double Slash (Must be timed, can start combos, abnormally high charge build up)
  • Triangle + Circle: Forward Slash (Can start combos)
  • Midcombo, Triangle + Circle: Shield Thrust (Deals phial damage if shield is charged)
  • Midcombo, L + Circle: Fade Slash 
  • R2 + Triangle: Sword Morph Slash (Start up animation can block attacks, changes to axe mode)
  • R2 + Circle: Charge Phials (Requires charge, yellow charge fills 3 phials while red fills all 5)
  • R2: Guard (Deals phial damage if shield is charged, costs sharpness)
  • During Charge Phials, Triangle (Hold): Condensed Element Slash (Must be timed, imbues the sword with the phial's damage for a short time)

Axe Form

  • Triangle: Standard Attack (First attack changes if hunter is moving or stationary, can be chained with Element Discharges)
  • Circle: Element Discharge (Expends one phial if available, causes explosions if phial is spent, can be chained with Stardard Attacks) 
  • Triangle + Circle: Amped Element Discharge (Large wind up, expends all phials for a massive explosion, ends in sword & shield mode, can also be done after Shield thrust)
  • During the start of Amped Element Discharge, Back on L + Triangle: Cancels Amped Element Discharge into tier 3 Element Discharge
  • During the start of Amped Element Discharge, R2: Elemental Roundslash (Stores phials in shield making it charged, ends in sword and shield mode)
  • R2: Axe Morph Slash (Changes to sword & shield mode, end of animation can block attacks)


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