Endemic Life Researcher

Race Human
Gender Female
English Voice Actress: ?
Japanese Voice Actress ?

Endemic Life Researcher is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


A cheerful woman, archiving her research on the creatures most other people tend to forget when hunting large monsters. She asks the Hunter for help in finding certain species for her studies.

Quests & Services

One bounty per area, doing the first 5 unlock the sixth one the next time you encounter her.



When choosing a destination from the map, make sure there is "Endemic Life Researcher" in the Field Researcher section. She then appears on the map and minimap as a green dot.




  • Endemic Life Researcher is the leader of the 3 researchers, but let the other 2 do as they please with their research. Lynian Researcher  praises her for this.
  • She gives information on some Endemic Life relative to the area she's in when talked to casually.



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