Hunting Horn


A blunt weapon used to smash monsters with powerful attacks. It can stun monsters with repeated blows to the head.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Blunt Damage

Hunting Horn (狩猟笛 shyuryou fue, "hunting animal flute") is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.

The hunting horn is a blunt weapon that can bestow positive status effects on yourself and your allies. Use it to perform melodies that can boost attack power, restore health, and grant other beneficial effects.


Hunting Horn Weapon Tree

For full details, including rare 9 and above horns added with Iceborne please see Hunting Horn Weapon Tree

You can also see Master Rank Iceborne Hunting Horns.



Hunting Horn Traits & Abilities

  • Attacks make notes which can be weaved into melodies.
  • Wide varity of team buffs
  • Blunt weapon that allows for repeated stunning


Hunting Horn Guide


A light hearted weapon, the Hunting Horn is a welcome addition to any hunting party. The main feature of the Hunting Horn is its ability to play music. Every attack adds a music note to a music sheet and once the correct sequence of notes are played, a melody is made and added to a melody sheet. Up to three melodies can be stored on the melody sheet with new ones replacing old ones. Hunters can play any melody they have stored at any time. The exact sequence of notes required for a melody, and the melody's effects, vary from Hunting Horn to Hunting Horn. The effects of a melody can range from attack buffs to immunity to monster roars to curing poison, and they effect every hunter near the Hunting Horn; user included. Once the hunter has played all the melodies they wanted to, they can still attack the monster. The Hunting Horn is still a weapon after all, and a very viable one at that. High damage and a simple moveset makes for a strong offense, while dealing only blunt damage makes the Hunting Horn very good at stunning the monster.


Advanced Performance Techniques

You can perform your stocked melodies in order by pressing R2. You can also press R2+another attack button at the same time to start your performance from the second or third stocked melody.


Using Performances to Attack

The initial shockwave created by the hunting horn Performance has high attack and stunning power, making the move completely viable as an attack in its own right. You can also chain a normal attack into a Performance, and then cancel the Performance with a dodge roll.


Performance Effect Radius

You can tell if a party member is within range of your Performance effects by looking at the icon next to their name. 


Hunting Horn Advantages

  • Superb team support
  • Blunt damage allows for stunning monsters
  • Built-in Mind's Eye (negates weapon bounces)
  • Good movement speed when drawn


Hunting Horn Disadvantages

  • Low attack power
  • Somewhat slow attack speed
  • Limited move set
  • Performance requires the user to stand still for a few seconds


Hunting Horn Controls

Each move has its own Motion Value (MV), which is used when calculating Raw (physical) Damage. See the article on Attack Power for more information.

  • : Attack with note 1. MVs:
    • Left Swing: 22
    • (forward-ps4-controls-small + triangle-ps4-controls-small) Forward Smash: 28
  • : Attack with note 2. MVs:
    • Right Swing: 27
    • (forward-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small) Flourish: 15 + 22 (can be cancelled after 1st hit; can input another note for 2nd hit)
  • + : Attack with note 3. MVs:
    • Backward Strike: 37
    • (forward-ps4-controls-small + triangle-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small) Overhead Smash: 14 + 39
  • l2-ps4-controls-small after any attack: Echo Attack (has its own note). MVs: 10 (sever) + 17 * 4
  • back-ps4-controls-small + any note after any attack: Hilt Stab. MV: 10 (sever damage)
  • : Performance (plays all the stored melodies starting from the 1st. Adding triangle-ps4-controls-small or circle-ps4-controls-small will play the 2nd or 3rd stored melody first instead; adding any left-stick-ps4-controls changes the direction of the attack). MV: 29
    • Shockwave (added automatically after Performance if a melody was stored). MV: 27
    • Echo Wave "Impact" (stored using Echo Attack). MVs: 50 (lv1), 100 (lv2), 150 (lv3)
    • Echo Wave "Dragon" (stored using Echo Attack, deals blunt + 6/12/18 dragon damage). MVs: 45 (lv1), 65 (lv2), 85 (lv3)
  •  any time during Performance: Encore (extends melody durations; adding any left-stick-ps4-controls changes the direction and the number of the attacks). MV: 35 * number of hits
  • Midair triangle-ps4-controls-small / circle-ps4-controls-small / triangle-ps4-controls-small + circle-ps4-controls-small: Jumping Smash (plays the corresponding note). MV: 35
  • Midair r2-ps4-controls-small: Midair Performance (can use triangle-ps4-controls-small / circle-ps4-controls-small to choose which melody is played first)
  • triangle-ps4-controls-small while sliding: Jumping Strong Overhead Smash. MV: 55


Hunting Horn Melodies


This is a comprehensive list of Hunting Horn Melodies! A Hunting Horn's melodies will depend on its notes, however multiple melodies can create the same Effect.

Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 Note 4 Effect
  or    or      Speed Up Self
  or    or      Deflected Attack Prevention Self  (Encore, second use)
  Attack up (S)
  or    or    or    or    or    or    Attack up (S) All 3 of these melodies appear only on the Baan horn. It appears they do not stack with each other.
  or   or  mhw-note7-icon Attack Up (L)
mhw-note11-icon mhw-note12-icon mhw-note12-icon mhw-note3-icon Attack Up (L)
  Health Boost (S)
Health Boost (L)
  or    or    Defense up (S)
  or    or  Defense up (L)
Attack and Defense up (S)
Attack and Defense up (S)
or Earplugs (S)
  or    or  Earplugs (L)
  or    or    Health Recovery (S)
Health Recovery (M)
Health Recovery (L)
Health Recovery (S) + Antidote effect
Health Recovery (M) + Antidote effect
Affinity Up (S) and Health Recovery (S)
  Recovery Speed (S)
Recovery Speed (L)
  or    Stamina Use Reduced (S)
  or    or     or    or  Stamina Use Reduced (L)
  Stamina Use Reduced (L)
  or    or    or    Scoutfly Power up
Divine Protection
Divine Protection
  Muck Res.
  or    or  or    Wind Pressure Negated
All Wind Pressure Negated
  All Wind Pressure Negated
  Envir. Damage Negated
  Stun Negated
  or    Paralysis Negated
  Tremors Negated
All Ailments Negated
  Sonic Waves
  Tool Use Drain Reduced (S)
  Tool Use Drain Reduced (L)
  Ice Res Boost (S)
  Ice Res Boost (L)
  Fire Res Boost (S)
  Fire Res Boost (L)
  Water Res Boost (S)
  Water Res Boost (L)
  Thunder Res Boost (S)
  Thunder Res Boost (L)
  Dragon Res Boost (S)
  Dragon Res Boost (L)
Elemental Attack Boost
Elemental Attack Boost
Abnormal Status Atk. Increased
note_echo-mhw-wiki-guide     Impact Wave Echo
note_echo-mhw-wiki-guide mhw-note13-icon     Elemental Effectiveness Up
note_echo-mhw-wiki-guide     Speed Boost + Evade Window Up
note_echo-mhw-wiki-guide     Max Stamina Up + Recovery
note_echo-mhw-wiki-guide     Extended Health Recovery
note_echo-mhw-wiki-guide     Echo Wave "Dragon" (physical MV 25+20×(Echo Wave "Dragon" stacks), elemental damage 600×(Echo Wave "Dragon" stacks)+(Additive dragon elemental effects))×(Multiplicative dragon elemental effects)÷10×(True raw)


Hunting Horns Organized by Note and Song Set

Note Set Song Set Hunting Horns
  • EarplugL Earplugs (L)
  • Health Recovery (S)
  • Health Recovery (L)
  • Scoutfly Power Up
  • Self-Improvement
  • Extended Health Recovery
  • Speed Boost + Evade Window Up
  • EarplugL Earplugs (L)
  • Health Recovery (S)
  • AffinityUPAffinity Up and Health Recovery (S)
  • Self-Improvement
  • Extended Health Recovery
  • Echo Wave "Dragon"
  • AttackUp Attack Up (L)
  • EnvironmentalDamageNegated Environmental Damage Negated
  • Scoutfly Power Up
  • Hearing Protection
  • Self-Improvement
  • Impact Echo Wave
  • Speed Boost + Evade Window Up
  • AttackUp Attack Up (L)
  • Health Recovery (S)
  • NaturalRecoveryUp Recovery Speed (L)
  • Self-Improvement
  • Impact Echo Wave
  • Extended Health Recovery
  • AttackUp Attack Up (L)
  • Knockbacks Negated
  • All Melody Effects Extended
  • Self-Improvement
  • Impact Echo Wave
  • Echo Wave "Dragon"
  • DefenseUp Defense Up (L)
  • StaminaUseReduced Stamina Use Reduced (L)
  • Tool Use Drain Reduced (L)
  • StunNegated Stun Negated
  • WindPressureNegated Wind Pressure Negated
  • Scoutfly Power Up
  • Self-Improvement
  • Max Stamina Up + Recovery
  • Speed Boost + Evade Window Up
  • AllAilmentsNegated All Ailments Negated
  • DivineProtection Divine Protection
  • AbnormalStatusAttackIncreased Abnormal Status Attack Increased
  • Scoutfly Power Up
  • Status Attack Boost
  • Self-Improvement
  • Speed Boost + Evade Window Up
  • Echo Wave "Dragon"
  • Defense Boost
  • Health Recovery
  • Stamina Use Reduced
  • Wind Pressure Negated
  • Health Rec (M) & Antidote
  • Self-Improvement
  • Max Stamina Up + Recovery
  • Extended Health Recovery
  • Attack Boost
  • Fire Resistance Boost
  • Sonic Waves
  • Self-Improvement
  • Impact Echo Wave
  • Elemental Effectiveness Up
  • Scoutfly Power Up
  • Paralysis Negated
  • Tremor Resistance
  • Water Res Boost 
  • Dragon Res Boost 
  • Elemental Attack Boost
  • Sonic Waves
  • Self-Improvement
  • Speed Boost + Evade Window Up
  • Elemental Effectiveness Up
  • Health Recovery 
  • Elemental Attack Boost
  • Divine Protection
  • Recovery Speed Up
  • Thunder Resistance Boost
  • Sonic Waves
  • Self-Improvement
  • Extended Health Recovery
  • Elemental Effectiveness Up
  • Defense Boost
  • Stamina Use Reduced
  • All Wind Pressure Negated
  • Ice Resistance Boost
  • Sonic Waves
  • Self-Improvement
  • Max Stamina Up + Recovery
  • Elemental Effectiveness Up
  • Attack & Defense Boost
  • Defense Boost 
  • Stamina Use Reduced
  • Wind Pressure Negated
  • Self-Improvement
  • Max Stamina Up + Recovery
  • Echo Wave "Dragon"
  • Hearing Protection
  • Wind Pressure Negated
  • Elemental Attack Boost
  • Sonic Waves
  • Blight Resistance Boost
  • Blights Negated
  • Self-Improvement
  • Elemental Effectiveness Up
  • Echo Wave "Dragon"

Hunting Horn Trivia

  • First Wyverian statistics: Hunting Horns are the least favorite weapon with only 1% of hunters using it.


Hunting Horns are a type of Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This page shows a visual gallery of all different styles for Hunting Horns. Weapons are often upgraded based on previous decisions, with different paths leading to different looks and necessitating different materials. You can find detailed upgrade path information in the Hunting Horn Weapon Tree or by clicking each individual weapon below.

Iceborne Hunting Horns are Master Rank Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter World Iceborne (MHW). These rare 9 and above weapons were added with the Iceborne Expansion and can only be obtained by players who own the expansion. The weapons use Master Rank Materials that can be obtained by completing quests and doing endgame content.

Iceborne Hunting Horns


Name Attack Affinity Element Rare
Sforzando I gem_level_1gem_level_1
924 0% Paralysis (300) 9
Sforzando II gem_level_1gem_level_1
1008 0% Paralysis (330) 10
Sforzando III gem_level_1gem_level_1
1092 0% Paralysis (360) 11
Raven Shamisen gem_level_3
1092 20% poisonPoison 210 10
Lightning Drum IV gem_level_3
882 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 270 9
Usurper's Growl gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon
1008 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 300 10
Usurper's Growl + gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon
1050 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 270 11
Taghrid al-Nasr I n/a
966 25% Sleep Sleep (390) 9
Taghrid al-Nasr II n/a
1092 25% Sleep Sleep (420) 10
Striped Dragonga n/a
1050 -20% waterblight Blast (270) 10
Striped Dragonga + n/a
1092 -20% waterblight Blast (300) 10
Tigrex Horn n/a
1176 -20% waterblight Blast (330) 11
Royal Chordmaker + gem_level_2
924 25% fireFire 270 9
Regal Flute gem_level_2
1008 25% fireFire 300 10
Water Tamtam IV gem_level_2
882 0% waterWater 360 9
Laguna Drum I gem_level_2gem_level_1
924 0% waterWater 450 9
Laguna Drum II gem_level_2gem_level_1
1008 0% waterWater 540 10
Hidden Harmonic n/a
924 10% poisonPoison (480) 10
Hidden Harmonic + n/a
966 15% poisonPoison (540) 10
Cry in the Night n/a
1008 20% poisonPoison (600) 11
Legia Sectored + n/a
882 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 390 10
Hoarcry Sectored n/a
924 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 570 10
Lilim Glacia n/a
1008 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 600 11
Mad Bone Horn I gem_level_3
966 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce (270) 9
Mad Bone Horn II gem_level_3
1050 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce (300) 10
Mad Bone Horn III gem_level_3
1176 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce (330) 11
Icespiel decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
1092 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 240 11
Sonorous Eisfyl decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
1134 0% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 270 12
Gama Chorus I gem_level_3gem_level_2
924 0% waterblight Blast 210 9
Gama Chorus II gem_level_3gem_level_2
1008 0% waterblight Blast 270 10
Hell Horn gem_level_1
924 0% fireFire 240 10
Hell Horn + gem_level_1
1008 0% fireFire 270 10
Glavenus Horn gem_level_1
1092 0% fireFire 330 11
Anjanath Hum I n/a
966 -20% fireFire 480 9
Anjanath Hum II n/a
1134 -20% fireFire 600 10
Fulguring Horn I n/a
1008 10% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 270 10
Fulguring Horn II gem_level_1
1050 20% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 330 10
Sulfurteinn Svild decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
1134 0% Paralysis (300) 10
The Rasping Ballad decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki
1218 0% Paralysis (330) 11
Datura Maestro I gem_level_2gem_level_1
840 0% poisonPoison 600 9
Datura Maestro II gem_level_2gem_level_1
1008 0% poisonPoison 660 10
Icicle Horn I n/a
966 20% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 270 10
Icicle Horn II gem_level_1
1050 30% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 360 10
Lumu Drone I gem_level_3gem_level_1
1080 10% waterWater (630) 9
Lumu Drone II gem_level_3gem_level_1
1050 10% waterWater (690) 10
Nyx Barone I gem_level_2
924 0% Sleep Sleep 390 9
Nyx Barone II gem_level_2
1008 0% Sleep Sleep 450 10
Rooksearer Drum gem_level_2gem_level_2
1008 -10% waterblight Blast 240 11
Bazel Valdi Rooksearer gem_level_2gem_level_2
1092 -10% waterblight Blast 300 12
Queen Vespoid Horn + decoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_1
1008 0% Paralysis 360 10
Queen's Flute II decoration_level_4_mhw_wikigem_level_1
1092 0% Paralysis 420 11
Baan Rattle I n/a
924 0% Sleep Sleep 300 9
Baan Rattle II n/a
1050 0% Sleep Sleep 330 10
Brachydios Horn I gem_level_1
966 0% waterblight Blast 300 10
Brachydios Horn II gem_level_1
1050 0% waterblight Blast 510 10
Dragonseal Aldhorn I gem_level_1gem_level_1
882 0% Dragon 570 10
Dragonseal Aldhorn II gem_level_1gem_level_1
1008 0% Dragon 720 11
Austere Paradise gem_level_1gem_level_1
1176 0% Dragon (510) 12
Thunderwail Feyhorn n/a
1008 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 660 11
Hydros Horn gem_level_1 mhw-note13-icon
1134 10% waterWater 450 11
Teostra's Musica n/a
1092 10% waterblight Blast 420 11
Fate's Dirge n/a
1176 -30% Dragon 330 12
Denden Daiko  gem_level_2 
1218 -15% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 90 11
Denden Doomsounder  gem_level_2 
1302 -15% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 120 12
Ruinous Desolation  gem_level_1  
 1218 0%  Dragon 210  12
Despot's Thunderclap gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon 
1092 0% mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 450 12
Accursed Wail    
1176 -30% Sleep Sleep 210 11
1218 -30% Sleep Sleep 270 12
Gold Chordmaker  gem_level_1  
1134 25% fireFire 420 12
Soulfire Chorus "Blaze"  gem_level_1gem_level_2  
1050 20% waterblight Blast 270 12
Soulfire Chorus "Ruin"  gem_level_2gem_level_2  
1134 0% waterblight Blast 210 12
Soulfire Chorus "Styx"  gem_level_1  
1060 10% waterblight Blast 330 12
Brimstren Drakesong gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon
1050 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 270 11
Stygian Tristitia gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon
1134 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 360 12
Wolf Shamisen gem_level_3 
1134 25% poisonPoison 240 11
Xeno Manasheena + decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1176 15% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 240 12
Safi's Hellhorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%   fireFire 300 12
Safi's Aquahorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  waterWater 300 12 
Safi's Bolthorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  mhw-thunder-damage Thunder 300 12 
Safi's Frosthorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 300 12 
Safi's Drakhorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  Dragon 300 12 
Safi's Bindhorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%   Paralysis 300 12 
Safi's Dreamhorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  Sleep Sleep 300 12 
Safi's Shatterhorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  waterblight Blast 300 12 
Safi's Venomhorn decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1134 5%  poisonPoison 300 12 
Guild Palace Bard gem_level_3 
1050 10% waterWater 450 10
Royal Song Symphony gem_level_3 
1134 15% waterWater 540 12
Demonlord Wardrum 
1176 15% mhw-thunder-damage_s300 12
Lightbreak Timbre decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki 
1260 0% waterblight Blast 270 12
Alatreon Harmony gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon
1050 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 630 11
Alatreon Revival gem_level_2gem_level_2 mhw-note13-icon
1176 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 780 12
1134 15% iceblight-monster-hunter-worldIce 540  11




Hunting Horns Gallery MHW


Hunting Horn Ore Weapons




Hunting Horn Bone Weapons











Kulve Taroth Hunting Horns









Safi'jiiva Weapons








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    • man.. none of the good poison horns have an attack up song..
      yian garuga horn has affinity up, which is +20% affinity, but thats not as strong as +20% base raw from attack up XL. which unfortunately makes it mandatory.
      rise did add a universal attack up to horns, but.... i'll be pretty upset if mh6 uses rise's super simplified version of HH.

      • Anonymous

        Don't underestimate neutral circle. Has amazing range, a high arc, and is fast to come out. This move is probably your best poke

        • Anonymous

          Does 'Abnormal Status Atk. Increased' only count for ailment damage on weapons, or does it also increase the stun values that the horn does when hitting heads?

          • Anonymous

            since the safi upgrade menu gives the different songs actual names, can we start using them instead of the notes colours? differentiating by attack melody IV or Elemental Melody II is easier than small blue, small green and big orange or something like that.

            • Anonymous

              I don't understand. This article states something about "Motion Value" when calculating damage, but the "Attack Power" article that the paragraph points to for further information states nothing about this. What exactly is MV? How is it calculated?

              • Anonymous

                Just started but when I stack 3 songs I can only play it upto 2 max even if the indicator glows until the 3rd one why?

                • Anonymous

                  Can someone help my uneducated self please? What exactly does health boost melody do? It doesn't seem to effect healing rate, it doesn't seem to add to your health bar like the health boost (vitality decoration) skill. I've not been able to work it out.

                  • Anonymous

                    did someone take off the song lists? I feel like someone thought it'd make things look cleaner and more simple when in reality it just makes it irritating to try and understand which each horn does.

                    • Anonymous

                      Something interesting to note, starting a performance at the second or third queued melody plays different audio compared to starting with the first.

                      • Anonymous

                        I will never understand why they'd add a hunting horn song useful for literally ONE monster in the entire game..

                        • If you want to use hunting horn, the best ones are Desolation's Overtune, Teostra's Orphée, Deep Vero. Deep Vero being the best one. Surprisingly enough, you can actually do damage while buffing. Corner horners are bad HH users.

                          • In the list of Hunting Horn Melodies there are 2 Divine Protection melodies in the list of Hunting Horn Melodies. When I searched in the Hunting Horn Weapon Tree, I found only one Divine Protection melody in the the Hunting Horn Teostra's Orphée. What Hunting Horn also have the Divine Proctection melody or is only one Divine Protection melody ?

                            • Anonymous

                              Quick maths- if you have 100% uptime of Attack Up L, you basically have to deal 40% as much damage as you would normally do. Which means that there's actually no reason not to have a horn user in each party. If we assume that attack up XL adds 30%, then you basically don't have to do anything. Just stad there, buff and land 1 in 10 hits and you'll still be mvp.

                              • Anonymous

                                Can you have what effects each song does too please? Some are kind of self explanatory like stun negated but ones like sonic waves I can't find a good explanation for.

                                • Anonymous

                                  seems like this is the type of weapon you'll have variants for, and it also seems like 1 of the few support weapons in video games that actually can holds its own weight in damage. I don't ever feel like im not doing enough damage using this weapon.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    In addation when you have stock 3 melodies if u only press R2 (PS4) and wait your character will perform all 3 songs and the encore will affect the 3.

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