Charge Blade

charge blade_mhw-weapon

A powerful weapon that morphs between a sword / shield combo and an axe. Accumulate energy with the nimble sword, and then switch to axe mode to unleash a thunderous, energy-filled attack.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Cut Damage
Upgrades ??

Charge Blade (チャージアックス chyaaji akkusu, "charge axe") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

Sword mode boasts mobility and high guard capabilities, while axe mode boasts more powerful attacks. Store up energy while in sword mode, and then use it to deal high damage in axe mode.


Charge Blade Weapon Tree

For full details, including the Rare 9 and above Iceborne Expansion Weapons please see Charge Blade Weapon Tree

See the new Master Rank Iceborne Charge Blades.



Charge Blade Traits & Abilities

  • A complex weapon with a sword & shield form and an axe form that both use a phial system.
  • Sword & shield form strikes a balance between mobility, defense, and attack.
  • Axe form trades out defense for powerful attacks, good reach, and the phial's bonus.
  • Sword & shield form builds up charge that can be stored into phials and unleashed in axe form.


Charge Blade Guide




The most complicated melee weapon in the game, the Charge Blade has two forms and a phial system. Sword & Shield form is the default form and has a nice blend of mobility, defense, and attack. Its combos revolve around alternating between swift and charge strikes with the sword with the occasional shield jab. The main goal of sword & shield form is to build up charge by hitting the monster, and then storing the charge into the phials. The phials are then used in axe form. Axe form has high damage and impressive reach, but its true power comes from its Element Discharge attacks. Element Discharge attacks use phials, and cause phial bursts when they impact. The Charge blade only has 5 phials(6 with capacity boost skill), so these explosive attacks are limited. A third option is also available, where instead of unleashing the phials in the axe, they are used to charge the shield. A charged shield causes phial damage when you block and jab with it, and sword attacks can also have the phial's explosive bonus if charged. If a hunter can build up more phials before the shield's energy wears off, they can unleash all phials in a massive explosion while in axe form. 


Sword: Condensed Element Slash

By chaining Charge Phials into a Condensed Element Slash while your shield is charged, your sword becomes charged and its attacks will also benefit from phial effects for 40 seconds.


Phial Effects

Attacks with a charge blade will not deflect when its phial effects are active, which is useful when targeting tough body parts.


Guard Points

Various attacks have periods which hold your shield in front of you that will block attacks automatically if hit, such as the beginning of Sword: Morph Slash, or the end of Sword: Spinning Slash.


Savage Axe

With phials stored, chaining (Super) Amped Element Discharge into Savage Axe Slash will enable Savage Axe mode until all phials are depleted, causing all attacks in axe form to shred through monsters, at the cost of increased sharpness loss.



Charge Blade Advantages

  • Sword & Shield form is versatile with decent offensive and defensive capability, as well as excellent mobility
  • Axe form is capable of massive damage
  • Guard points allow experienced hunters to stay protected while maintaining pressure
  • Phial effects can be accessed in both forms and provide extra damage and/or stunning power 


Charge Blade Disadvantages

  • Complex moveset takes practice to learn
  • Guarding against attacks deteriorates sharpness
  • Axe form has extremely low mobility


Charge Blade Controls

Each move has its own Motion Value (MV), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

Sword Form

  • : Standard Attack (can be chained up to three times). MVs:
    • Weak Slash: 12
    • Return Stroke: 15
    • Spinning Slash: 30 (guard point)
  •  (Hold): Charged Slash. MVs:
    • Charged Rising Slash: 13
    • Charged Double Slash: 27 + 18
      • triangle-ps4-controls-small after any Charged Slash: Spinning Slash
  • + : Forward Slash. MV: 20
  • triangle-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small down a slope: Sliding Slash. MVs: 18 + 16
    • triangle-ps4-controls-small after Sliding Slash: Jumping Rising Slash (can be followed with midair attacks). MV: 21
  • +  after any attack: Shield Thrust. MVs: 12 + 8
    • triangle-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small after Shield Thrust: Amped/Super Amped Element Discharge
      • r2-ps4-controls-small during AED/SAED windup: Element Roundslash. MV: 30 (guard point)
      • back-ps4-controls-small + triangle-ps4-controls-small during SAED windup: Amped Element Discharge
      • l2-ps4-controls-small during AED/SAED windup: Savage Axe Slash (consumes one phial, activates Power Axe mode). MV: 30 (guard point)
  • left-stick-ps4-controls + circle-ps4-controls-small after any attack: Sliding Slash. MV: 30 (guard point)
  • r2-ps4-controls-small: Guard
  • + : Charge Phials (Requires charge, yellow charge fills 3 phials while red fills all 5)
    •  (Hold) during Charge Phials: Condensed Element Slash. MV: 60
  • r2-ps4-controls-small + triangle-ps4-controls-small: Sword Morph Slash (morphs to Axe). MV: 50 (guard point)

Axe Form

  • : Standard Attack (can be chained indefinitely). MVs:
    • Rising Slash: 38
    • Overhead Slash: 48
  • forward-ps4-controls-small + triangle-ps4-controls-small: Dash Slam. MV: 52
  • : Element Discharge (expends one phial if available, can be chained up to 3 times or into Stardard Attacks). MVs:
    • Element Discharge I: 25
    • Element Discharge II: 20 + 66
      • (triangle-ps4-controls-small a while after ED2) Smash: 50
    • Amped Element Discharge (consumes one phial if available): 82
    • (Charged Shield) Super Amped Element Discharge (consumes all phials if available): 15 + 82 + 66
      • (back-ps4-controls-small + triangle-ps4-controls-small during SAED windup) Amped Element Discharge
      • (r2-ps4-controls-small during AED/SAED windup) Element Roundslash (morphs into Sword) (guard point)
      • (l2-ps4-controls-small during AED/SAED windup) Savage Axe Slash (guard point)
  • forward-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small: Rushing Element Discharge I (same MV and follow-ups as Element Discharge I)
  • triangle-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small: Amped/Super Amped Element Discharge 
  • : Morph Slash (morphs into Sword). MV: 30 (guard point)
  • l2-ps4-controls-small after any attack: Slinger Burst

Both Forms

  • Midair triangle-ps4-controls-small: Jumping Slash. MVs: 22 (Sword) / 55 (Axe)
  • Midair r2-ps4-controls-small: Jumping Morph Slash (morphs and performs Jumping Slash) 


  • Phial bursts can't crit and are unaffected by affinity.
  • Elemental phial damage ONLY increase by increasing element attack. Artillery DO NOT have any effect with Elemental phials.
  • Savage Axe mode doesn't add phial bursts but physical hits with a MV of 5 each.
  • Shield Charge adds 10% extra damage to all attacks in Axe form


Charge Blades are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Charge Blades. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Charge Blade Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.


Iceborne Charge Blades are Master Rank Charge Blades in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content.

Iceborne Charge Blades

You can search by Name, Rarity, Affinity, or Element. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Charge Blades 

Name Attack Affinity Element Rare
Chrome Fortress I gem level 1gem level 1
792 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 300 9
Chrome Fortress II gem level 1gem level 1
864 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 330 10
Chrome Fortress III gem level 1gem level 1
972 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 360 11
Usuper's Lightning gem level 2
864 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 330 10
Usuper's Lightning + gem level 2
900 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 360 11
Halberion Blade + gem level 1
792 20% fireblightFire 270 10
Azure Soulbrand gem level 1
864 20% fireblightFire 300 10
Deep Terrior I gem level 2gem level 1
792 0% waterblightWater 150 9
Deep Terrior II gem level 2gem level 1
936 0% waterblightWater 360 10
Hidden Guardian I n/a
792 15% PoisonPoison 360 10
Hidden Guardian II gem level 1
828 20% PoisonPoison 420 10
Deep Schnegel I gem level 2gem level 1
756 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 360 9
Deep Schnegel II gem level 2gem level 1
900 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 480 10
Gigafrost III gem level 2gem level 2
720 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 270 9
Weissritter n/a
756 20% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 300 10
Weissritter + n/a
864 25% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 330 10
Elder Wolf Fang n/a
900 30% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 360 11
Dear Rose gem level 2gem level 2
792 10% PoisonPoison 360 9
Dear Rosetta gem level 2gem level 2
936 10% PoisonPoison 390 10
Wild Force I gem level 2
828 0% Blastblight Blast 270 9
Wild Force II gem level 2
900 0% Blastblight Blast 300 10
Wild Force III gem level 2
972 0% Blastblight Blast 330 11
Ice Guardian decoration level 4 mhw wiki
936 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 210 11
Regal Daruq decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 0% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 240 12
Diablos Tyrannis III n/a
936 -30% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 210 10
Thanatos Force gem level 2
1044 -30% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 240 10
Sulfurteinn Machmar decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 0% Paralysis Paralysis 240 10
The Melting Grasp decoration level 4 mhw wiki
1044 0% Paralysis Paralysis 270 11
Saber's Maw I gem level 3gem level 2
792 0% Sleep Sleep 240 9
Saber's Maw II gem level 3gem level 3
936 0% Sleep Sleep 330 10
Scorching Demander gem level 1
828 0% fireblightFire 240 10
Scorching Demander + gem level 1
864 0% fireblightFire 300 10
Glavenus Bardred gem level 1
936 0% fireblightFire 390 11
Gama Escudo I gem level 3gem level 2
756 0% Blastblight Blast 210 9
Gama Escudo II gem level 3gem level 2
864 0% Blastblight Blast 240 10
Rex Arms I n/a
900 -15% Blastblight Blast 330 10
Rex Arms II gem level 1
972 -15% Blastblight Blast 360 10
Naaga Ghadab I n/a
720 20% Paralysis Paralysis 330 9
Naaga Ghadab II n/a
864 20% Paralysis Paralysis 420 10
Dios Strongarm n/a
792 0% Blastblight Blast 300 10
Volatile Blade gem level 1
936 0% Blastblight Blast 390 11
Deathaxe Vaal Aspida gem level 2gem level 2
900 0% DragonBlightDragon 420 11
Hydros Kardia n/a
972 10% waterblightWater 330 11
Kadachi Soul I gem level 1
756 15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 300 9
Kadachi Soul II gem level 1
828 15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 330 10
Viper's Venom I gem level 1
828 15% PoisonPoison 330 9
Viper's Venom II gem level 1
900 15% PoisonPoison 360 10
Odium + n/a
792 25% fireblightFire 210 10
Animus n/a
828 35% fireblightFire 300 10
Nether Candle n/a
828 25% DragonBlightDragon 240 10
Grudge n/a
864 30% DragonBlightDragon 330 11
Dragonseal Blade I gem level 1gem level 1
756 0% DragonBlightDragon 450 10
Dragonseal Blade II gem level 1gem level 1
864 0% DragonBlightDragon 510 11
Inescapable Karma gem level 1gem level 1
1008 0% DragonBlightDragon 390 12
Daora's Worldbearer gem level 2gem level 1
936 15% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 240 11
Fate's Curtain n/a
1008 -30% DragonBlightDragon 270 12
Brimstren Drakeclaw gem level 2
900 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 270 11
Stygian Maledicta gem level 2
972 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 360 12
Rajang Beastblade decoration level 4 mhw wiki
1044 -15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 60 11
Rajang Beastblade Ikazuchi decoration level 4 mhw wiki
1116 -15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 90 12
Despot's Thundergale   gem level 2
936 0%  mhw thunder damage s Thunder 390  12
Ruinous Devastation gem level 1
1044 0% DragonBlightDragon 270 12
Hellsire Blade gem level 2
972 20% fireblightFire 330 12
Luna Eostre gem level 2gem level 2
1044 10% PoisonPoison 420 12
Soulfire Brand "Blaze"gem level 2gem level 1
900 20% Blastblight Blast 180 12
Soulfire Brand "Ruin"gem level 2gem level 2
972 0% Blastblight Blast 150 12
Soulfire Brand "Styx"gem level 3gem level 3
900 10% Blastblight Blast 240 12
Magda Manus Reforgedgem level 2
1008 -10% Blastblight Blast 330  11
Black Eaglegem level 1gem level 1
756 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 210 10
Black Eagle Lightninggem level 1gem level 1
864 10% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 270 12
Xeno Ra'atz + decoration level 4 mhw wikidecoration level 4 mhw wiki
1008 15% mhw dragon damage sDragon 240 12
Safi's Dreamshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5%   Sleep Sleep 120 12
Safi's Boltshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5%   mhw thunder damage s Thunder 120 12
Safi's Drakshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 120 12
Safi's Hellshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% fireblightFire 120 12
Safi's Frostshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 120 12
Safi's Bindshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% Paralysis Paralysis 120 12
Safi's Aquashield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% waterblightWater 120 12
Safi's Shattershield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% Blastblight Blast 120 12
Safi's Venomshield decoration level 4 mhw wiki
972 5% PoisonPoison 120 12
Dante's Devil Sword +gem level 2gem level 2
1008 0% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 210 12
Accursed Arms gem level 1
1008 -30% Sleep Sleep 240 11
Guild Palace Disc gem level 3
900 10% waterblightWater 360 10
Royal Star Shield gem level 3
972 15% waterblightWater 450 12
Demonlord Blade
1008 15% mhw thunder damage s Thunder 390 12
Lightbreak Charge Blade decoration level 4 mhw wikigem level 3
1080 0% Blastblight Blast 210 12
Alatreon Edge gem level 2
900 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 390 11
Alatreon Morphblade gem level 2gem level 2
1008 0% mhw dragon damage s Dragon 510 12
Raging Wolf Fang
972 15% iceblight severe mhw status efect sIce 480 11




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    • Anonymous

      SnS and Swaxe but better in (almost)every way. Idk why people say the guide takes forever, I watched a 40 minute one and learned the basics pretty quickly. I personally was intimidated by how many controlls there were, but what I learned is that I'm mainly going to be doing one of 3 things, CHARGING SWORD, CHARGING SHIELD, and DEALING DAMAGE. I only got Like 15 hours on charge blade so far, so I'm still learning how to apply the moves and read monsters with it. Overall great for anyone willing to use a bit of brain power when hunting.

      • Anonymous

        Dual Blades: Spin to win baby!
        LS: Omae wa mo shindeiru. HELM BREAKER
        Heavy bowgun: Pew PEw hehe big boom goes brr.
        Charge Blade users; Hold on I'm still watching my guide.

        • Anonymous

          The moves are incomplete: by pressing circle while charging the phials you can instantly chain into element discharge 1

          • Anonymous


            • Anonymous

              Once you fill the super charge demon phial shield axe sword mode build units you can do the most powerful attack: the Ultra Mega Intense Power Super Amped Element Discharge

              • Anonymous

                Charge blade: Really complicated moveset that can be really hard to pull off
                Gunlance: Has to worry about sharpness and reloading, complicated
                Hunting horn: is trying to be helpful by playing buffs that are hard to memorize
                Hammer: Bonk

                • Anonymous

                  Okay. Fine. So what are the skills the Charge Blade benifits from?
                  You know...the important stuff that decides what to hunt, carve and equip and what not?

                  • Anonymous

                    Shield charge also increases Amped Element Discharge's elemental phail damage by 30%. Can anyone confirm this?

                    • Anonymous

                      I kid you not this beast can slay tough monsters easily under 15 mins in the right hands. If you have hard time mastering it don't see it as a single weapon divide it into 5 sub-weapons: blade/charged blade, shield/charged shield, axe, buzz saw axe and phial charge stance. Then just remember the inputs to combo between them.

                      • For pc people using keyboard: you load your phials into the shield with the M1+M2 attack (three times). to then get savage axe mode, you need your shield charged and extra Phials, which then you do the combo M1 + M2 > M1 + M2 > R.
                        To charge your blade do M3 ( or your shield button) + M2 > M1 (Hold m1 until the blade enters the shield). charging the sword is like the charged blade attack (gotta hit the sweet spot)

                        • Anonymous

                          It should also be input that skills like Artillery, only affect Non-Elemental Phial attacks, such as Impact Phials, where as elemental Perks, like Bolt, can raise elemental electric phial damage and base weapon damage.

                          • Anonymous

                            Just a tip for iceborne version with savage axe mode. The savage axe slash should be done AFTER you charge your shield because if you do it beforehand and then convert you phials to your shield you will lose the savage axe mode and have to get it all over again. Another benefit to doing this after AED is that it will stay in axe mode and you can perform an SAED with the savage axe slash on the poor monster your fighting :)

                            • Anonymous

                              How is this weapon eiser to use for me then the dualblades!?! I'm not even joking, I use dualblades I'm stuck in place swinging wildly in the wrong direction. When I use charge blade I can already do the SAED attack in less than a minute!

                              • Anonymous

                                I'm returning to MHW: Iceborn after a long time and can't figure out what one of the CB's UI icons is. It's the sword icon beneath the sharpness, to the left of the shield and phials. I don't recall it being a thing before Iceborn and other weapons do not have a similar symbol.

                                • Anonymous

                                  What is this savage axe attack? Circle + Triangle + L2? I don't have this option in game. Is it Iceborne only?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Lol i see too many people strugling to use this weapon and try to use this weapon for every monster, sure this weapon is great once you master it, "but" its not the greatest weapon for all monster, like when you fight azure rathalos that keep flying or odogaron that moves around to fast if i use the CB sure i can finish it but if use IG on the A.rathalos and DB on odogaron it will be much quicker, so dont force yourself to only use one weapon try using many other, it will be fun. Oh and if you realy want to learn how to use this weapon i suggest try learning the basic first you can watch areks guide or someone else tutorial aboit it and then try hunting baroth using the CB after that hunt diablos, thats is the two easiest monster for me when i use CB, and after you r@pe those two monster go fight the spiky boi Nergigante once you can kill the spiky boi with CB without fainting then youll most likely have mastered the CB, and for tips learn GUARD POINT it will save your live especially from the dive bomb from the spiky boi

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Just recently started using this weapon in the field, after days of training with it. It's so very satisfying when you can pull off your super-amped elemental discharge so cleanly. Very easy to get tripped up though, like when youre chasing down monsters running all over the place while either trying to build up your phials, or getting constantly punished by a raging/rushing/flying monster, missing your amped up attacks in axe mode. When you finally get those smacks in, watch those huge numbers add up, you'll feel like a barbarian!

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Ok so I’ve been seeing this charge blade that has the shape of the Cheome Guardian but has the horns of the Diablos Tyrannis and also has a little bit of gold on it. Does anybody know what or which charge blade this is and how I can get it?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Recently started the game and went directly for this weapon, and can say it's a lot easier that you'd think. the hardest part is nor choking and wasting phials

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Not to be “that guy” but the Japanese katakana translation should read “chyaaji akkusu” rather than “cyaaju”

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I believe it's strongest move is called the... LIMIT BREAKING ULTRA BURST OVERDRIVE ASCENDED ELEMENTAL COCKBLAST

                                              • Anonymous

                                                How to gain phials: Sword Form charged circle gives a lot, normal auto attacks give a bit. Press R2 and circle to enter Charge Phials stance. This gives you phials. How to cash in phials and charge your shield: Press R2 during Amped Element Discharge. Your hunter will pull his weapon back and do a weapon transformation. During this, press R2 to load up your phials into your shield. In sword form, the fastest way to charge your shield is Charge Phials > Shield Thrust > Amped Element DIscharge > Cancel with R2 into sword form. Technical Input: R2+Circle > Triangle+Circle > Triangle+Circle > R2 In Axe form, just press Triangle+Circle while standing still. Once your shield is charged, you can inbue your sword by doing Charge Phials > Condensed Element Slash Technical Input: R2+Circle > Hold triangle and release on second transform animation (the sword goes into the axe)

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I fought kushala daora a couple of times (without success) with different weapons I've used (p.s., I was HR14) and none did the job. Then I went on a guide and it said it was for more advanced, experienced players and I was like "... the time has come."

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If you have trouble with positioning the impact of your SAED
                                                    (assuming you're already had the shield charged)
                                                    lock on your hunt,
                                                    PS4: Triangle -> analogue stick + Circle (slide slash)
                                                    the trick is to make use of the slide slash animation to create small space from your mark before commiting into SAED.
                                                    This way you won't have to worry about being too close from the mark & missing a lot of damage.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Amped elemental discharge does not consume all the phials immediately. It consumes only one phial like a regular discharge. It becomes Super Amped element discharge (all phials released) when phials have been loaded into the shield. The number of phials loaded into the shield depends on how many were remaining. More phials means the enhanced shield effects last longer. Also when mounting the monster, the finishing move is either Amped or Super Amped depending on the state of your shield.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Note, the Capacity Boost skill (high metal coil) increases your phials by 1! it's not upgradeable, though.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          cool Charge Blade , damage 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 x 900?! 0.o attack boost 7 Capacity Boost 1

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            hey, u should also add that to use the super elemental discharge (the one that uses all phial) you need to charge your shield by pressing triangle and O at the same time but afterwards click r2 to charge the phial into the shield, then you recharge the phial and press triangle and O at the same time and this time it will do the super elemental discharge instead of the regular one.

                                                            • Anonymous


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