NPCs in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are non-playable characters that the hunter meets and interacts with in the New World. NPCs are from a variety of races and have different specializations and characteristics. Some NPCs are vital to the main Story, whilst others provide background chatter, lore, or Assigned and Optional Quests.























Minor NPCs in MHW


Chief Botanist

A Wyverian who studies flora, the Chief Botanist is the young director of Botanical Research. He focuses on ancient trees to unravel. the mysteries of the ecosystem. He forgot about the arrival of the Fifth Fleet. He is deeply interested in plants and uses them even when drawing metaphors about people.

Missing Biologist

This Wyverian scholar is a passionate investigator. Once, he became so immersed in observing Nergigante attacking a Barroth that he needed to be rescued. According to the Handler's grandfather, "The scholar's enthusiasm sometimes runs ferociously wild". He wears turbans, wraps on his arms, and leggings to keep out sand.

Smart Biologist

The Smart Biologist is a Wyverian who once belonged to an organization that studies Elder Dragons. He applies himself and is even more passionate about endemic life than he is about Elder Dragons. He seeks hunters who can capture monsters and other endemic life.
He attaches identifying marks to captured monsters and releases scoutflies for follow-up studies.



Forceful Fiver

Fascinated by unknown monsters, she came to make a name for herself. However, since falling in love with the mission, she has realized that it's not all about her.

Feisty Fiver

A hunter who uses a heavy bowgun and protects scholars. He is often baffled by their bravery.

Timid Fiver

Due to his interest in weapons used in the New World, this hunter enlisted. On days off, he polishes his weapons and helps at the Resource Center.



Fiver Bro

A hunter who does nothing but eat at the Canteen and accept assignments from the Meowscular Chef to find ingredients. He has discovered many ingredients, and the Guild appreciates him for that.

Cool Fiver

A dual blade user with a cool vibe. She decided to travel to the New World after reading a report. It detailed everything about the Commission, and it even had an account of Rathalos flying in the sky. When she read it, she got goosebumps. It brought tears to her eyes.

Easygoing Fiver

It is said that the only folks who come to the New World are geniuses, weirdos and troublemakers, and the Easygoing Fiver is proof. When speaking of being thrown into the sea by Zorah Magdaros, she claims she actually enjoyed everything. She sometimes takes the Admiral for a Rajang, but she is quite tough.



The Three Scholars

The Upbeat Scholar, Jovial Scholar, and Lively Scholar always operate together, so they are collectively known as "the three scholars". They are Wyverians who don't hesitate to proceed to a location themselves if it is for research. Also, according to the Smart Biologist, they form "the Go-Getters", and they also help with follow-up studies on captured monsters.

Third Fleet Provisions

A Wyverian scholar entrusted with managing resources at the Research Base. He prides himself on being more on top of things than anyone else. He keeps field samples and in order. He's convinced that their study of the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale has led to at least one truth: "Life is beautiful"

Impatient Biologist

A Wyverian scholar of the Third Fleet who is well versed in monster ecology. She traveled to the New World along with her husband, who aspires to the same academic path. In their current research, she is making every effort to deduce where Zorah Magdaros is headed.



Lynian Expert

The Third Fleet Wyverian scholar researches the Lynians of the New World, starting with the Grimalkynes. She is called "Kitty Gran" by friendly hunters and Palicoes. The never-ending sneezing that started when she began this research is a source of anxiety.

Shy Scholar

A Wyverian scholar of the Third Fleet who is studying the language of Lynians and First Wyverians. She says their language is more about vibrations. She also says that nature us a cruel, unforgiving mistress.

Cheerful Scholar

A scholar whos studies the Rotten Vale and dreams of flying. Perhaps that's why he studies flying Wyverns. When the Third Fleet Master proposed crossing the Great Ravine in an airship, he quickly agreed.



Soft-Spoken Fourth

The young Soft-Soften Fourth visits the Chamber if the Five before he tackles a tough hunt because it fills him with courage. He also explains the meaning of each fleet banner.

Airship Engineer

A Second Fleet engineer. At their request, he converted the Third Fleet's vessel into an airship, and he feels responsible for their crash. The Third Fleet has been stuck for decades, and he searches for a way to rescue them. When he arrives at the Research Base, he devotes his energy to converting it into an airship a second time. Afterwards, he helps the scholars with their investigations.

Fun Fourth

A handler who reluctantly came to the New World at urging of his hunter partner. He is sarcastic and complains often, but he does his research well.



Gentle Fourth

This hunter volunteered for the Commission because he was attracted to the good pay. He has a lot of siblings and his family never has enough materials away, even if their use is unclear.

Eager Fourth

He wanted to achieve greatness as a hunter, so he invited his reluctant handler partner to the New World. After completing a long-term mission back home, the Guild sent him to the Commission.

Research Hunter

Back in the Old World, this hunter researched Elder Dragons and ended up writing a report about his findings. As soon as the Guild read it, he found himself on board one of the Commission ships to the New World. He serves as the leader of a small field team. He also exchanged opinions with the Impatient Biologist about monster ecology.



Sisterly Fourth

A handler who came to the New World after the Fourth Fleet's massive recruitment call to expand the scope of their investigations. Before this migration, she had apparently explored to this edge of the Great Ravine but was hindered from getting farther due to the steep cliffs.

Hot-Blooded Fourth

A hunter who dreamed about joining the Commission since he was little. Once he saw the leaflet seeking hunters for the Fourth Fleet, he signed up in the New World, he was guided by the Huntsman and other members of the Fourth Fleet. He helps rescue the Fifth Fleet when they're tossed into the sea





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