Ancient Forest is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Different areas of the game have a different look and feel, map and special unique monsters that spawn within them.


Ancient Forest (古代樹の森) is a brand new location that has been shown in early gameplay videos. It is a lush and leafy setting full of monsters and resources to harvest. A vast forest that supports a complex ecosystem. A network of trees stretch high into the sky, creating the ancient tree that looms tall over the rest of the forest.

Ancient Forest Quests

There are several quests that take you to this destination:


Ancient Forest Monsters

The Monsters that inhabit the Ancient Forest are:


Ancient Forest Hazards & Materials

You will find the following Materials for harvesting in this area:

You will find the following Hazards:

  • Poison Cup (sector 6)
  • Flashfly (sector 15)
  • Sporepuff (sector 2, 6, 7, 14)
  • Wiggly Litchi (sector 4, 5, 11, 12, 14)
  • Vitalily (sector 1)
  • Paratoad (sector 5, 9)
  • Vine Floor (sector 13) - make the player lose its footing if a large monster hits it
  • Dam (sector 16) - can break under large monsters attacks, unleashing a torrent that can sweep the player and monsters
  • Suspended Boulders (sector 12)
  • Vine Trap (sector 4, 8, 15)

Ancient Forest Trivia

  • First Wyverian statistics: Sector 7 is the most deadly with 49% of hunters dying here.




Ancient Forest Screenshots & Videos

Screenshots and images of this area, as well as location videos go here.

forest render 7

forest render 6



Ancient Forest Location Map


 Ancient Forest lvl1 small

ancient forest lvl2 small

ancient forest lvl3 small




forest render 1


forest render 2



forest render 3


forest render 4



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