Research Base

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Sub-Areas None
Hazards None
Main NPCs Third Fleet Master
The Tracker
Other NPCs Airship Engineer
Elder Melder
Cheerful Scholar
Third Fleet Provisions
Lynian Expert
Shy Scholar

Research Base is a Location in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Different areas of the game have a different look and feel, map and special unique monsters that spawn within them.

In Iceborne Expansion, Smithy and Resource Center facilities will become available in the Research Base as you progress in the game.


Research Base (Japanese Name) is a wrecked airship of the Third Fleet, located somewhere around the Coral Highlands. With the help of the Hunter, the Research Commission uses it to reach the Rotten Vale. Once repaired, the Palicoes will use it as a base in preparation for their Safari.

Research Base Quests

There are several quests that start in this destination:


Research Base NPCs

NPCs in the Research Base are:

Main NPCs in Research Base

  • Third Fleet Master, commander of the Third Fleet
  • Handler, the player acolyte
  • The Tracker, an experimented woman spending her life studying the Rotten Vale and the Effluvium phenomenon

Other NPCs in Research Base

  • Airship Engineer, asks the player for help to make the airship fly again
  • Elder Melder, will move to Astera to meld item for the player
  • Cheerful Scholar
  • Third Fleet Provisions, sell items to the player (Provisions Stockpile)
  • Lynian Expert, gives acces to the Tailraider Safari. If using her services instead of the housemaster, the player can see a cinematics at the start of each safari, with the different Palicoes.
  • Shy Scholar 
  • If the player owns Guild Cards, randomly selected Palicoes from his friends will appear on the first level, it's possible to talk to them to learn more about their masters.


Research Base Information

The Research Base is located north of Astera, at the end of a precipitous stretch of mountains called the Great Ravine. It is the Third Fleet's ship, but because it was converted into an airship, its interior structure was also modified. Here, Third Fleet scholars led by the Third Fleet Master carry out observations and research on the Rotten Vale.

After coming to Astera, it was the Third Fleet Master's desire to go farther. Shortly after, their converted airship took flight, but they were attacked and shipwrecked. The Third Fleet was made up almost entirely of scholars, so they couldn't progress or retreat. Ever since, they have been there in a state of isolation, unable to return to Astera these past twenty years.

The Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale are unique ecosystems. As luck would have it, the place where the airship was forced to land is near lands abundant with subjects for the scholars' research. The area around the crash site is difficult for large monsters to approach, so the scholars live in relative safety. They also do research on Lynians and melding here.


  • The ship was badly damaged in the accident twenty years ago, and the remaining bow of the ship is pointed downwards. As a consequence, simple staircases were built that connects landings to each other.
  • The lower level is a place where Palicoes wander around. At the direction of the Lynian Expert, they are deployed to investigate various locations.
  • In the upper level is the special set where the Third Fleet Master sits. Behind her is a gigantic incense burner. This burner and the other incense burnes placed here and there fill the interior of the ship with fragrances.



Research Base Screenshots & Videos

Screenshots and images of this area, as well as location videos go here.

research base 1 

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Research Base Location Map

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