Health decreases over time

Caused by

fire-element-monster-hunter-world Fire Element


Severe Fireblight (not in MHW)

Cured by

Roll 3 times or in water

Fireblight is a Status Effect from an Elemental Damage type in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Monsters with Fire Element will produce burning attacks that can result in this status. Elemental Blights can only be inflicted on Hunters by Monster attacks.


Fireblight Effect

Effect on Hunters

While under the effects of Fireblight, a Hunter will receive about 70 damage to their Health over 30 seconds. Fireblight will first consume recoverable Health before consuming true Health. In addition, Fireblight stops all natural recovery, negating the effects of Recovery Speed and Natural Recovery Up.


Curing Fireblight

Fireblight can be cured by consuming a Nulberry, or using a Cleanser Booster, or it can be prevented entirely by having 20 Fire Resistance, the Blight Resistance Skill, the Blight Res Up or Blight Negated effects from the Hunting Horn, or by wearing the Fireproof Mantle. In addition, dodge-rolling will take 10 seconds off the remaining effect duration, while rolling in water will cure it immediately.


Monsters that Inflict Fireblight


Status Effects
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